How long is too long before I contact USCIS about an adjustment of status?

How long is too long before I contact USCIS about an adjustment of status? Topic: Uscis case status check in
July 17, 2019 / By Delilah
Question: I sent in my wife's adjustment of status. It's been one month and I still have not received a received a receipt or any contact from USCIS.
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Buffy Buffy | 7 days ago
They are useless aren't they, I have had to re-file a 2nd time. I am currently awaiting my interview, I have luckily recieved my work permit now which is good at least. A month is too long i would contact them, if you have an office near you go in as the (mis) - information line is useless and know nothing. Also do you know you can check your status online to see if they have received it, you probably do but if not www.uscis.gov Click my case is pending on the left Processing Times and Case Status Hope this helps, if you need any otehr info you can also try www.visajourney.com they have forums for all situations and are a great source of information
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Buffy Originally Answered: Adjustment of status?
Form G-325A (one of the forms you'll be filing) asks for your employment history for the last 5 years. The interviewing officer may ask you about it or not, but just make sure to be honest. Your application will not be denied because of unauthorized unemployment. This as well as overstaying are usually overlooked or "forgiven" in immediate relative petitions (I am assuming your petitioner is a US citizen spouse).
Buffy Originally Answered: Adjustment of status?
so tech. you worked illegally for a time ... just to be safe id call a lawyer up .. get their opinion .. my husband had a similar issue and we ended up having to do this appeals thing basically asking the govt to over look blah blah blah best of luck in the immigration process .. its expensive takes forever and is such a pain lol enjoy it! =P =) also NEVER lie to the USCIS itll just bite you in the a$$

Allie Allie
make certain you document I-765 Employment Authorization record alongside I-485. The I-485 submitting cost of $a million,010 contains the submitting cost of I-765 and that i-131. I-765 and that i-131 via regulation might desire to be authorized interior ninety days of your utility filed. at the instant no one can wager the wait time of USCIS operation. it would desire to take from 2, 3 weeks to 2 months to recieve RN.
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Allie Originally Answered: Regarding Adjustment of Status?
Once you apply for adjust of status you are not longer under the F1 visa. You will be an "Alien". The process till you get your GC is like 1 or 1.5 years, in the meantime you will have your EAD and you can have your SSN, you can suty and/or work anywhere in USA. If your GC get rejected for some reason you a can apel the desition. This can take a year ore more. Then if the case is not reopen you would be given an order to departure, then the deportation. Why do you think they can reject your permanent resident aplication? If your marriage is real and you have no a felony your case will be aproved. You can do all the process by yourself and if something go wrong hire a lawyer to defend you at the last interview at the uscis.
Allie Originally Answered: Regarding Adjustment of Status?
If your I-485 application is denied, and you can't adjust status for some odd reason, and you continue to maintain the F-1 status by being a full-time student at the last school you were authorized to attend, you will not have to leave the U.S. as the result of a denial of the adjustment application, although I doubt that will happen. You will revert to being an F-1.

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