A photographer contacted me to model for them?

A photographer contacted me to model for them? Topic: How to write an amazon product reviews
June 20, 2019 / By Dakota
Question: I am a member of starnow.com (sort of like an agency, but where the model looks for their own work) A photographer contacted me, and said they want to book me for a lingerie boudoir theme photoshoot. She said she is willing to travel to my home city (from London). Should I take this up? Or does it sound a bit.... dodgy?
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Blair Blair | 10 days ago
Sounds dodgy - boudoir shoots are generally code words for pornography. And what photographer would travel to your home city? They should have their own studio in their home town I would ask for the photographer's name, company name, clients they've worked with, and examples of past work they've done. If they are legit, they should have a professional looking website, an address in a photo studio (not some house or flat - you can look on google streetview to make sure it's a commercial building, not a residence) and their work should have been published in magazines, on websites or in catalogues Before you agree to any shoot get as much info as you can about the photographer and studio then google and read everything that comes up. If they mention clients or magazines they've worked with, don't just take their word - call that magazine or client and make sure they work with this photographer Women have been raped, sold into prostitution and murdered after responding to a fake modeling jobs so do your research and always bring a male friend or family member with you to any shoot with people you don't know. http://blogs.albawaba.com/geminimay_no/40744/2006/05/23/45857-beware_of_a_scam_being_run_by_some_modeling_agencies - VERY IMPORTANT, they are contacting people through modeling websites There's even a book written about one story http://www.amazon.com/Meet-Murder-Pinnacle-True-Crime/product-reviews/0786019271 http://www.ehow.com/how_5351571_avoid-modeling-scams.html - read Step 3 http://www.albamodel.info/latest.php?ID=78 - see Free Photographic Shoots section http://albamodel.info/namedandshamed.php It could also be a Nigerian scam which is becoming very common on various modeilng/talent websites. if you respond, they'll follow up saying they are paying you upfront for the shoot with a cheque and want you to wire the balance to pay for the photo studio, makeup artist, etc. It's a scam, the cheque is fake, and you will be out any money you forward. So they send you a £2000 cheque asking you to deposit, then wire £700 to a 'photo studio'. Then a week later your bank calls because you've deposited a fake cheque so your account is debited £2000 ,and not only are you out the £700 you sent to the scammers, you can also be arrested for fraud by deposting a fake cheque http://www.newmodels.com/Nigeria.html
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Blair Originally Answered: Can photo model use photos without photographer's approval?
According to US copyright law, a photographer owns the copyright on everything he/she shoots from the moment the picture is taken, unless there is a specific contractual situation called a "work for hire" agreement or other contractual obligation that clearly denotes the photographer surrendering copyright. Although the model release protects the model from being exploited in certain types of situations, it doesn't give the model any ownership powers over the images unless it says so explicitly in writing. Unless given written permission to do so, a model may not so much as even produce one print for personal use, even if he/she has the images on disc. Most reputable labs will ask to see such a release if you bring them professional quality images. Note that in other countries, copyright law works a little differently. In Canada, for example, the subject of a photo has many more automatically-assigned rights with regards to the use of their likeness. The moral of the story is that one should always read the fine print. The contract tells the model what rights they are going to have.

Aimie Aimie
If you're interested in pursuing modeling, whether its as a career or as a hobby, you should go for it. Be safe, though. Check out all photographers you talk to. Look at their portfolios, ask for references, have a friend go with you to shoots. Most photographers I've worked with prefer not to have boyfriends/girlfriends on set, which can be understandable depending on the boyfriend/girlfriend. (Some are handy to have there, but most are a pain to have around.) But if he/she says you must go to the shoot alone and you cannot bring a friend or family member for your own comfort, DON'T GO. If someone gives you the creeps and you're still unsure even after going through all the necessary safety measures, just tell that person you're not interested. Also, if you're under 18, always have a parent or guardian with you. He or she will have to sign any release forms along with you.
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Tone Tone
Models who work with model agencies are too expensive and don't forget the commission of the model agency itself. you can put an ad in newspaper or just look in streets for someone who looks the way you want (since models are divided into different categories) and see what you can find and this will be way cheaper for you ;)
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Raynard Raynard
How old are you? if you are under 18 make sure you go with a parent, otherwise go with a boyfriend, whatever, someone scary looking :) hope i helped x
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Raynard Originally Answered: I am a young inspiring model,but i need a photographer to get my portfolio started any ideas?
The thing in, by posting wanting a photographer, you are inviting any pedofile in the world to contact you. Go to the mall and get one of those make over places do photos for you. They are working at a known safe business, and let noone you find anywhere take you to do a shoot, they think you want more, like things you do not want or things you do not want to do. You can go to any photography studio with mom or dad and get some pics taken, even Walmart if you know already how you want to pose and discuss with the photographer to be picky and not snap away as cheaper places do. You do not want to use anyone from online, the newspaper or other non real business who has a business building and address. Let mom and dad be involved, Many many young people fall victim to those who are seriously sick individuals. If you live in a large city like LA, or NY or other major major cities that has work, you can contact say Sears and ask where the cast their catalogues from etc etc, ask stores at the mall, all the bigger stores. The pay is awesome, they are safe jobs, and no matter what, any real job, requests that your parents have gotten you a work permit for this work too. Its not easy to break into this industry right? So becareful anyone who promises they can do this, is not telling the truth, agencies in film and tv tell people they will take their listing and the casting agent will review and call if they ever ever need the person, modeling is going to be the same ok. So mom and dad have to be involved, you just do the foot work.

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