LAPTOP help.Which is good-SONY or HP?

LAPTOP help.Which is good-SONY or HP? Topic: Good paper writing service
June 26, 2019 / By Kean
Question: What other REALLY GOOD models are out there? Also, can you list some GOOD features to have such as how much memory (512 gigs), etc stuff. I need to use the laptop wireless. I will be watching videos on it. I need a DVD player. I need to be able to save stuff because I write a lot of papers and journalism stuff. Also, what is that new device that allows you to save a lot of information (people have this widgit on their keychains)?
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Headley Headley | 8 days ago
First the widget you were asking about is often called a thumb drive, flash drive, USB 2.0 Flash Drive. They come in all sizes 128mb to 4 gb and higher. They are great for storing data so that you can transfer it to another computer. Be sure to close the device before removing it. If you don't do this you run the risk of crashing the drive in it. Next if you are shopping for a very reliable laptop I would check out Acer brand. I have done a lot of research on laptops because I run my own PC shop. Acer has been the top of the line in Europe and Austraila for years. They are now gaining recognition in the USA for about the past 3 years. I have compared Acer to HP componet to componet and Acer is better than 1/2 the price of an HP for the same parts. I generally stock Acer laptops as they are less need for service, they are easily upgradable if desired, the Acer support team is very knowledgable and helpful. I get very few Acer in for repairs while I tend to get mostly Dells, Toshibas, Sony Vaios, Gateways, and HPs. I have one now that comes loaded with Vista Home Premium, 3500+ processor, 1 GB RAM (upgradeable to 4 GB), 120 GB Hard drive, DVD Burner, USB ports, LAN port, wireless LAN etc. Everthing you could ask for with a 15" screen, but they do come in 17" widescreen. You set out with special specs in mind and bet you will find them in an Acer and a very reasonable price. When looking I would suggest a large Hard drive (120) Memory or RAM at least 1 GB because most Pcs are preloaded with Vista now which requires more, Most have Wireless and Ethernet capablilities, 15 or 17" screen and 3500+ processing speed. Go higher if you are into gaming. But for the average user these specs will serve you well. Good luck and hope I haven't overloaded you with too much info. Email me if you have any questions...
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Headley Originally Answered: High pitch clicking sound on my Sony Vaio laptop. Also, does anyone know any good and affordable laptop brands?
it could be a fan or your hard drive, those are the only 2 mechanical devices in your laptop. so back up all your data you want to keep on to a thumb drive. as for brands i would go with Asus, not Acer. Asus has a good reputation for reliability and all my laptops from Asus have never failed me. I still have one running pretty well from 5 years ago that i gave my mom. I have another that is 3 years old now that i gave my dad. and i just bought a republic of gamers (aka Asus) laptop and it runs better than my desktop that i built.
Headley Originally Answered: High pitch clicking sound on my Sony Vaio laptop. Also, does anyone know any good and affordable laptop brands?
in my opinion i imagine sony vaio is the better selection. I quite have a sony vaio which suits properly and grow to be no longer too expensive - about £500. also Sony is usually a superior solid make.

Elijah Elijah
Sony is way better than HP, problem with Sony is that they do tend to be a bit overpriced. Other good brands out there are Dell, Asus, and others the previous answer mentioned. But just like HP, they are nowhere near Sony. Anyways, no matter what choice you make, if you take good care of the laptop, it should last about 3-4 years, or even longer if you get lucky. As far as RAM, is you get a laptop running Windows Vista, get at least 1 Gig of RAM, and if you can afford 2 Gigs, then it will be much better. Also, the keychain thing is an USB drive, pretty much like this one: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index....
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Charlton Charlton
the best type of laptops from hp is the hp pavillion models they have dvd drives and come with vista premium. These days almost everything is wireless =D note- that widget on people's keychain might be a usb drive (if you plug it into a vista computer it gives you the option to speed up your computer called readyboost as well as saving files) a usb i recommend is the 1 gb sandsk cruzer that sells for $20 and has a new feature called U3 right now i would wait for the new mac laptops to come out they are more secure than windows and come with great apps and have a simple design
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Charlton Originally Answered: What laptop is the best? Dell, Hp, Sony, etc?
Depends how adventurous you are. Apple are consistently rated number 1 in terms of customer satisfaction. They are very reliable machines both hardware and software wise. As the above poster said, software is more expensive for a mac, but provided you do not need anything "professional" there is a lot of high quality freeware out there. Most of the important software is included. However, one good comparison is Office Windows vs Office Mac. MS Office on PC = $148 Australian, Office:Mac = $248 Australian. Mac, being Unix based is a lot more stable and virus-free than PC, but it is not invincible. However, it should be a lot more long-term reliable than a similar windows based system. You'd save money on antivirus though, as Macs rarely get viruses, personally I like a backup though, and run iAntivirus free edition for my Mac just in case. Comparing price, Mac is more expensive than PC, but you are paying for a more premium product. For making music, Mac again would be the choice, simply because it comes bundled with Garage Band, an excellent piece of software for music creation. Movie wise, I would say go for a Toshiba A500, the Toshiba DVD player built in may not be the most amazing around, but it is simple and very effective. For windows, defiantly Toshiba followed by Lenovo. I have owned many different brands of computers and work with them on a daily basis. As a result I purchased a Toshiba, a Lenovo and my newest one which is a 15" macbook pro, all have been extremely reliable computers and never let me down. I would avoid HP, Acer and in some cases Dell. By the best computer you can afford, if you don't need anything special, buy a good value one, but there is a difference between good value (IE Toshiba) and cheap (Acer). Most people who buy windows based computers that I experience are either unsure about any brand, or will look at Toshiba and nothing else. They do have a solid reputation from my experience, and they have earned it though years of high quality good value hardware. Always compare specs and make sure you feel comfortable with the computer. My personal suggestion is go for the Macbook, it is more expensive but you can rely on them. 7 hour battery life, good quality software built in, and worldwide high quality customer support. Good luck and happy computing.

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