HOW DO I DEAL WITH MY SISTER BEING A DRAMA QUEEN? Topic: Stress coping and problem solving
June 24, 2019 / By Cullen
Question: I love my sister more then anything but the older we get(I am 34 and she is 43) my stress level cannot tolerate her drama life. I try to be her shoulder to lien on but it is really causing me stress to even listen to her issues anymore. If she would eventually get happy I would 'nt mind continuing to try an help her but I feel as though my efforts are worthless. Does anybody have any idea how to cope with drama queens and keep your sanity at the same time? I really want to have a sister-sister relationship but it's starting to effect me mentally,emotionally and my relationship with my own family. This is serious to me, so please all joking aside.
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Asshur Asshur | 5 days ago
Whew! It's not me! (the ages don't match). Stop trying to solve her problems. She isn't going to get happy because you help. She needs to find a good therapist. When she tells you about her problems, tell her, "That sounds awful. What are you going to do?" or "I know you'll figure it out. Good luck with that!" Whatever you do, don't take responsibility or ownership of her problems anymore. If you have a hard time doing that, think about how much more respecful it is to expect other people to have the ability to solve their own problems, stop making the same mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. If everyone treats her like a baby, she will remain that way. Let her grow up.
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Asshur Originally Answered: How do you deal with drama queen?
First of all, people who behave badly (such as the drama queen) may never have had it pointed out to them and therefor go through life behaving badly. I would address this with her in the most mature, responsible, calm way you can possibly muster. This will get you much farther than getting in her face. Secondly, tell her calmly you plan to speak with your superiors if her behavior doesn't cease immediately. Thirdly, assure her you have no romantic interest in her and if that behavior doesn't cease, you will bring that to your superiors also. And lastly but most importantly, after you have talked calmly with her, cease giving any kind of energy to this issue. Its nothing but negative energy creating more negative energy. I can understand reaching a point where something must change, but being mature, responsible, and calm is the correct way of getting your point across that will be the most effective. Speak clearly, concisely, and matter of fact. Then divorce yourself from the issue entirely and cease allowing the negative energy to bring you to a boiling point. I hope this was helpful?

Verina Verina
I can appreciate what you're saying and how stressful it can be; however, always remember that the only person you can control/change is yourself. It may sound harsh, but you are responsible for how you react to other people. And I understand it can get very trying to constantly hear people play out their drama situations. When she complains, you would need to show compassion of course; but not to the extreme. And you do not need to offer suggestions on how she can improve her life....most constant complainers are not happy unless they are complaining. It's best to just nod, or say something to the effect, "I hope things get better for you soon"....and then change the subject. You have just as much right to talk about yourself and your life and she does. Focus on positive things that are going on in your life and continue to do this every time she starts her theatrics. And yes it is very serious and it is not healthy for you to be the victim for her drama. Best of luck!
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September September
Tell her. Tell her you love her but she has too many problems for you to deal with. I have a friend who is like that. Any one with that much drama causes it themselves. I just ignore her when she gets like that. I just don't respond to what she says. Change the subject.
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Olivette Olivette
then tell that to her(she may not know it)drama queens are usually the spoiled ones, or its maybe cause she's gettin old? but the best thing to do is talk to her and let her know wat u feel
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Stuff happens when you have a child. You need to be flexible or find a man without children. It was rude of him not to make alternative plans as a back up in case his ex wife bailed on the regular schedule. I think you need to realize that the child comes first and comedy isn't so important to him.

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