What's an easy way to make money???

What's an easy way to make money??? Topic: Making money writing articles
July 15, 2019 / By Cadogan
Question: Ok so I'm 14 I live in Miami and I'm trying to make some money whats an easy way I can without stealing or mowing someone's lawn perhaps a job or Somin any suggestions?..
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Best Answers: What's an easy way to make money???

Alen Alen | 4 days ago
another way other than physical labor, if you're good at writing articles ...is to write for other people...send an email to this address and tell them you want to write blog posts...hope they have topics for you: [email protected]
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Alen Originally Answered: Is it easy to make money?
You have a pretty good perspective on life and commerce. I don’t know any one who makes “easy money”. All of us work for the money we earn, don’t we? 1] Some work smarter than others. 3] Some physically work. 5] Others use combinations of what I stated 2] Some work harder than others. 4] Others mentally work. 6] And then there are those who THINK they can “pull a fast one” and “get over on the boss” BUT we KNOW they are only fooling themselves, don’t we? Sooner or later each of those idiots get caught “with a hand in the cookie jar”, don’t they? The only people who “make” money work at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing AND at the mints. The rest of us have to “earn” money. There are two old sayings: A] "The only stupid question is the question you don't ask." B] "So, you thought --- and think --- education is expensive? Just wait until you try ignorance." Ask questions of knowledgeable people. Remember this: When you are in a group and you or someone else asks a question; that question being asked could be a question one or more folks have on their mind, BUT are afraid to ask. DON'T be afraid to ask questions - and keep asking questions until you get understandable answers to your questions. This requires persistence and tenacity. Will some folks think you're a pain in the neck [and another place]? Absolutely. Don't settle for "fluff" answers or "smoke and mirrors" answers. After getting ALL your questions answered to your satisfaction, HOW do you make your decision? Benjamin Franklin developed a very simple, yet very effective system. You can use more than 1 sheet of paper for one career or one type of investment. You can take as long as you like. You can take as little time as you like. You can simply ignore this. This is your career and your life you’re getting answers to and about. Sit down in a very quiet place. No TV, radio or any other interruptions or distractions. At the top on a blank sheet of paper, write the situation/challenge/problem you are faced with: Should I/we do .....? After the question, draw a vertical line down the middle and a horizontal line across the top of that vertical line - much like a very large upper case "T". On the left side of that middle vertical line, write "For" or "+". On the right side of that middle vertical line, write "Against" or "-". Under that +, number and write down ALL those things or points which could help you to go FOR that question. Under that -, number and write down ALL those things or points which could help you NOT to go or Against that question. Do the same for any and all other careers your interested in pursuing. You can switch back from sheet to sheet and from + to - and then from - to +. Look at the numbers between all of your sheets: When the + outnumber/outweigh the -, do it. When the - outnumber/outweigh the +, don't do it. And I think we went-full circle on this one: Is it easy to make/earn money? Its as easy or as difficult s a person decides in his/her mind, isn't it? Thank you for asking your question. I enjoyed taking the time to answer your question. You did a great job - not only for your information, but for every other person interested in reading my answer. I‘m having a wonderful time being here on Y!A! I wish you well! VTY, Ron Berue [Yes this is my last name.]
Alen Originally Answered: Is it easy to make money?
Unless you break the law, there isn't a "quick easy money" thing out there that works. There is easy money, but it isn't quick...you can read ads and get 2-5 cents per ad you read, plus 1 cent per ad your referals and their referals read, but it isn't quick unless you know a lot of people. Send me a message if you want the link.
Alen Originally Answered: Is it easy to make money?
I know. I've tried ways to earn money from home since I have no choice but to stay with the kids. Over the years I've put a lot of time and money into a lot of companies. Then I found out I don't have to stock inventory or sell to earn a monthly paycheck. It's the easiest thing I've ever done, just wish I could do more of it every day. Jennifer

Tamela Tamela
There is yard work, baby sitting, sweeping people's sidewalks, walking dogs, animal sitter and I could go on & on. By the way your question is asked-" easy way " tells me that you do not want to work hard to earn a buck.
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Tamela Originally Answered: What is a good, easy way to make money?
Holly... there ARE places that hire 15 year olds but they won't be calling you if they don't know you're looking for work. Get to your school's office for a work permit and ask who is hiring in your neighborhood. Ask family and friends for job leads and apply, apply, apply. If that doesn't work out, you can start up your own business. Consider selling cosmetics or custom designed diaries or brand a new designer tshirt. Consider making and selling crafts from home. Think about selling products online and offline. Consider taking in laundry or ironing. Write a newsletter. Sell on Ebay for local businesses. Teach computer skills. Tutor younger kids. Run errands for older people or the disabled. Find a need and fill it. There are books for teens at your library... get one (or more).

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