HOMEWORK HELP? (I've asked this before but only got 1 answer)?

HOMEWORK HELP? (I've asked this before but only got 1 answer)? Topic: Do homework help students record
July 16, 2019 / By Tiana
Question: What are some Qualifications to be a Student Council Historian? (For Middle School) Im trying to be a historian.. Witch all you do is take photo's. What are some Qualifications?? HELP!! PLEASE!!
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Best Answers: HOMEWORK HELP? (I've asked this before but only got 1 answer)?

Rosemary Rosemary | 10 days ago
I was a historian in high school! haha it is the easiest most pointless job. BUT it meant i was at all the important meetings and my opinion held some weight for just being an officer. Okay, well. The way I got it was thru one measly speech. I said the following: I plan to be at all the events big AND small. I love to capture moments. They are what make these years the most memorable and it is important to me to record them for all to share. I shall work closely with yearbook to make sure these pictures become part of all our memories. I edit all my pictures to give u the best quality captured moments. Moreso, I will work damn hard to ensure that all our events are organized to be worth remembering. It'll be my duty to make sure that our senior year is as historical as possible before and after.
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Rosemary Originally Answered: Internet site/computer problem. Please answer; I've asked this for months, and have never gotten an answer?
Sounds like some sort of problem with your cookies. Check your settings. If it's that annoying, I'd recommend backing up your data and doing a reinstall. That solves a lot of problems.

Myrna Myrna
Middle school is the place where it usually all begins which is + for You.Some schools offer advanced classes earlier but few. This should put You one up on others who have no desire to be a historian . There is much more to it than taking pictures or You would be the Student Council Historians photographer. Good qualifications at You present level would be to join the student council , read everything about your school & area's history. Find things of interest like a prior milestone for the school study it , outline it , photograph it and prepare a report on it . There should be a school career counselor or a history teacher happy to give You pointers in the right direction for Your school, they will no what should and/or would be a good history report for the school , when the school opened , milestones for the school ,past achevmentments , and even tie in future goals . Let them see You have a real desire for this , maybe show them some past research or photos with a description of each picture. I realize this seems vague but without your school and teachers specific needs and interest there is little You can do but show an interest and do your on report on a school event past , hopefully You will be able to photograph you project and then make a description of each photo. Again Your desire is your best assist now and push hard , showing your desire to do the best job for the school. Maybe a past historian will help , or someone at the paper or library , your career guidance counselor and above all your teacher or supervisor over the Student Council Historians , that's it hard work to get in but once you do ideals will come much easier as will your work load and effort. Then You can sit back study at your on pace the ideals presented to You . It will be much easier in high school with experience and classes for you , some may even carry college credits. good luck and best wishes as we always need historians preserving our heritage for those behind us. Look at volunteer.wikimedia.org a mere 10 years ago they were where you are now , join the wikki research team for advice and soon you will be the advisor. Hope to see your work someday soon.
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Lorayne Lorayne
You're in middle school. Surely the qualifications can't be much. Take some photographs of student activities. Know your classmates. Know their accomplishments... did somebody get cast in a community play? Did somebody make a particularly good traveling sports team? As for written qualifications, submit your ideas for organizing your school's history. Talk about how/when you got interested in history and photography as subjects.
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Kassidy Kassidy
some pupils interest span is shortand won't be able to appreciate examining and putting the ideal suited words mutually as they'd desire to be to recieve a passing grade on difficulty, some procrastinate and the homework needs to be completed , some in simple terms want a loose holiday with the aid of life and you're there. This quite robs pupils whilst somebody does their homework for them with the aid of fact they'd in no way see how plenty potientials they'd desire to learn.
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Haylie Haylie
maybe take some pictures, and turn them in... maybe saying things like, have taken pictures so sport teams, or things like that... i really do not know... i am on leadership, so i had to meet leading qualifications.
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