Is my psychiatrist right what he did today or am i still being denied the right treatment/therapy?

Is my psychiatrist right what he did today or am i still being denied the right treatment/therapy? Topic: What is problem solving therapy
July 18, 2019 / By Darcey
Question: if you read my previous question youll see what went on http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Arr14F3mrrDsjotkFV6vTP7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20071109111026AAFMGqf what does anyone think? do i need to seek a second opinion or something else? should i accept what was said? should they be doing investigations to see if theres a chemical imbalance or do i accept what they said?
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Brande Brande | 7 days ago
There is no such thing as an "investigation to determine a chemical imbalance." Many people with borderline personality disorder experience severe mood swings and paranoia that CAN be helped with medication. Tegretol and Depakote are two mood stabilizers that really can help people. Also, Risperdal has mood stabilizing properties that can be beneficial for many folks. I would say that if you are posting this question you are not content with what your psychiatrist told you. You have a right to treatment and therapy, but your psychiatrist is under obligation to prescribe the treatment he/she thinks is appropriate for you. If you are not happy with your doctor's clinical opinion and subsequent suggestions, you can go elsewhere. It's perfectly logical that your "cluster" of symptoms may boil down to the borderline personality disorder. Your physician is correct that psychotherapy is essential for people with that diagnosis (and that medication alone will not solve your problem). Folks with Borderline pathology are frequently addicted to drugs and alcohol, but not all are. Additionally, there are helpful and non-addictive medications available that are safe, have a low risk of abuse and also are difficult to overdose on. Medication may be worth a try. Suppose something out there does help? If that is the case, your participation in psychotherapy will be much more meaningful and productive. My suggestion would be to seek a second opinion, especially given that you seem to be uncomfortable with this psychiatrist's opinion. Always listen to your gut instinct! Good luck.
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Alea Alea
Glad you went to an appointment fantome. Well done! Now I just have a question for you to challenge your rationale again - do you think that you or the people answering your questions are trained or qualified to diagnose your condition? The answer is NO. What you get from yahoo is opinion only. (and I am not putting this down it has merit) but the psychiatrist is in a position to make assessment. You by nature of your thinking can not make a diagnosis either. You need to accept what this professional has told you and trust his judgement. Baby steps. If you really want things to change you must accept the help being offered to you and cooperate. To continue to fight & defend the way you are increases your anxiety levels. I know when I have high anxiety, perspective changes and it is usually wrong. Give up fighting - go with it - I know you have trust issues. Being active on yahoo is not a substitute for treatment. I would hate to think that we answering you are enabling you to continue avoidance of treatment and therefore progress. Personally I am pleased you have acknowledged that you are being offered treatment - psychotherapy & occupational therapy. You can no longer say that nobody will help you. Cheers.
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Tristen Tristen
I am not dr but the person ur describing should not be either i have wretched panic attacks and i take the pills and they stop within minutes. Seek a second opininion Asap what ur describing is borderlime malpractice aniexty is horible and dangerous and makes one irrational so that talk therapy is useless at the time. During my careeer I have met some of these anti med crusaders thy base their thinking on olden times when a paitent made a sound they were pumped ful of a haldol to keep them quiet. There is a happy medium between doping people up and doing nothin u need to find a dr who gets this good luck
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Reid Reid
You do not have to accept anything anyone says If you feel it is the wrong decision.Dr`s are not God, they get it wrong sometimes, you can get a second and a third and a fourth opinion if you so wish, that is youre right. You should do what is best for you.Most tablets are addictive, the ones I take are, but I could not get through my week without mine. I have intense therapy also.So him saying they are addictive is a bit of a daft statement as what the hell isn't addictive these days.If it helps then I think you should have them, Whats the harm in letting you try them, Lets say you try them for 8 weeks, if you feel no different at all then you know he was probably right, if you do then you were right.
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Medad Medad
Congratulations for going to your therapy appointment. It's a step forward. I feel the therapist is on the right track and you don't need meds. Be thankful for the therapy because it usually costs about 6,000 year if it's not government funded. I seem to be getting worse sometimes but not bad enough for free therapy. Your main focus now is not whether you need medication or not. This is only the beginning of the sessions. Alot of people go to therapy for many years before they feel ready to stop. Go to therapy for couple months and just focus on talking about yourself and allow him to listen and perhaps teach you how to cope with your feelings. just go and talk, go with the flow and see where it goes from there. I knew someone that took medication for 15 years and he only went to therapy once a month and he still has the illness and is still claimimg the medication helps. Maybe it does but i think 5 intensive years of therapy would be more helpful. Because when things are going well he is happy and feel he doesn't need medication and when things are stressful he feels he needs more medication. It seems he's using medication to cure normal stresses everyone gets in life. Just keep going to therapy and keep taking steps forward. After awhile you will be much better than you ever thought you can be.
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Johnie Johnie
Educate yourself on the condition they are labeling you with, and a few others. It is your job to do this... and it's your job to get the attention you need. If you don't "feel" that this Doctor is right, and evidently you don't, then please follow your instincts. Sometimes you have to see several Doctors before you find one that is right for you. You must feel good about your Doctor, and have trust in him or her. This is a very important thing, I can't tell you how important this is. God Bless... best of luck to ya Hon!
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Johnie Originally Answered: Pediatrician's office denied me access to my sons records today?
Go back to the office. Insist on a copy of your records as it is provided by HIPAA. It was actually one of the major points of this law. Patients have a right to a copy of their records. Here is a sample letter. http://www.privacyrights.org/Letters/med... If they don't provide them, then ask to speak to the head of the doctor's office staff. If you must, speak to your doctor. If they give you problems, tell them that you will file an immediate complaint with the Dept. of Health and Services for HIPAA violation. A month's wait is unreasonable unless you haven't been an active patient (in that case, records are often stored offsite) or an office experiencing a very high volume (such as during H1N1 season this past Fall and Winter). While I agree with others that the new doctor's office will get them, EVERYBODY should have a copy of their records. Records can be lost and are usually purged from the doctor's file after 5-7 years. Instead of sending actual records, sometimes they only send the summary sheet. This caused me tremendous problems with treatment for a rare problem that came back. I recommend that you PICK UP the records rather than have them mailed and insist upon a 10 day maximum for picking them up. Explain in your letter that you want them before you actually leave to move to your new location.

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