Is this a good book review?

Is this a good book review? Topic: Best fonts for writing a book
June 26, 2019 / By Mordred
Question: I have written a book review on Steve Jobs' biography for a writing contest. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. and a personal idol of mine, was often described as arrogant, childish, quick-tempered and self-centred. Many people have tried to analyse his behaviour, and I believe Walter Isaacson did a perfect job. When Jobs requested the well-known biographer to write his own biography, he jumped straight in. Over a period of two years, up until Jobs’ death in 2011, Isaacson conducted over 40 interviews with Jobs, as well as various interviews with close friends and relatives. The book was released nearly three weeks after Jobs’ death on the 4 October last year. The book has a definite split between the first and second halves. The first half, I found, was more emotionally driven, focusing on Jobs’ personal life and the humble beginnings of Apple, whilst the second half focused on financial endeavours and health issues. However, the book was very consistent with the subject of Jobs’ erratic behaviour and his ability to overwhelm people with salesmanship. Isaacson described Jobs’ often selfish behaviour without being demeaning or offensive, but still gave a good insight into the great man’s personality. Despite the biography being personally authorised by Jobs, Isaacson did not sand away the rough edges. It is brutally honest, covering issues such as Jobs abandoning his own daughter as an infant, bullying hard working employees, turning against close friends and, of course, the rivalry between Jobs and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. But it also showed a sensitive and perfectionist side to Jobs, discussing how he obsessed over what font should be used, what the dimensions of the new iMac should be and, most bizarrely, what the inside of a Mac should like, even though no-one would ever see it. Jobs’ perfectionism is reflected on the cover. White, plain and with a simple portrait of Jobs. Even the title is simplistic and minimalist. Simply “Steve Jobs”, written in a bold and plain font. Early on, the book portrays Jobs as a college dropout hippie living with his parents. Then it transits to him as a severe, yet casual entrepreneur who struck it rich, without knowing much about running a business. This is elaborated by scenes depicting Jobs running corporate meetings barefoot, and intimidating job interviewees by asking questions such as “What age were you when you lost your virginity”. The book then moves on to portraying Jobs as a frail middle aged man who refused to take mainstream medication. Jobs was always a hippie at heart, and preferred to use alternative methods such as acupuncture to treat his various ailments. According to Jobs, there were two kinds of people in the world. Bozos and geniuses. You were one or the other, and nothing could stop that. Walter Isaacson must have been a genius, because Job trusted him with many dark secrets. At times this book is boring (for me, at least) with lengthy discussions on stock prices and various other topics, and at times it is very stimulating. There is one thing everyone one who has read this book can be sure of. Jobs was very passionate. At the end of the book is a statement from the author: “Was he smart? No, not exceptionally. Instead, he was a genius. His imaginative leaps were instinctive, unexpected, and at times magical … Like a pathfinder, he could absorb information, sniff the winds, and sense what lay ahead.” I am 13 years old, and would love constructive criticism
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Keegan Keegan | 2 days ago
Great review but to be honest, it's a bit long. If you leave out the spoiler-like sentences it would be perfect. If you keep the review short and concise, it drives in your points more. Good luck!
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Keegan Originally Answered: Is this a good book review?
A dilemma is a problem. Thats like saying " ..signifies the problem that seems to cause her all sorts of problems." Its good though.

Heck Heck
Why would you go to a college interview bare foot! The only time i was bare foot at college was at a taster day when i went for agriculture i wass wearing boots and they were muddy! I had to take them off when inside and i wasent wearing socks so had to be bare foot!!!
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Eliphalet Eliphalet
Hi my name is Trololol123. I think that your book review fails to mention the fanatastic language used in this book :)
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Eliphalet Originally Answered: What are some good book review ideas?
Why don't you do a powerpoint over the book? include the title, table of contents, summary of the story, the characters, I would include the main character's struggle, the climax of the story, and what you as a reader got out of it. Personally I enjoyed books such The Lovely Bones ( excellent book!), To kill a Mockingbird...etc

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