Quick money for a teen! I need something different.what can a 16 year old do to make quick money?

Quick money for a teen! I need something different.what can a 16 year old do to make quick money? Topic: Old school papers and projects
July 15, 2019 / By Antony
Question: Hi you guys. Im 16 and I really want to start making some money. I am now eligible to get a job and plan on getting one, but I kinda want to do something on the side. (Kinda like a sidline hustle lol) I'm tired of surfing the internet just to find "Mow lawns, sell candy, do surveys, go on ebay" over and over and over. So can anyone and I mean ANYONE please give me some bright ideas. Im trying to save up for a used car on craigslist AND a trip to Mexico in september. (Its only 500) I need something that can make me some money FAST!! I'm very creative, I could type papers for people, good with writing, good with projects, don't have the patience to make jewelry, don't have the materials to make clothes(nor the patience lol) ....I know Im difficult but there has got to be SOMETHING I can do to make some quick money!! Please help you guys!
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Treasure Treasure | 7 days ago
Switch high schools to go to a trades high school and take a trade. I graduated from a Vocational High School a year ago as a Licensed and fully Certified Welder and currently im 18 years old and making 1450$ ( gross) a week.
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Treasure Originally Answered: How can I make quick money?
You could start your own business online. I can give you a rough outline of one of the simplest ways to make money online. You do this by getting some free web hosting and putting up a website. Then you have to setup a form on your website to collect email address. Inorder to encorage people to signup up to your mailing list you offer them some free information related to the theme of your website. For instances if your website were about wood working you would offer your visitors some free wood working plans in exchange for signing up to your mailing list. You can start to generate traffic to your website by writing articles about wood working and submit them to an article directories like Ezine articles. At the bottom of each article you submit you include a link back to your website in the area called the resource box. You then go to an affiliate network like ClickBank and look for products related to wood working. Take those affiliate links with your affiliate Id and start to send out offers to your mailing list with your affiliate link in the offer. This is a very rough outline of how you have to do this but you can learn more of the details about this by doing a Google search on the term "Bum Marketing".

Sal Sal
A great way to make money online is to have a successful blog. You have to be realistic and know that it is not easy to make instant cash online. You have to build your sites reputation a little bit and do some work, but it can really pay off. There are bloggers out there making up to $10,000 a month. It's almost like self job creation. You are at your full time job working a few hours a week building your blog. Than moving to a part time job while working a few hours a week on your blog obtaining an income from it, than eventually you won't need a job and you will be working from home and on track to potentially retiring early. If you are curious and want to look into making some money through blogging over time, than I would head over to www.Kleek.ca and look at the free 6 day eCourse they have called "Pocket Change Profits". It gives excellent tools and techniques to earning an online income through blogging. Learning is part of the whole process. If you can't commit to learning the right way to make money online than you're never going to share the internet lifestyle that many people enjoy and you might as well stick to that 9-5 job the rest of your life. Look at it this way. Would you rather work hard for a year on creating a stable online income or work hard for the rest of your life at a job you won't ever fully appreciate or enjoy. Another nifty site where you can actually make money instantly is www.mturk.com, compare this to the reality of actually making money online instantly. Making real money online does take time and it is a learning process which has its ups and downs, but it can be a lot of fun along the way and can really pay off!
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Nichola Nichola
Why do you think you got tired of all the legit answers that tell you to babysit or sell candy? Because that is all there is out there... Thanks for inviting every spam account that was created today... not that they will live long. Get your work permit and get a job. There is no way to make quick money on the internet.
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Lyndi Lyndi
Ehm.. I recommend this method http://www.goobypls.com/r/rd.asp?gid=548. It's a good resource that teaches you how to make money online with internet marketing. It's very easy to use and you start earning the first dollars the very first day.
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Lyndi Originally Answered: What are quick ways to make big money?
Art parks for kids. Start an art-park by hiring the local park and issuing market vendor permits. Let kids paint large objects with large applicators. And then have a lot of arty market people come along. The success of India's special 'Holi' day should be enough market research for you.

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