Diagnosis of alcohol dependence?

Diagnosis of alcohol dependence? Topic: Ocd writing letters
July 17, 2019 / By Denys
Question: My husband and I am concerned... I am a 4th year (final year) dental student and was diagnosed with alcohol dependence but opted for therapy and seeing a psychiatrist (to get meds for anxiety/OCD/depression, alcohol cravings (naltrexone) and insomnia instead of rehab. Do I have to put that I was treated for substance abuse on documents that ask or is that just for rehab? Will such a diagnosis have an impact on my dental license? No, unfortunately, I have avoided partying for 2 years in favor of getting drunk alone every night at home after my husband was asleep.
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Benaiah Benaiah | 10 days ago
I wouldn't put that on any of my records if I were you. You've been/are being treated for ALL of the above, evidently are doing well, so I wouldn't list this on any of the questionnaires. Just make sure to take ALL your meds., do what you're doing & you'll be fine. Congratulations on your success. I am a 20+ yr. sober alcoholic, so I KNOW if you do what's suggested for you, you'll stay clean & sober. They can't hold this against you for your dental license & with the HIPPA law, you're pretty well covered. The HIPPA law DOES protect you in a lot of ways. You do also have Drs. who can write letters for you IF you should need them...I DO wish you all the best, honey...:)
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Benaiah Originally Answered: How do you break a dependence?
you can get a job by home and then you will spend most of the day working and then go to a state park close to your home and camp or get you a motor home or cheap camper and plug it in inh your moms yard if you can, or pay for a rv site close to moms home and still go back and forth and then less at your moms will happen when you find a girlfriend to take up more of your time,,,,,,,,,,,good luck

Aarron Aarron
I don't have a clue about your job situation. But as someone who has overcome addiction, please take the time to consider my advice to you. You have to stop taking those pills from your doctor. You need to get to the root of your problem, and face it head on, only then can you start the recovery process. All those prescriptions do is mask your problems, just like the alcohol did. They are no better because your doctor gave them to you, they are a new thing to be a slave to. I have been where you are (except with heroine addiction). I had a pill, for everything after I quit. All they were doing was trading on bad habit for another, and the issues that drove me to addiction were still there unresolved. It's like trying to loose weight and trading ice cream for potato chips. It just isn't going to work. Ask yourself, why did you drink? Why do you not sleep at night? What horrible situation in life are you trying to hide? What is making you unhappy? Identify the cause. Then ask yourself, how can I resolve this? What is the solution? Chances are it is a big complicated issue. Take baby steps. Do it sober, no mind altering anything, it will make you stronger and more able to overcome it. Once you have confronted your problems, and started implementing solutions, look at what you want your life to be like. Focus on that, and let it guide you in the right direction. Your life is what you make it, remember that.
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Sheryll Sheryll
I would suspect that your state licensing application will include a number of questions regarding any prior substance abuse issues, arrests, mental disorders, etc., etc. Most federal and state applications automatically include those. DO NOT LIE! If you do, you are subject to large fines and other punishments, including possible forfeiture of your license. I am sure you can find information about the licensing procedures and questions on your local Dental Association homepage.
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Perlie Perlie
They may ask that when you go to get licensed. After all you will be able to prescribe opiates. Best bet is to get your psychiatrist to write a letter explaining your situation. I'm sure you just like to party a lot like a lot of college students. Also, you do know alcohol withdrawal can be fatal. You want to consult with a doctor and if you have too go through detox then it's better than dying.
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Marlee Marlee
You're under a doctor's care for alcohol dependency. That is 'being treated', and if they ask about it on official documents, you should be honest. THIS kind of mind-set is what gets you into trouble. "I'm not in rehab, so it's not reallyreally treatment, is it?" <~~~ That question, and the mind that thought of this argument, is part of your problem. You're trying to spin your situation and make it less serious than it is. STOP DOING THAT !!! You're an alcoholic. You have trouble dealing with your feelings, so you try and drown them in booze. Some of us fill ourselves up with food instead (that would be me, but I'm being treated and have lost 48 lb since March WHEEE !!! but I digress ...), or have sex with people we shouldn't, or take drugs ... you, you're a drinker. Plain and simple. Until you start feeling whatever you are trying to avoid, you will never get over your problem, and you'll never have any peace. Whatever happened in your past HAPPENED. It cannot be changed. It cannot be erased. You MUST confront whatever it is, and stop allowing it to have so much power over you. Whatever it was ... you have to find a way to get over it so that you never take up the bottle again. Having quit smoking at 2 packs a day, I can tell you that most cravings only last about 2 or 3 minutes. If you can distract your MIND for that long, you'll be in the clear. You don't need a drug - you need self-control. Eat a cracker. Take a walk. Take a shower. Call your best friend and ask her how her day is going. Kiss your man. Make some tea. DO ANYTHING but sit there agonizing over what you can't have anymore. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR THOUGHTS!!!! So what if you gain a few pounds. It's better to be sober at ANY weight, than to be a skinny alcoholic !! You can always lose the weight when you're back on your feet and when you're ready, so if you need food to help you get past a craving for alcohol, then EAT something ! Just put your head down and focus on your goal. The cravings do get better. I PROMISE !! Hey, you think you've got it bad ... you can live the rest of your life never having another drink, and be totally fine. We aren't telling you "ok, no more vodka, but here ... have some gin.' No one tells an addict 'you can't have coke but would you like some speed?' Can you imagine telling a gambler 'You can't play blackjack, but go ahead and hit the craps table instead, ok?' People who overeat are the only ones who are forced to keep taking their 'drug.' I STILL HAVE TO EAT ! Your drinking will probably have an impact on your license, but there ARE ways to turn it into a positive. Demonstrate that you're responsible, that you're in treatment, take as many drug tests as they ask of you and PROVE that you've taken hold of your demons. Show them that you're turning your life around and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to gain their confidence in you. When you're able, you should definitely try and do some pro-bono work for people in rehab. That will help you stay sober - by helping people who are in treatment with their teeth. Whatever you do, DO NOT LIE or try to make it sound like you're not in treatment - because you are. It ain't rehab, and you're not inpatient, but so what. YES, you have to be honest. *big hug* and best of luck to you in everything.
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Krystina Krystina
you're worrying about the wrong things. Get off the booze while you still have a job or a life to worry about.
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Krystina Originally Answered: Is isopropyl alcohol is synthetic alcohol or the real one? thanks?
Hi I think you are confused by the word ALCOHOL. In our common lingo -- alcohol means the stuff ya drink in the bottles called vodka. rum rye etc. In organic chemistry Alcohol means almost anything that has a C-OH group with some exception. So you can have ethyl alcohol (drinkable), isopropyl alcohol (poison), wood alcohol (poison) etc. Isopropyl alcohol is made by a hydration of propene with the addition of water and catalyst to form isopropyl alcohol. As sold in the pharmacy is 70% and does NOT contain any grain alcohol or alcohol. The 30% remainder is water. Structure is H3C-CHOH-CH3 **Isopropyl alcohol should not be drunk, it is a poison but not a terrific one.** Ethanol/real alcohol/grain alcohol is fermented from grapes, barley, corn, hops etc. It could also be made synthetically but cost wise it is cheaper to use corn. Structure is CH3CH2OH Wood alcohol is CH3OH and is the last of this series discussion today. It was originally made from the distillation of wood. It is more of a poison than isopropyl alcohol and can cause you to go blind and potentially suffer kidney problems.

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