I got a new husky puppy or so I think?

I got a new husky puppy or so I think? Topic: Read research papers online
July 17, 2019 / By Blain
Question: So about 4 weeks ago I got a new puppy as a graduation gift. I normally don't really care about dogs and never owned a pet but seeing as how it was given to me I don't see a practical reason to reject it and say no. Basically they told me that they purchased the dog from a friend and that he was a pure bred Siberian Husky so I decided to do some research on the breed to get a hand on what I will need to do to raise and grow the puppy as best as I can. Got all the good stuff like great quality food, chew toys, crate and training pads plus taken him to get all his shots at the vet. I like the puppy so I made sure I knew and he got the best treatment I could possibly give him. But that is beside the point(I just stated that because I have been browsing here and noticed many of you can be harsh to new comers)... Basically my question is if this puppy is actually a pure bred husky? I looked at various pictures online and the color variation they can have and it all matched up. Icy blue eyes, pointy ears, the trademark "spots/pattern trail" on the forehead/back and its soft fluffy coat topped off by the curly tail...except for one thing. As I was reading up on the colors I came by an interesting tid bit about how ALL huskies who are of copper/red/white fur will have whats called a "liver" nose or so to say that it will be kind of liver colored. My puppy has a black nose and he is of a very light copper color(almost a light brown? except in the tips of his ears and I guess you can say the tips of his ears are liver colored). Could the site be wrong? Or could this be a non pure bred husky? I guess this is a long shot seeing as how I do not have any pictures to post but I can make another question post again once I do. From everything I have seen he does seem like a full blown husky...except for that nose. From what I was told the father for sure has papers from the AKC however the mother has papers either from another organization or the AKC, not certain with her. From what I have read the AKC is the only legitimate big time kennel club while others have semi-influence with big time breeders. The puppy was given to me with no actual/physical "papers." So I am assuming he does not...another question in case someone can answer it. What can I do to make the puppy grow to look more like those show dogs? I have read it is mostly genetics but I have also read some small things I can do is exercise him regularly like an hour a day or so when he is older and about 15-20 minute walks a day now. Anything I can feed him and groom him with?
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Acey Acey | 5 days ago
He sounds to be a pure bred dog from your description but not necessarily a well bred dog. If you had a registered pedigree for him you'd know for sure he's pure bred but it doesn't really matter now. You're taking good care of him and doing your research so he's in good hands.
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OK the straight story. Puppy chow is formulated to produce the fastest possible growth, fast enough to lead to excessive stress on large breed puppies' joints. Many well informed people solved that problem by an early switch to an all life stages food. Doing so cuts the food companies profits. They have countered with large breed puppy chow which is less rich. Some of them are still rich enough to produce excessive growth. Others are an all life stages food except for the label and price. Either way, they are a bad deal. Now if you feed a standard breed a large breed puppy chow, it will still be getting a good diet, just not rich enough to grow as fast as it might. It will take longer before reaching the same adult size as though you fed a regular puppy chow. So feeding a standard puppy a large breed puppy chow or all life stages food isn't going to hurt much. Feeding a large breed puppy regular puppy chow through it peak growing period could damage its joints. Frankly, I am not sure sure where the line is between standard and large breed. My vet once said 50 pounds as an adult. He is a nationally known expert and he says wean large breeds on ALS food. I see no down side to feeding her a large breed puppy chow and possible problems from feeding a regular puppy chow. I have had a number of smaller Labs that never got much over 50 pounds. I have always put them on an ALS food at 4-5 months. One other bit of advice, keep her lean, http://www.longliveyourdog.com/twoplus/R... Over weight is hard on growing puppies joints too. Most dog food discussions are dominated by marketing hype. The food companies love the high mark ups on puppy chow. So do the part time reps selling premium brands.

Sophy Sophy
Red huskies can have black noses. and any other color Husky can have a "liver colored" nose. Red Huskies will get darker and lighter from winter into the warmer months. I have a Silver Husky that has a black nose depending on the season. It turns pink just up the middle, and then goes back to black every year. I'm glad that even though you were unsure about taking a puppy that you are still taking it seriously and doing your homework. Dogs aren't easy as it is and Huskies tend to be a handful for ever experienced dog owners. Theres never a dull moment with a Husky :) Enjoy.
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Posie Posie
No, the site's wrong. Huskies can have a black nose, it's just that most of them do have the liver nose. Since it's your first puppy, I suggest watching some Cesar Millan DVDs. He's not cruel like some people say, his methods are great and they use the dogs natural instincts. Also, Huskies can be rather dominant, so here's a web page that tells you how to be a stong pack leader: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/topdogrules.... I hope this helps.
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Maureen Maureen
I know someone who has a pure white husky thats pure bred with papers, and hes got a black nose, and he looks like hes got black eyeliner on the inner part of his eyelids (like how girls where eyeliner), and the lining of his mouth is also black instead of pink colored like most dogs. Nose colors can vary with fur color, depending on if the one or both parents had a black nose also. My opinion the husky site u looked on is wrong! I use to have a siberian husky myself, they are great dogs but they shed way too much for me lol. Mine loved the heck out of bones, as long as he had a bone he was happy! Is yours like that too? And does yours greet everyone who comes around? Mine was way friendly! Congrads with your new pup, he/she will be your best friend forever!
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I have used an invisible fence with a Husky. First problem is the undercoat. The electrodes do not make good contact with skin, so you will probably have to shave that area. The second is the pain tolerance. You will end up turning up the collar pretty high. I used the invisible fence on top of my cinder block wall because my Husky could get over the wall. Even with the invisible fence, she still got over it sometimes (not nearly as much). I gave up on the invisible fence and extended netting out from the top of the fence so she could not jump up next to the fence. That is what finally kept her in the yard.

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