Why do people get uppity when kids ask homework questions? This is Yahoo answers?

Why do people get uppity when kids ask homework questions? This is Yahoo answers? Topic: Get homework answers
July 20, 2019 / By Ethelfleda
Question: is it not? this isn't 1810 people. If the tools are there, use them. by the way, more stars would be appreciated, as johnny walker said, if you scratch my back i'll scratch your front!! good one jw no one is answering and i'm p'd off
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Claudette Claudette | 5 days ago
You're right, you should use the Internet to help with your homework, BUT are you really learning anything if someone else gives you the answer? And what if someone gives you the wrong answer?
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Becca Becca
Maybe people think a student should learn how to do it the selves, it is home "work" not "get the answers from someone else". There are many places online to teach how to do the work. I Googled Math, English homework and Science Homework and found many good sites listed right there without even having to go through the list. People must think the idea of school is to lean 'how' to do things not just to get an answer. Seems that some people can't even use a search engine but want the answers from others rather than finding it for themselves. ANswers should just be used as a last resort.
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Adenah Adenah
I think it is because people feel that children (kids) should do their own "spade work" -- in other words, to dig for things themselves ..... ....but I think we must remember that kids are people and sometimes people are lonesome..... we have no real idea what they are going throughat home and in school .... I received a very quick come-uppance one day when I found out that one of my schoolmates had an absolutely terrible homelife - her parents were very wealthy and abandoned her from time to time and went on business trips, leaving her with the housemaids ... she had to sit at the big dining table and eat her meals all alone because her mother forbade her from eating in the kitchen with the maids who looked after her ... and were sweet and kind ... she was one woebegone 14 year-old, I assure you ...it may not sound so bad, but it was bad to her and that is all that is important ... she got quite skinny sometimes, because she couldn't eat all alone that way .... what a shame, poor thing. ... and sometimes it is just a grouchy parent who has no time for the child....so those of us who can be kind and step in for a parent, should be do so ...it is just a chance for us to help another human being... . we never know when we are going to need love and help in life and would not like it if someone were grouchy with us ... and really it is not so hard .... I can't get the math problems or the Latin questions, but there are others I work out, even for myself it is fun.... poor little things... even if they "SHOULD" be able to......... maybe that is not what the whole transaction is about..... maybe it is just a lonely child.... weren't you ever lonely? I was. Fortunately, I had a next door neighbor who was sweet with me when my mother was not up to it....
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Teman Teman
I don't mind pointing kids in the right direction, but a lot of their questions make them look just plain lazy. They want the answers, sometimes even to multiple guess questions. What? They lost their textbooks? They don't know how to Search the Internet? If that's the case, any answers given them would only do them damage in the long run.
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Teman Originally Answered: Is it ethical to use Yahoo answers for homework questions?
No, it's not right. I agree that clarification and understanding are a great reason to post. But it's not fair. Although, those that post looking for a free answer WILL find it eventually from someone.

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