Has a CSR ever been so rude to you they made you cry?

Has a CSR ever been so rude to you they made you cry? Topic: How to write a great business profile
May 23, 2019 / By Candyce
Question: I had a really bad experience with talent 6 ( an agency that is supposed to give you exposure and inside info on casting calls...ect). I only joined the sight to be an extra hoping to make a little money on the side. I got an email from someone about a job but was not a paid member of talent 6. (Your free profile allows a small written profile and a couple of pictures but you have to pay $20 a month to submit to any casting calls.) When I clicked the button to “upgrade” it was a Saturday evening. A window popped up that said for that option I had to call the 800 number during business hours. I never called and later changed my mind but was charged the $20 anyway. When I called the first time I spoke with a CSR. She was very rude to me and said I didn't know what I was talking about and that their pop up window has never said that ect... basically calling me a liar and was very insulting. She wouldn't give me a refund and said I'd have to talk to the supervisor who would call me back. Sorry, (CONTINUED) He never did so hours later I called and waited and waited. My voice was very calm and I held again to wait to speak to the supervisor. It was as if it was the same wring-around. First of all he got on a phone that sounded like a speaker phone and it was very hard to understand him even though he was very loud. He was very insulting and talked over me several times. He said in all his 4 years that he has never heard what I claimed to happen because you CAN activate online anytime without calling the number (and guys, I’m sure of what I saw 100%). I just hate it when Customer Service Reps. Have this attitude like they know so much more than you. He rudely told me that what I saw happen, didn’t. He went round and round with me interrupting me was intimidating, cocky and very unprofessional. In the end he only refunded half my money from a service I didn’t even use once! I never even emailed anybody because I had changed my mind. He said he would refund HALF of my money as a courtesy? Some courtesy! Please everyone, do not use talent 6, even if they weren’t a rip off (which they are), I would encourage people not to use them for their ill manners alone. When I asked if there was anyone else I could speak to, like above him he said there wasn’t. So, apparently the CEO’s don’t do a thing with complaints. Whatever happened to “the customer is always right”? What ever happened to professionalism? Whatever happened to fairness? Whatever happened to complete refunds? Whatever happened to not having to argue for 20 minutes with TWO CSR’s in order to get any refund? Whatever happened to just being able to nicely say “I’m a customer who isn’t satisfied with your service and would like a refund”, and the CSR treating you with respect by pleasantly saying. “Okay Ma’am”? : ( I don't usually get this bent out of shape about this kind of thing but these people were so rude to me and talked over me so much that I was trembling and crying from being so upset after I got off the phone. It's the principle of the thing! I deserve to be treated with respect! These are all really great answers! Vic, thanks so much for what you said and in being agreement with me that I deserve respect. That was comforting! Defruna, thank you for your words! Jennifer, thank you so much for your advice! I'm going to take it! ; ) Adonis, a believer of karma are we? Thank you for your advice as well and yes, hopefully what was done will bear its corresponding effects. : ) (Because there were so many good answers I'm going to leave it to voting!)
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Amelie Amelie | 2 days ago
Contact the BBB and lodge a complaint. Send a letter to the company and give a detailed explaination that includes any names you many have. Mention that you are also lodging a complaint with the State Attorney General's office. There may also be other commercial regulatory agencies in your area - contact them all. File a small claims case for a FULL refund plus your costs. Companies like this act the way they do, counting on the fact that people don;t often know how to fight back. Don't be one of those people, because you are right - you deserve to be treated with respect.
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Walton Walton
You should file a complaint with that Better Business Bureau website (assuming that they're listed on there). I've come in contact with a few rude representatives myself. Just know that one day they'll run into the wrong person. Perhaps an important person...an important person that is sue-happy. Everyone gets theirs in the end-I can assure you. :-)
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Russel Russel
This sounds like a scam. If you had a Paypal account or a credit card involved, call them up and dispute the charge. Tell them the company charged your account without your permission.
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