Is it alright to have two of my characters who are siblings to have a romantic relationship?

Is it alright to have two of my characters who are siblings to have a romantic relationship? Topic: The sisters brothers characters
July 15, 2019 / By Nicole
Question: My characters Xavier and Nicoleta only had each other after their mother was killed. Their two older brothers saw Nicoleta as a demon and Xavier as a weakling. Intermarrying is common among their kind, but should I keep it out? They only kiss each other on the cheek and hold hands It doesn`t describe them getting all hot and heavy
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Lynet Lynet | 4 days ago
your story, your choice. i think its alright since its common among their kind. in fact i think it would be interesting because it adds another dimension to the characters that seperates them from humans (if they aren't human). and also in blue bloods, a vampire series, its common for siblings to bond (marry) one another, because they are actually soul mates, not just brother and sister. so its been done in other places, and anne rice kind of did stuff like that, although hers takes it way farther than you sound like you're going to be taking it. so i say go for it, it wouldn't stop me from reading it :)
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Keara Keara
Some people could find this offensive and you could get bad reviews for your story because people do not accept this because it is seen as wrong. It really depends on how you write it, if you can write it where it doesn't seem sexual then go for it or if you want to make a statement on originality then you can do it. Does your story kind of depend on the intermarrying? If it does you should keep it, if it doesn't then maybe leave it out because critics would not like it.
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Idelle Idelle
No, you wouldn't be the first to write about incest. There was this guy named Sophocles, among others. Seriously, Listen to Wesley B. and also realize that Jonathan Irving had an incestuous relationship in The Hotel New-Hampshire. If it's good enough for him, it should be good enough for you.
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Edytha Edytha
If it is part of the plot, include it as much as it needs to be present to tell the story honestly and completely. Don't shy away because it is taboo. Most of the world's greatest literature includes taboo themes, scenes, and topics. From Lolita (adult man, early teen girl sexual relationship) to Catcher in the Rye (prostitution, homosexual overtures, etc) to Huckleberry Finn (slave beatings and dialect) to Call of the Wild (animal abuse) to Anna Karenina (adultery, carnal desires) . . . many great works have taboo moments. Service the story, not possible readers, and you'll be fine. Never edit yourself for people who may not read your work anyway. Why cater to the desires of readers who don't want to read what you want to write?
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Charmian Charmian
It's likely that those reading it may feel a little queasy at the thought, but does that matter? I mean, even if you write the most romantic, heart-string-pulling story in the universe, someone's gonna think, "Oh, but gross. They're siblings." Still, I say that if the story calls for that, you should follow your gut.
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