Can I make money by making a website?

Can I make money by making a website? Topic: Can writing a blog make money
July 15, 2019 / By Dalilah
Question: Hi there! So I LOVE writing and was thinking about blogging or making a website, but can I make money from that? Im only 13, but I'm actually really good at writing. Also, what exactly is blogging? Like, can you just write about anything, or what? What are some good websites for making blogs? I live in the US, so it'd have to be there... But yeah. Thoughts? Ideas? Answers? Thanks for your time!!
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Blanid Blanid | 3 days ago
There are lots of pay per click sites there. Adsense, Nuffnang, Advbrite, etc... These are money making schemes - all legal. You signup with them and put the codes they provide in your website, wait for your users click on these ads and voila - $$$ in no time. :) Just a warning.. clicks should be valid. You must review their TOS to avoid suspension of your account.
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Blanid Originally Answered: Is it possible to make money in real estate if you don't have much money to start with?
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Airla Airla
First of all, although you are good in writing, you really need to make the decision on what topic to write about. There are so many blogs out there today that unless your blog is super specific on certain topics that you are passionate about, it is going to be very hard for you to stand out. For starters, you can try to learn blogging from websites such as Blogger.com or Wordpress.com. However, when you want to be serious about blogging, you should be getting your own domain name (from sites like NameCheap or Godaddy) as well as a web hosting package (from sites like Hostgator, etc.). If you need step-by-step help to get started, just visit my profile and send me an email via my blog.
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Topher Topher
blogger.com wordpress.com You won't make any money, however. To make money, you would have to put advertisements on your site and people would have to click those advertisements and buy things.
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do you have lots of stuffs that are just lying around your house? sell them on ebay. do you have the skills to write good articles? get your resume posted on classified ads. do you have good communication skills? do some online tutoring. do have the interest on internet marketing? learn to have your own blogsite or online business and get free resources from reputable sites. http://www.sitesource101.com

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