I'm a girl and I need advice on being mean. How exactly can I act mean?

I'm a girl and I need advice on being mean. How exactly can I act mean? Topic: Act writing advice articles
June 26, 2019 / By Acklea
Question: I made a deal with some of my friends and family members that I could be mean. But I need advice on how to be mean. My problem is, I am way too nice. Please give me tips.
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Staci Staci | 2 days ago
most people confuse the need to be mean with the need to have and employ emotional and intellectual integrity your own needs need not be set aside because someone wants help if I say can you drive me to work, my car is broken down its ok for you to say, no I really must complete this article Im writing likewise, should I ask to borrow money, you can say, no I need all my money the point is you can be a good kind person and still not be anyones patsy
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Staci Originally Answered: I need advice on what advice to give to a young girl?
Tell her about the beauty that is found in a virgin. Tell her about the importance of loving God before anything and what kind of life she can have if she loves God more than even herself. Tell her that God is love, tell her that God is beauty, a girl who doesn't dress dirty and always smiles is more beautiful than the most sexually attractive model in the world. Basically tell her that she is very special, so special that God loves her more than anything. Tell her that you chose to stay a virgin to make God happy and to follow his rules of love and that following these rules have made your life awesome. Tell her that with God she will never be alone, that he suffers when she suffers, that he cries when she cries, but will always hug her when she needs it most. He is strength, all virtue, power wisdom, and happiness. Tell her that a life with God is the only life worth living. Tell her that Mary was chosen by God because she was full of virtue and was a virgin who loved him more than anything. We can all achieve similar love, all we need to do is follow both Jesus and Mary as our life's examples, than sit back and reap the rewards of pure chaste divine Love. God bless.
Staci Originally Answered: I need advice on what advice to give to a young girl?
My advice is that while you are a very caring and loving friend to her, you need to tread lightly here. If she already has a crush on you, she might interpret your words to mean that you return the feeling and that you are waiting for HER. I don't think there's anything wrong with telling her that you share her beliefs about waiting until marriage. Just make sure you say, "And I haven't met the woman yet that God has planned for me." I don't tell you this because I think you would lead her on, but because a 13-year-old girl can very easily lead herself on. Apparently some of the boys her own age are really tormenting her, and that is all the more reason why she probably has a crush on you. The rape threat was serious, and no girl should have to deal with that. If you are the only guy she knows who is showing her respect, a girl her age will interpret that to mean more. Your instincts are good and right. Just make sure you handle it delicately. And try to keep at least one other person involved in all your dialogs with her- your sister, if possible. That avoids the appearance of too much intimacy.
Staci Originally Answered: I need advice on what advice to give to a young girl?
"If she could see that I'm still waiting out on my viginity until marriage, perhaps that would be something powerful to her: seeing this 22 year old college student, whom she pictures as Mr. Homecoming King Stud guy--seeing that he's still a virgin and is LOVING HIS WIFE WHEN HE HASN'T EVEN MET HER YET" That may indeed be thye strongest thing you can say that and that you hope your wife to be is doing the same. . There is a lot of pressure on young girls even more than 8-10 yrs ago not just in sex but a lot of other things, One suggestion might be that you don't just talk to her but also post something like what you said on your myspace so that all little sis' s friends can see that which may help to strengthen all of them. That and practical suggestions for how to cope with an over agressive guy short of getting him busted or busting him. Crushes on a friend's big brother are part of being a 13 yr old girl...a way of exploring and experiencing all those crushy feelings that is still safe a way of learning to relate to guys and see how older guys relate and respond.
Staci Originally Answered: I need advice on what advice to give to a young girl?
I'm not sure of what exactly did happen. Was she face to face with this boy, and did he say these things directly to her out of the blue? Or was she on the phone with him? Or was she on the computer? Does she even know the boy in the real world...in other words, is he physically present enough to actually assault her? If he is physically present, or if he has the capacity to be easily present (say, they go to the same school) then to heck with telling her, I would immediately ring her parent/s, whether she wanted me to or not. Her parent/s needs to caution her about what kind of boys she is associating with (assuming this isn't a total stranger out of the blue approaching or calling her, she must have been talking to him in a friendly manner at some point). If it is a total stranger, the police should be informed. I'm not saying that she's encouraging him here, only that 13 year old girls often don't understand or realize their sexuality, and frequently give, or misread, the signals of the opposite sex. If he is just someone over the internet from another city or even country, then she should block him from access to her and not give him another thought, provided she hasn't given him any personal information that might let him find her, such as a phone number or address. She needs to be strongly cautioned not to do this, but most girls her age have been. However, they still make foolish decisions sometimes. If she has done so, then again, her parents should be notified immediately. They are in the best position to protect her, even if it means a little punishment at first. There's another thing to consider. At 13, girls often have crushes on a friends older brother, or idolize them in some way, whether they deserve this or not. There is the possibility that she is simply using this story as a ploy to get your attention and affection. Do be aware of this, even if you are pretty sure it's not the case. I'm sure you are a very fine, upstanding young man, and your principles on virginity and marriage are commendable, but there is some truth to what a previous poster said about "not talking to 13 year old girls on the internet". I WAS a 13 year old girl once, and I can tell you first hand that many a girl of that age takes this attention to mean more than the young man intends. You may mean it innocently enough, to be sure, but they may not percieve it that way and picture themselves in love with you and all manner of things, whether they say this directly or not. Also, in the eyes of society, there is a reason that people are wary of such relationships between men and young girls. It does tend to look bad, on you and on the girl, and I would avoid these myspace sessions with girls of such an impressionable age in the future, for their sakes if not for your own. I hope you don't take that the wrong way. I mean it only as a piece of advice, and not in a cruel way at all. As I said, I'm sure you are a fine fellow, but in my eyes, you are still young yourself, and it is easy for others to misinterpret your attentions. But I don't know the exact situations, so of course, you will have to find the truth of that in your own heart. Have a good day. I hope the young lady appreciates your efforts on her account.

