Should I apply to Kansas State University or University of Kansas?

Should I apply to Kansas State University or University of Kansas? Topic: Minimum admissions requirements for university
July 17, 2019 / By Lewella
Question: I have a gpa of 2.7 and a raw SAT score of 1056, how high are my chances? for out of -state Kansas State wants at least 2.5 gpa, and 980 on the SAT. I'm not really sure about the U of K but I want to apply to the Department of Architecture and they want a gpa of 3.0 and mat sat of 600, and I don't have those, but is there a more general requirement, where I can still get into the university and raise my gpa first and then get in the department that I want? any answer regarding this will be appreciated thx! **unweighted gpa, if that makes a difference at all :/
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Judi Judi | 10 days ago
THIS IS THE FIRST KU QUESTION I'VE EVER SEEN. I'm so excited right now. I'm a KU student. :) Your best bet for KU is to apply for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, do a few semesters there, then apply for the Arch school. You're really close to the minimum SAT score for CLAS - it's 1090. Can you retake the SAT? Other requirements for automatic admissions are a 2.5 GPA in the Kansas Qualified Admissions curriculum (i'll post link below) or graduating in the top 1/3rd of your class. You only have to meet one of the requirements to be accepted. It's not hard to get it (but it's hard to stay!). So.. apply for the college of liberal arts and sciences first! Sorry, I don't know anything about K-State admissions. ROCK CHALK!
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Gillian Gillian
Your scores are low and will be a hindrance. Also, if you couldn't do well in high school, what makes you think you're going to do any better in college, especially a specific, technical programme, like Architecture? Thinking "I'll try harder" won't cut it. High School is easier than college, and at least in HS the instructors take on some of the student's burden, in college, an professor doesn't do anything like that, it's 100% on you. So if you did poorly in HS, it's expected that you'll do poorly in college, worse in fact. You might as well apply to both, but you should also apply to a community college. The advantage of a community college is that it costs less, so if you don't do well, at least you haven't paid all that much. And since you can live at home, it costs even less, and you'll have a more stable studying environment, unlike at a college dorm. If that works out for a year (or two, if you decide to get the associate's degree), you can transfer, and your Bachelor's degree will have the same name as anyone else that paid 4 years worth of tuition and dorm expenses.
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Denice Denice
Most likely, yes, you can. State universities are extremely easy to get into. However, if you don't get into either K-State or KU, you can also check out Pittsburg State (which is cheaper than alot of others, and smaller), Fort Hayes State, Wichita State, or Emporia State. Check out each university's website; guidelines for admission should be found on each one. However, if for some reason you have trouble getting into a state university, I highly suggest going to a community college first. Although I had a 3.4 gpa when I graduated from high school, I went to a junior college first. They're typically smaller, classes easier, you scholarships are easier to obtain (I had a full ride for band/choir), and they're over-all cheaper to attend. When I left the junior college to go to a state university, my gpa had risen to a 3.8. Hope I've helped :-)
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Calida Calida
Cherry Koolaid is brutally honest and as far as the answer goes, brutally accurate. If you go into an academic-focused program you are setting yourself up for failure. However, there are many not-so-academic programs that will give you a good employment skill/qualification and allow you to work in architecture. These vocational programs are available at various Kansas public colleges and universities Architectural Engineering Technology at Colby CC and Independence CC Construction/Building Technologies at KSU and at Pittsburg State [the Pittsburg in Kansas]. So you have four schools to explore on their websites and see if any of their programs are what you want. Good luck
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Alys Alys
To be brutally honest, you have no shot at either. With your grades/scores, you better be thinking community college.
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