What should happen in my book next?

What should happen in my book next? Topic: Respect thy brother and the sister
May 23, 2019 / By Krystelle
Question: :White walls, like haven in its darkest form. they all seem to be screaming the same thing at me, death, i feel like I’m dead. I don’t want go back to the way things used to be. How I dream of going to the place of white. I sometimes close my eyes and see the angel dancing and laughing .like they were right there in front of me. But as soon as I reach for them the huge reality comes back that I’m not dead and they are. My parents, lily and Jason willow, dead gone no good bye no second chance. A car crash was all it took. And I survived. How is that fair to take to beautiful people and leave a messed up girl behind. It’s not that’s life. the doctor told me it Gods game he plays. Now I have to go live in a small little town on the cost of north Carolina. The town of Nighthour some little town that sounds like its full of vampires, werewolves and other mythical creatures. But no there is nothing wrong with the town the name however came from Michael Nighthour some grate explorer. The town was were my mother grew up before moving to new york for college where she meet my dad had me and lived happily ever after till now of course. I didn’t cear that I was leaving hear in fact I felt like jumping for joy when the nurse told me. So here I was my last night in hospital before I leave my life and go live with my aunt Lilly for the rest of my teen years. But first let me introduce myself. I’m Cassandra willow but call me cassie I’m 16 years old I had a car crash and now am going to live in a creepy little town that no one’s ever heard of. No friends no parents no hope in hell The wind blows my blonde hair as I lean out the window in the back seat of my aunts blue Mercedes Benz. As we pull up to a big thee story house. I imagine my mother aunty and uncle playing in the garden. It lights a smile on my face “What are you smiling at” aunty Lilly says. I look up at her she seems tired her brown hair in a messy bun and her crystal blue eyes no longer held the spark. But no one can blame her losing uncle Luke to cancer a few years ago and now her sister and brother in law. When she first saw me at the hospital she looked as if I was her only life source and that scares me “memorise “ she gives me a confused look before understanding crosses her face a moment later “You look so much like her except…” I cut her of finishing her sentence “my hazel eyes” I reply a smile playing along her lips as she gives a slight nod. I miss her smile it always seems to be welcoming and gives you a warm feeling like eating hot marshmallows. “Come on I’ll show you your room” we walk up a spiral stair case pictures lining the hallways. as we reach the top floor there is only a few doors lining the short hallway. Opening it I am shocked to see it was my mother’s room. “ your bath room is through that door” she points to the door across the room “I leave you to settle in” I offer a nod before she leaves . I sit on the on metal bed the base had been painted green and purple covers lined the bed. I look around the room purple and green furniture was scattered around the room. I liked it. across from the bed the window seat looking to comfy I walk over and drop down making dust fly. The sun making the dust look like dancing fairies. “whoa” I say in complete and utter amazement. The view is amazing like a painted picture. Horses frolic in the paddock like dancers. And a few paddocks back was an old barn were I had a feeling id spend most of my time. It felt like home I look to the centre of the room and saw a little girl playing with a doll house she looked around 5. Wearing a pink dress her hair in a long plat. Her blue eyes sparkled with excitement. My mother I think. A tear falls down my cheek. The little girl looks up at me with a sad smile like she could actually see me. She whispers in a little voice I’m sorry. I stare in complete amazement. I must be losing my mind I think. Closing my eyes for a split second and The image was gone. Shaking my head. I slowly leave my room and walk out to the front porch were my aunt is talking to a man with a horse trailer. “cassie come here I have something to show you” she called once she notices me. I walk over to the pair and give a small smile to the man. “cassie this is my friend Nile , Nile this is my niece Cassandra” I took in the out stretched hand. he looked around 30 with curly blond hair light green eyes he also looked very fit and I could tell by the way he sneaked little glances o my aunt that he had a little crush “call me cassie” he gives a nod in reply. My aunt makes a follow me gesture as she walks me around the car. Behind the trailer stands a big brown horse. She is magnificent in all her glory. I didn’t realise I had been staring till a light chuckle brought me back. “she’s butiful isn’t she “ Nile said nodding at the horse. and she’s yours her names Sundance” my head whippets around as my mouth drop and eyes go wide.
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Jeannie Jeannie | 5 days ago
No self respecting writer would ever ask for another writer's ideas. If you don't have a story to tell, don't waste our time and yours.
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Jeannie Originally Answered: What should happen next in my book?
I think an orange shelter wizened homie capable. Even if the sang brutal comes, then overt the lackadaisical homonym. Also, rechere du la tempts perdu and sit on the dunny humming Bill Smart Sings songes for chyldrenne. OKey-DOKey? :-)
Jeannie Originally Answered: What should happen next in my book?
Billy gave Bob a black eye and concussion. Bob ended up in Casualty. Billy had a court order against him. Bob sued him for damages. Billy counter sued Bob. The jugde was so fed up hearing them both argue she sentanced them to 3 months. That is the story of Bill and Bob.

Fawna Fawna
What happens next in YOUR story should be decided by YOU. You will also need to address the many, many grammar and spelling mistakes you have.
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Fawna Originally Answered: If i write a new twilight book what can happen?
It will never be published because the book is copyrighted. If you want to write it to share with other people, just google "twilight fan fiction." This is where people post either a different story based on the same characters or they add onto the existing story. If you are actually looking to get something published, then you'll have to go different route with an original story.
Fawna Originally Answered: If i write a new twilight book what can happen?
Fan fiction has zero (or close enough to zero) chance of being published by a publisher. Evenway the characters, themes, and plot created by and author cannot be used for a book unless you have permission from the original author. Fan fiction (mostly short stories) is one of those exceptions and falls into a grey area (one of the defining thing about fan fiction is that it is written solely for pleasure and/or tribite to the original )

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