Why does Yahoo Answers think it is OK for people to cheat on their homework?

Why does Yahoo Answers think it is OK for people to cheat on their homework? Topic: Do my homework for me yahoo
July 20, 2019 / By Aura
Question: I just got a violation notice of a person which I pointed out in disgust was trying to get others to do her homework. Her question was that she wanted IN COMPLETE sentences two ways a person can become an US citizen. All I wrote was: "That is sad that you have to try to get someone else to do your homework." I can understand her wanting assistance trying to figure out two points to make in answering her question, but she wasn't even trying to do that! It took someone answering the same question in another area of Yahoo which she asked the SAME question for her to be happy..and the answer was very lengthy and in complete sentences. I just don't get why Yahoo wants people to cheat. To make matters worse, their link to ask about the violation doesn't work...so I have not been able to point it out that this is what they are saying is OK.
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Abbigale Abbigale | 1 day ago
yeah I have a problem with this yahoo answers thing as well. I think it's an awesome tool to have, but dang, in my days we didn't have yahoo answers to do our homework for us dammit. We had to do the work. A little help here in there is not bad, but when people refuse to think and actually want the whole answer handed out to them on a silver plate, well that is not right. I'm in favor of doing something with Yahoo by age. I have no idea how they would verify the age of a person, but either way, there are way too many clueless kids getting others to do their homework for them.
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Abbigale Originally Answered: Is it a violation to use Yahoo Answers to cheat on homework?
It was probably less the answer and potentially insulting other participants. Personally, they need to dump the Homework help section or rename it "Help me Cheat!"

Standish Standish
I agree. My friends use this website for a last resource. I think yahoo answers is a website that makes everyone happy. Im not a nerd but the person who types the question gets an answer and the people who answered it get points. Everyone gets smart! I AM NOT A NERD!
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Ottis Ottis
I agree with you, next time I'll report "any homework help" questions as a violation. Usually i'll stick a link to wikipeda.org or yahoo.com search engine and say "type in your question and you can figure it out from there." I hope this wasn't a homework question.
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Lev Lev
Well if they want to cheat there getting no were because if they have a quiz or somthing based on that homework... There [email protected][email protected]
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Jamison Jamison
Anyone can violate you for anything, you could violate me for answering you right now, (Please don't) It is an automated system and yahoo doesn't check it.
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Jamison Originally Answered: Why is it OK to cheat on Yahoo Answers?
More ppl have to report it and there is so many ppl doing it that it is hard to report them ALL im sure some ppl have gotten reported tho.. but yeah i agree.

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