So, there was two people who posted hurtful answers on my question on Yahoo! Answers?

So, there was two people who posted hurtful answers on my question on Yahoo! Answers? Topic: Get post case sensitive
June 17, 2019 / By Matty
Question: The question I posted was a question on how I can get back at my mother for arguments we've been having over video games. First person named Dylan said "Wow, a video game. Get a life" or something along those lines. Now, this Dylan fellow plays video games, too, judging by his questions. So isn't he a no life, too? And the second person named KingdomCome had said something about me being a failure. What did I do wrong? I'm autistic, suffering from low self-esteem, and sensitive. So yes, maybe I am a failure, but does he not realise how hurtful that can be? Or are the two just hurting me because I'm a fan of the Kirby video game franchise (I did mention that I was a fan, and I've been a fan since 2009 and NOT CHANGING THAT)? Is there any way I can get back at them, without mass trolling or whatnot? Can I report them in any way? Unfortunatly, I have already clicked on "Report Abuse". No, help is not needed...Those two people are fans of the games that Yahoo! Answers likes, so they'll always get support. I'm looking for a way to just report them and possibly ban them without Yahoo! being directly involved.
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Lashawn Lashawn | 3 days ago
They might have been rude to you because you want to "get back at your mother for arguments you've been having over video games." Two things about that might have prompted their response: 1. "Getting back" implies revenge, and revenge is a petty and often times considered juvenile motive. 2. You're arguing over something that may be important to you, but is generally insignificant in the overall scheme of things. In other words, you are seeking petty revenge over a petty matter. In most cases people (and I'm one of them) will advise you to forget it and move on. The same advice applies to the situation with the two people. You seem to want to extract some sort of petty revenge over what amounts to a petty affront to you. My advice again is forget it and move on.
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I like your question, and have observed the same thing myself. My approach is - don't do the problem for them and don't give them the answer. Tell them how to do the problem, give them hints, and let them do it. If we do the problem, that only shows that we know how, but they learn nothing. That is why this is called Homework *Help* and not "Do my homework for me".

Jessa Jessa
I think you might be overreacting. If yahoo answers banned every user who posted a slightly offensive comment, they would probably be out of business lol I have no idea how you would ban anyone without Yahoo! being involved either. Really though, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Yes, they're jerks, but that's something you're going to need to get used to. Blame them for hurting your feelings, but don't think that excuses any actions you take. I'm autistic too. It's not something to use as an excuse and doing so only lessens our credibility when it matters.
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Florinda Florinda
by way of fact they'd destroy out with it and not get punched interior the face. those all human beings is probably bullied or disliked interior the genuine international so they take their frustrations on right here. they'd desire to have a feed returned button wherein everytime somebody says something impolite or only trolls different participants can record it and have them got rid of.
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Dalya Dalya
Go to their profile & block them so that they can't bother you. Some people are just mean to be mean. It has nothing to do with you personally because they don't know you personally. You aren't a failure. You're just you & you're perfect the way you are. Remember that its not just you they are mean to. They treat everyone mean. Don't take it personally. Try to just ignore them.
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Blossom Blossom
sorry. but hon i think u should just not listion to what they think its all B.S. i love u and that all that really matters. and dont really listion to then hon they are dumb and they are just a bunch of loser. ill always be there for u hon im sorry i fell alseep i did not sleep last night i was up trying t make a heart shaped cake for u but failed =C sorry
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