Where would you shoot a spree killer?

Where would you shoot a spree killer? Topic: Depression case scenario
July 15, 2019 / By Adrianna
Question: My summer job is armed guard at an abortion clinic (well, you can always get work there, even in what is a depression in Los Angeles---it's hard to staff), The big fear (which will probably never happen, but we are bored out of our minds and have nothing ELSE to talk about) is what to do if an anti abortion person comes in and decides to shoot the place up. Worst scenario: He's got an M16 or AK. The other guards say to shoot for the upper torso. I differ. I say to shoot right above the hips in case the guy is wearing body armor. Who is right? Richard I am a very small man. 118 pounds, five foot four. When I carry a gun, I constantly notice men eyeballing my gun and wondering if they could take it off me. I am sure they could. So I carry a 1970's vintage steel and leather "clamshell" holster. It only opens if you push a button. Otherwise it doesn't come out. The down side is that is only fits a four inch barrel .38 Special.
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Thad Thad | 2 days ago
With your interest in self defense, it would be worth your time to take a CCW course and some related courses at your local range. Your questions make it obvious you do not have a clue about the things you ask.
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Thad Originally Answered: Would you please read and comment, re: Va. Tech. shooting spree:?
first of all, this tragedy is unspeakable, sad, and infuriating. there will never be a clear cut answer for how to deal with situations like this. I have a feeling as more comes out, we'll hear things about the shooter, such as "He seemed so normal", or "He kept to himself, but seemed so nice". Things like that. basically, there is no way to tell, without delving into each person's individual psyche, who this will happen with. I don't think that blanket statements such as institutions being too cold or violent video games are the answer, in that more people would be doing this if that were the case. I remember a witch hunt of that level when i was a kid- parents watned to blame the game "Dungeons and Dragons" when their kids committed suicide. the issue was the kids, not the games. with the students at school, the issue is with them, not so much the institution. if anything, colleges have become MORE aware of students feelings, and offer MORE avenues for expression when things are difficult. there is still a sense of right and wrong. remember- this was one person, not all out "Shoot-em-up" chaos by groups of people. don't give up hope on humanity over the actions of one sick, twisted individual. I wish i had a better answer, but the only answer i can see is, there isn't one. thanks for taking the time to ask the question, and reflect upon a serious moment in our nation's history. hopefully you'll find some solace in an answer you receive.

Pompey Pompey
Newell: If the situation presented itself --- and you have to react in just fraction of a second --- I would think you have to go with the instinctive "high probability", upper torso, center mass shot. You won't get a chance to think about it. Your brain will instinctively think upper torso/ heart shot. You are a smart educated guy --- and have lots of gun knowledge as well --- If you see the first bullets not having any effect --- your 3rd shot would instinctively be going either upper legs/ hip or head. I was hunting wild boar last November at Tejon Ranch. Within a fraction of a second --- the Wild Boar saw me --- I saw him -- he started to take off running --- I leveled the gun on him instinctively, and pulled the trigger. For the next 3 or 4 seconds ---I was re-running it all in my mind. I saw the crosshairs on the shoulder, and saw the crosshairs on his behind, and then between his eyes. I had no idea where I had actually shot him when I finally pulled the trigger. When I finally got to the boar --- it was a brain shot, right behind the ear. But your mind works so fast, and so instinctively in that split second. You won't get to "think" where you take the shot -- your instinct will dictate your reaction. I know you are very knowledgeable and well-acquainted with guns --- you have had some excellent questions and answers in the Hunting Forum this past month or so. With that knowledge -- and something happens split second --- someone breaks into your home --- my guess is that your gun automatically goes "center mass" without thinking. BTW --- You didn't tell us what you are carrying? 9mm? .38? .357? Risky job. Congrats.
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Mahon Mahon
*Ar-15 or AK-47/74 rifle I say shoot him once, center mass, if he doesent drop assume there is armor, shoot ones in the hips/leg, then go for the head/neck. Or just get a bigger gun.
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Jemmy Jemmy
Realisitcally - if someone comes running into the facility spewing lead everywhere from the barrel of any firearm - you are going to instinctively shoot for the main mass that is visible ........ assuming you have had any sort of training. This assumes you were not taken out in the first shot, and, you have the wits about you to actually draw your weapons. The idea that you will be able to make a split second decision to aim the pistol - is a myth created by Hollywood. The same rule of thumb we used to hunt bears also works for criminals with body armor - you keep shooting until they stop moving.
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Gene Gene
If he didn't think it through enough to just blow the place up and possibly getting away with it instead of shooting it up and almost certainly dying or going to prison, then I doubt he thought to get body armour. However, if he is wearing armour and pumping rounds at you from an AK or an AR, then you're probably not going to have time to single out a head shot. The legs are large easy targets with tons of nerve endings in them making it excruciatingly painful to get shot there. With a couple in the legs I'm willing to bet he'll be grounded making him an easier target.
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Gene Originally Answered: Are you glad when a campus shooter commits suicide after a shooting spree? Why?
In one way-yes. It saves us all from a long trial and expensive incarceration and there is closure for the familys of the murdered. In another way no-The killer can't be forgiven and be saved from damnation for murder.

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