If I get rejected from NYU Early Decision can I re-apply regular?

If I get rejected from NYU Early Decision can I re-apply regular? Topic: Essay on hindi language in english
July 18, 2019 / By Murdy
Question: I want to apply to NYU CAS ED If I get rejected can I re-apply regular? Im only a sophmore now but I'll prolly have a 2000+ on SAT's and a 3.5GPA Also do they consider that some High Schools are harder than others? I go to a Blue Ribbon school, trust me.. this school is a LOT harder than other public schools nearby. Some of my dumb friends told me they were considered smart over at their old school. Also i'm going to get a reccomendation from my english teacher. She went to NYU + Colombia.. will that help? Also I own my own business, I unlock iphones locally and sell them on ebay. Yes it is totally legal.. i researched this. Will this help and is this considered as an EC? Also I'll be taking AP Calc AB as a sophmore.. does that help? I also voulunteer. What should my college essay be about? I'm from NJ and I am indian (from India) will that help? lol Thanks guys for all the help! (sorry for my bad spelling.. im kinda in a rush What are my chances? What are some tips to get in.. what should I do? I also want to major in economics/finance. I eventually want to become an Entrepreneur but people say business undergrad is really boring and Stern is hard to get into. Also are there any other great schools like NYU? Thanks for all the help! Haha sorry if I didn't make it clear.. I am Indian from India but I was born in the USA. Although I am fluent in my language (Gujurati) and somewhat Hindi and mostly Spanish lol I meant AP Calc AB as a junior.. sorry again
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Kenelm Kenelm | 2 days ago
If you get rejected in ED, you cannot apply again in the same year (even in regular). You can apply the next year. Also, many students who don't get accepted ED get "deferred," which means that the school automatically re-reads your application in the regular admissions cycle. If they actually "reject" you ED, that means that they are sure you would not get in through regular admissions either, so you cannot re-apply that year. (But you can apply again next year, just like if you get rejected through regular admissions.)
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Kenelm Originally Answered: Should I apply early decision to Northwestern?
your stats look strong. i think you should definitely apply ED. RD is more competitive because it's not binding and a lot of students applying to all top schools add northwestern into their list, whereas if you apply ED you're letting them know that it's your #1 choice and you would really love to attend.
Kenelm Originally Answered: Should I apply early decision to Northwestern?
Okay, here's what you need to know about ED and RD. ED has fewer applicants, but usually (this depends on the school, I'm speaking from experience about Ivy leagues and Northwestern is pretty up there, so it probably applies) the ED pool has better stats, so the adcoms are more selective since most of the applicants for ED are so great. With RD, there are more applicants, but not all these applicants have such great stats, so it's more competitive, but less selective, so someone with lower stats might have a better chance with RD than ED. I think your stats are very good, and I think you have a very good chance of getting in. Course load, GPA, and rank are great. I see you said "if you're rejected from early you're probably a rejection material for regular, too." So I'm assuming that if you apply ED and are rejected, you're reconsidered for RD. If that's the case, go for the ED. I know a girl who applied ED for a school, got rejected and reconsidered RD, and got in. I think the ED will only show how truly interested you are in the school. Anyway, just write a strong essay and get really good recs (preferably from teachers that teach subjects you might go into for a major and teachers who know you well), and you have a very good chance of getting in.

Hirah Hirah
For any college, if you're rejected ED (early decision), you shouldn't bother with RD (regular decision). Basically, if you're rejected for ED, the school doesn't think you can get in through RD. If it though that you had a likely chance of getting admitted, it would defer you. Being from India is a plus. Your description of your classes and activities sounds impressive. Your odds of acceptance there are very high.
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