Staci Originally Answered: ADVICE, PLEASE! Can't tell if I have a chance with a guy. (Guys and girl advice, please)?
The biggest thing is what your gut tells you about him. Gut feelings are usually right, as long as you don't over think it. It is really hard to tell what people are thinking sometimes. He may be unsure about how you feel toward him and he may be getting the same mixed messages that you are. If you want to try to stand out as being more than friendly, do something a little more than friendly, that you don't do for anyone. Maybe cook him dinner one night when you are working on the script. Cook a pasta sauce at your place, and then bring it over to his and cook the pasta there. I have been been in a lot of mixed message situations. Sometimes the other person is just doing things by accident, but other times they are really into you. In one case, the person denied it, then later admitted that he actually was flirting with me. As I said before, trust what your gut tells you and go from there. Don't be afraid to do something special and deliberate for him. Put the idea in his head that you are into him. Don't play mind games (because that really pisses me off) but put the offer or idea out there. Good luck, and thank you for answering my question.
Staci Originally Answered: ADVICE, PLEASE! Can't tell if I have a chance with a guy. (Guys and girl advice, please)?
Dude it's not you it's just your age. No matter what you are into or how you behave you are young and inexperienced and awkward, just like every other 16 year old. Step one RELAX. Being cool is something you have to learn, nobody is naturally cool. Nobody. That kid you look up to that gets all the girls and you think is the essence of Joe cool, total dork and occasionally feels dorky and lonely. Step two. Stop trying to be 24 you're 16. Now is the time to make friends and learn how to date it is not the time to find the love of your life. Find the love of your life your life after you've moved out of Mom's house. If you don't have a girlfriend right now it doesn't matter most guys your age don't. Date around, make finding new friends your focus not finding a permanent romantic partner. Nothing wrong with Japanese stuff. Sushi makes for a cool but expensive date.
Staci Originally Answered: ADVICE, PLEASE! Can't tell if I have a chance with a guy. (Guys and girl advice, please)?
first of all i wud like to thank u for answerin my question it really did help :) anyways onto your problem it seems to me that he really likes you honestly carryin your books he doesn't have to do that but HE DOES!! i think you should tell him i'm bein bit of a hypocrite here but you never know until you try i obviously can't follow my own advice but i hope you will :) good luck

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