How could I make money from my topless photos?

How could I make money from my topless photos? Topic: How to write a reference from internet
July 18, 2019 / By Mädchen
Question: So I have some tasteful topless pics of myself which are pretty good and have always wanted to get in to glamour modelling, so I thought I could send them off and make some money from them and may even get spotted. Anyone know of any websites that pay for things like this?? i am not doing this JUST to make money i want to get into glamour modelling as i am not tall enough to be any other model.
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Kendal Kendal | 10 days ago
Join ModelMayhem and Purestorm. They won`t let you sell images via these sites but they will help you get into glamour modelling. You can locate photographers in your area. Each of these websites has a search facility for this purpose. Most photographers will have links to their own websites from their profiles. Check the references. Not all photographers on these sites are genuine or trustworthy. 99% are, but always best to check. Or you can apply to the glamour modelling agencies. Beware, 3 out of 4 agencies will be a scam. The quickest, but not exclusive, way to check is to google the name of the agency followed by the word 'scam' 'review' and/or 'fraud' & to read the results. Be aware that where there are negative reviews, it is not uncommon for the scam agencies to write bogus positive reviews. The link here will take you to further information on how to avoid the scams : http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind… Genuine agencies receive thousands of applications direct to their offices. They have no need to scout or advertise anywhere on the internet INCLUDING Facebook, FaceParty, Gumtree, Google Ads, YahooAds. To make this clear, when making an internet search on any thing relating to modelling ALL the modelling adverts on the right of the screen, and in the pink or blue boxes at the top of the results list are ALL scams. Do not presume that if the site you are reading is genuine, that all sites advertised on the same page are also genuine. Moreoften they are scams. If you`re in the UK you can submit pictures for consideration for publication in the lads mags (Nuts or Zoo) or you can upload your pictures to their websites for possible publication and to build a fanbase. On Nuts you can also get advice from industry professionals. Many glamour models have their own websites and have a facility where people can purchase images. The law requires you to be 18 years old or over to be a glamour model.
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Kendal Originally Answered: WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY PHOTOS? do you think i could make money?
YES. Of course you can sell your photos! They are not perfect, which is expected because you are young and not a professional, but you have an eye. That is something that cannot be taught, while other aspects of photography can. Do the free photo shoots to get practice - that will help you a lot. With every shoot you will get better, and you will definitely notice it. You will see what works and doesn't work in photos. Some of your portfolio pictures are better than others. I LOVE the picture of your daughters cute little feet under her dress. Both of the pictures are cute, but the closer one is my favorite. Advice I give you based on your pictures is to get closer to your subject. Much, much closer. I love the picture of her little feet so much because they tell the whole story themselves. You took a portrait of your daughter without showing her face, and it shows who she is and the little details that mothers will never want to forget. With the other pictures of her in the grass, it would look nice to get down on the ground and shoot from her perspective. There are lots of pictures of babies looking up at a camera, not as many of them looking down or eye-level. Another example, the photo of the ring would be more effective closer because then the focus is the ring itself, and maybe her delicate fingers and manicure. Showing too much background and unnecessary hand and arm is distracting and makes the ring look small. You can't see any of it's details. Another big thing to make your photos look more professional is to fine-tune the editing. Black and white is great for babies and bridal photos, but you have to make sure you do it effectively. First, you need more contrast in the b&w photos. Not extreme, but there are too many grays that make it look drab or grainy. Especially the close-ups of the baby laying down and sleeping. Her face is very dark and gray. Another issue with using b&w with the photos of your daughter in the grass is that the texture of the grass is too overpowering. Since the grass has so many high and low-lights, it distracts from your daughter. So if you add the contrast to get rid of the grays and get in closer, this will not be an issue. A lot of professional photos use a vignette or are darkened around the edges to make the photo look soft and put emphasis on the focus of the photo. This immediately gives the photo a more professional look, regardless of what it is. I suggest using Photoshop if you are not already, or its free imitation software online, The Gimp. I do have quite a few favorites that I could see in a portfolio, but I think definitely get some more practice first. If you get in very close to your subjects and really work on editing them professionally, you will be good to go. Sorry I wrote a lot of critiques, but I think you are really good and have lots of potential to be very successful. Your photos really are beautiful (I like the pool portrait a lot, too!) and I hope I helped at least a little bit! Also, I want you to know that the picture I love of your daughter's feet with her cute little dress is not only portfolio worthy, but contest worthy. I honestly believe that it is a flawless photo, it just needs to be edited differently to make it less gray so that she stands out more. Really, really beautiful! And I honestly think you should try to enter it in a photo contest somewhere. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and good luck!

Issy Issy
Well, it's a stranger on the internet... how do you know he has £5K? How do you know he isn't just some middle aged man who asks every girl this in the hope of seeing some booby? I don't think this is a moral dilemma really. If you were a model trying to further your career and your agent advised you to do a topless shoot for a lads mag then that would be a dilemma, but a creep over the internet? That's just silly.
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Elizabeth Elizabeth
Blow them up to at least 8R, put them in old picture frames then hang on the wall beside the corner of the street. Pretty soon, they'll recognize it IS actually you in the pictures and you can start them off at around $10 more than the cost of the frame, paper and printing. On top of that, you can add $10 more for a signed picture. If they request a dedication, add another $5. You can also add on-the-spot authentication/verification but I leave it up to you on how you will charge on that.
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Chris Chris
You can't makee money being topless. Go wear some clothes (borrow if u dont have any), then take pictures the come back to ask us where you can post them
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Aubrie Aubrie
I wouldnt buy a topless photo. (not gay) and if you try to sell it sites might take it down for nudity. Just show it to a horny bum on the streets. They'll do anything hah
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Abaigeal Abaigeal
You can upload them to a site like Model Mayhem and find photographers willing to pay to photograph you. Plenty of people do it
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Spike Spike
Buy one or two 'mens magazines', otherwise called 'top shelf magazines'. There should be a few addresses and tips in those mags.
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Ossian Ossian
To make money with photography, you just need to register to this service http://www.goobypls.com/r/rd.asp?gid=293
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Ossian Originally Answered: How to make taking photos less awkward?
I did this for years while working for a newspaper. You have actually asked the question that is always on the mind of every beginning photojournalism student. And every photographer I have talked to has answered it pretty much the same way. Yes, you go up to people and ask them, most of the time. Always when taking pictures of kids. Talk to the parents. If you don't know which ones are the parents, ask the kid. The parents will really appreciate it. Let them know what you are doing. I don't think a fake badge is a good idea. Anything that could be construed as deceiving is not a good idea. You want to be honest all the way here. There have been professional photographers WITH badges from newspapers who have been arrested in parks in the U.S. and Britain for photographing children, so always get permission. After you ask, you may need to wait a while for the kids to resume what they were doing. But, don't worry, they will. You might even get the parents to help you a bit if you explain what you are trying to do. Even then, though, you are going to get the parent who, ahem, has comprehension problems and asks their kid to "say cheese." Street photography is also a good idea, depending on where you live. Would sports photography be an option for this assignment? Surfers, for example, don't really know they are being photographed, and the pictures look amazing. Even at a community soccer game, you could shoot and people would just assume you were a family member of one of the players. You can also just hold up your camera and give someone a questioning look. They will either shake their head yes or no. One of my favorite photogs got an excellent picture of a woman putting her makeup on in the Subway by this method, without speaking a word.

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