How do i stop my comp from overheating?

How do i stop my comp from overheating? Topic: Case side fan intake or exhaust
July 15, 2019 / By Kirsty
Question: i finally found out why my comp beeps cuz its overheating so what do i do? it supposedly has 2 or 3 cooling fans in it, but i see htey dont work too welll... is there anything i can do???
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Jannette Jannette | 3 days ago
if it is a desktop open the side with it torn off and unplugged and clean all the dust out of the case heat sink off the hard drive and every thing and have it open with it running to see if the fans are working if non are replace them manly the cpu fan and if it has one the video card fan and heat sink too you need to keep the in side of a computer clean or it will over heat and clean all the air intakes and exhaust vents too and make sure to get the power supply also a computer will over heat if it dont get cool air --------- if it is a laptop completely shut it down and unplug and remove the battery open it up and remove the fan and heat sink and clean them and put every thing back together and try it if the fan never comes on when the laptop is over heating then the fan need to be replaced and rather it is a desktop or laptop check them every now and then to see if it needs to be cleaned i check mine every few weeks
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Jannette Originally Answered: Why does my PC keep overheating? How can I fix it?
Which way is the airflow through the CPU cooler radiator? The fans should be oriented to take the CPU heat straight out of the case. Some makers instructions say they should blow inward for some reason - that's daft, it does away with all the advantage of a liquid cooler, which is to keep the CPU heat away from the rest of the parts... Overall airflow should be in through the front of the case and out through the top/back. Other than that, make sure the radiator is clean; they do tend to clog up with dust quite easily and need brushing out every few weeks.. One other thought - what heatsink compound did you use and how much? The proper types are like a soft grease, not a thick paste. The idea is that it spreads and only fills the microscopic imperfections in the CPU and heatsink surfaces, it should not hold them apart. Too much reduces heat transfer rather than aiding it. It also needs to be put on so there are no air pockets - a single small blob in the middle of the CPU, that spreads under pressure from the cooler is one way of ensuring no trapped air. Many of the expensive metal-based "CPU thermal grease" products do not work as well as basic bulk commercial white zinc oxide thermal grease and to give you an idea of the best consistency, one magazine doing a comparative test included other oils and greases - and mayonnaise worked better than 90% of the "special PC CPU" products, though I'd not expect it to last more than a day or so...
Jannette Originally Answered: Why does my PC keep overheating? How can I fix it?
A few months ago the pump died on my h115i Extreme, which resulted in higher than normal temps. The dead giveaway to a dead pump is one hose being hot and the other hose being cool. The PC, which was also using an 8700k at stock with a Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 board would throttle when the CPU was being used by a moderately taxing program or if the GPU was in use. Corsair was nice enough to exchange my dead h115i Extreme with the newer h115i Pro. Dead pumps are a widespread complaint with the x62, so it wouldn't shock me if you have a dead AIO cooler on your hands.

Jannette Originally Answered: Why is my laptop overheating?
That is a strange one. By the way, you did a great job of explaining the problem and the steps you took so far. Much better the the typical question "my laptop is broken, can you fix it?" I'm not familiar with the Gateway line but the first thing that I would do is to re-seat "remove and re-install" the memory. Honestly, it sounds like a fan or a heat sink issue. Are you sure that the fan(s) are running at the normal speed? Did you change something in the bios that might affect how the laptop runs? Do you have all of the latest firmware, drivers, and bios updates? Did you try removing the battery? Is that the heat source? Probably not because it sounds like you only have the problem when you are under a heavy processor load. Also, as stupid as this sounds, try safe mode. Does the problem still persist?
Jannette Originally Answered: Why is my laptop overheating?
You should always use your laptop on a FLAT surface, such as a table or desk. It's also good to have a laptop fan to help give it even more cooling. Putting it on your bed or on your lap restricts air flow so it can't cool off and when it can't cool off... things will stop working.Any number of things could have happened, but if I had to make a guess I would say the motherboard. You need to contact your computer's company's tech service and see if they can diagnose the problem. A lot of companies nowadays have online chat tech service so you will have an easier time understanding and remembering what you're told as you diagnose your computer. Although it may SEEM like your computer can't come on at all there are usually "tricks" that you press or type in in order to re-activate so your computer can tell you itself what's wrong. Hopefully you're still under a warranty. It'd also help if you mentioned what type of computer you had. Although I take very good care of my laptop (XPS M1330 from Dell) I recently had to have the motherboard replaced due to a manufacturing problem on their part. Because it was a widely-known problem they had extended the warranties on all computers with it so my motherboard was replaced for free. It was also replaced in seriously TWO DAYS.
Jannette Originally Answered: Why is my laptop overheating?
I would sugest to buy cooling padd 1)Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US (Black with Gray) *Protects lap or work surface from heat *Dual fans help disperse laptop heat for improved functionality; extends the life of the laptop *Soft neoprene exterior provides added comfort on your lap *Limited One Year Warranty

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