Ok.Please be easy with your answers?

Ok.Please be easy with your answers? Topic: How to write a cheque in us dollars
July 20, 2019 / By Alvina
Question: I always wondered how do ppl do it in life? I mean....How do you pay for your mortgage, student loan, car payments, utility bill, groceries, etc and still have a few dollars to save in the bank? I want to start getting myself ready for a house soon and I want to make sure I can put in my 50%. My husband is great with saving but Im not a strong saver. So how do people out there do it? So far we're approved and all but they monthly payments are around $2200 including tax and insurance.
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Vergil Vergil | 1 day ago
The best way to find extra money in your pay check is to follow your money when it leaves your wallet. For a 30 day period write down every penny you spend. Then analyze where it went. How often did you go to Starbucks paying $4.95 for a $0.80 cup of coffee. Can't live without your Starved for Bucks? Yes, you can. Burger King for lunch? 10 times a month? Brown bag it.. not sexy but it saves a small fortune. Did you really need that new pair of shoes? Do you already have 10 pair of black pumps in your closet? Once you see how much the few dollars here and there add up to over the course of a month you will be shocked. Then it is then time to sit down and make a budget. You don't have to live like a monk, but you can't live like Beyonce either. Ask if your bank can set up automatic transfers from your checking to your savings on payday. Put in 15% of each check. If there is anything left over the day before the next payday, it goes into savings. Use credit sparingly, you don't want to incur interest charges. Live within your means... that's how people do it. Trust me.. there isn't a whole lot on TV that needs to be seen on a HD wide screen.
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Ronnie Ronnie
First, work at a job you love and love the job you do. Learn to buy ONLY WHAT YOU NEED AND NOT WHAT YOU WANT. That will let you save more money. Pay your bills ahead of due date and keep a running account of what you spend. In other words keep a budget. THey are so easy to do. If you don't know go to a book store an find how to make a budget. They will help you. SAVE SAVE SAVE and leave your savings alone. Use that for genuine emergencies and suddenly you will find you have thousands in that account.
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Moe Moe
If he is good at saving talk to him. I am sure he can give you some tips and advice. Its a good start that you are want to save and contribute your share. Good luck!!!
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