I got caught with bud and i really need some answers please help?

I got caught with bud and i really need some answers please help? Topic: Pa papers
July 17, 2019 / By Schuyler
Question: ok so here is my situation.... about a month ago i got charged with a disordly conduct for spitting on this teacher. I was put on 160 days of self probation (my mom is my probation officer) i have to take drug and alochol classes and do this scared straight program. now here is what happened.... Saturday night it was around 9:30 and I was on my way home with a few friends. We were burn cruising and the driver accidentally ran a stop sign. A PA state trooper pulled us over. Before he came we stashed everything and lit up ciggs. When he first pulled up he made us put out our ciggs he talked to us pulled the driver out of the car talked to him and put us back in. After a few more min of talking he said he could smell weed. He got out the driver, searched him and didn't find anything. Than he pulled out my other friend. Cop searched him and didn't find anything. When my friend got out of the car their was a little weed on the seat and i brushed it off. When i was pulled out of the car there was bud on my lap because it was dark and my friend dropped some on me. Anywas the cop made me empty my pockets and i forgot i had like less than half a gram on me. It was like 3 hits. He got my info than called my step dad to come pick me up. No one was searched after that, and their was no sobriety test conducted. I told the cop it was the first time i had smoked in a long time and i had smoked earlier in the day before i met up with any of the people i was hanging out with. He kept asking if anyone else in the car was smoking and i said not to my knowledge. When he called it over the radio all he said was he has one innioncent person (the girl i was with) one truthful person (me) and 3 lairs (the people i was with). He didnt say anything about the weed and than said i just dont like being lied to. The cop took my bud and let me and my friend out of the car. He didnt search my purse or anything or the girl i was with. He took my info than released me to my step dad and said i might be getting papers in the mail. No one was arrested and after we left he let everyone leave. I was just wondering what everyone thinks will happen and if i will get charged with anything. If i do get charged what do you think will happen? Here is some info about me: I'm a 16 year old female I live in PA I was busted by a state trooper.
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Best Answers: I got caught with bud and i really need some answers please help?

Nyree Nyree | 8 days ago
That's really odd, if you get in trouble with something like the the cop usually just writes you a ticket right there. Hopefully you got away with it, but I wouldn't count on it if he said you might get papers. I have heard multiple stories of people not getting charged with that stuff so there is a chance. Not sure what PA's laws are regarding it, but here in Ohio you basically just get about a $250 fine if you are over 18, so the punishment probably isn't all that harsh for a juvenile, but expect probation with drug testing if you do get caught, so you should stop smoking.
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Mädchen Mädchen
It is unimaginable to reply this query. It depends upon the pass judgement on he will get. He would get off with only a caution and great and need to attend dependancy categories or he would get sentences to a few quick prison time. If they make a decision so as to add a "using underneath the affect" cost, he mainly could finally end up with a conviction on his license, at least. I am no longer judging however using and smoking pot is as irresponsible as Driving Drunk.
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Kendal Kendal
First, find a lawyer. I don't know the Pennsylvania law, and I'm nervous about telling you anything because it might seem like legal advice, which amounts to unauthorized practice of law. But it's a fair guess that you're going to be charged with something. Beyond that, it's best to ask a lawyer. buckeye
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Issy Issy
You spit on a teacher? Real classy...I think the troubles for you are just starting. If you don't get in trouble for the pot it's just a matter of time until you get in trouble for something else. Just a feeling I have....
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Elizabeth Elizabeth
stop smoking, pot, and hanging around with the wrong crowd.. you are too young to waste your life. This will cost you lots of money and time.. i hope you learned something from all this.. get a good lawyer.
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Chris Chris
My moma always told me, " A hard head makes for a soft ***" Which means, you was out there acting like you was all big and bad, now you gotta pay like you big and bad. If you want to be treated like a child, act like a child, you want to act like a grown up, be prepared to be treated like a grown up!!!
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