I need help arguing y or y not you should go 2 college. and i pickd 2 not go 2 college bt jr college?

I need help arguing y or y not you should go 2 college. and i pickd 2 not go 2 college bt jr college? Topic: how to write a case study paper
June 26, 2019 / By Harmony
Question: im having to write a paper on it. and i think you dont have to go to college. and i say u can just go to jr college. cuz thats wat im doing. plz help me. i need ideas 4 wat to say n my case.
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Best Answers: I need help arguing y or y not you should go 2 college. and i pickd 2 not go 2 college bt jr college?

Dominique Dominique | 10 days ago
In college, you will learn how to read, write, you'll study math, science, history and much more. There are a lot of good reasons to go to college. But then again, it depends on what you want to do. Of course, there are some people who are very successful who did not go to college. Some billionaires are college dropouts. Also, many celebrities did not go to college, such as famous actors and singers. It sounds like you are going to junior college. There is nothing wrong with that. It is a good start, and if you want, you can transfer to another school when you're done and finish a 4-year degree.
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Carrie Carrie
You could mention that Junior College is a good introduction to the college environment without such a major life change. In addition, it typically costs a lot less than four-year universities do. At a Junior College, the student can take some courses and see how much he/she likes it, and then decide whether or not to pursue a degree, either at the Junior College or at a university after transfer.
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Angell Angell
You're going to a Junior what? Did you say.... COLLEGE? So what is your question? Why don't you consider jr. COLLEGE to be real college? Anyway, I have a good reason to go to college. When you go through life, you're competing with other people for the resources of the world. You can either accept that fact, and go out and become more competitive by getting an education and having more to offer than the competition, or, you can sit back and get passed up.
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