How many stamps do I need?

How many stamps do I need? Topic: Post office cover letters
May 23, 2019 / By Payton
Question: I'm mailing a package that normally costs $2.41. I was just wondering how many stamps that would take instead. I know I can go to the post office and have them weigh it and stamp it but I have no cash and lots of stamps.
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Lou Lou | 10 days ago
It depends on the value of the stamps. If all of your stamps are FOREVER stamps, they are valued at $0.44 each and you will need six. If your stamps are different denominations then you just have to add up to $2.41. You can use stamps on packages. Just make sure they are on securely and do not cover them with scotch tape. The Post Office will not accept any stamps that have been taped on a letter or package.
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Lou Originally Answered: Send a postcard to China, 2 forever stamps plus 10 one cent stamps enough or not?
The weight of a posted item is determined BEFORE postage is applied. At the present time, FOREVER stamps are valued at $0.44 each. Two FOREVER stamps, plus ten one-cent stamps would equal the required $0.98 for an international postcard from the US to China. As you said, though, it would be a naked postcard . . . with 12 stamps placed on it, you would only have room for the address and stamps. EDIT: @Lestermount . . . the FOREVER stamp wasn't introduced until 2007. Even though it doesn't have a stamped value on it, it always has the current value of a first class stamp. This is determined by the US Post Office. No one outside the US cares what the value is on the stamps. Here's how the FOREVER stamp works for international use: "A Forever Stamp can be used when sending a letter internationally. While the Forever Stamp will be recognized internationally to carry the same value of a standard stamp, the Forever Stamp may need to be supplemented with additional postage in order to be in agreement with international postage rates. Read more: What Is the Forever Stamp? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5064117_foreve... " EDIT: @Yak Rider . . . been there, done that. Have had many letters mailed to me here in China using FOREVER stamps, plus additional postage to cover the required amount for the letter. I do know what I'm talking about. If you don't want to believe me, that's fine . . . but do please check with other sources (i.e. the above reference). Here's additional information from http://www.stamps.com -- "First is that although they may be used to send mail to international addresses, customers must calculate the difference between the current First Class rate and the international rate and affix additional postage to ensure delivery."
Lou Originally Answered: Send a postcard to China, 2 forever stamps plus 10 one cent stamps enough or not?
Your stamps must show a monetary value, when using international mail you can not use a stamp that does not show how much it costs. I had mail returned once because of the forever stamp use, about 20 years ago, and the rules have not changed.
Lou Originally Answered: Send a postcard to China, 2 forever stamps plus 10 one cent stamps enough or not?
No. The stamps you use MUST show the exact value of the stamp. Forever stamps have no value printed on them. *******Yes, on mail that's going international the exact value of the stamp must be printed on it. There is no exception. If you use a "forever stamp" you can expect the postcard to be returned to you. The lady that says you can use them does not know what she's talking about. The need for the value to be printed on the stamp is part of an international treaty.

Jaylen Jaylen
Is that what is costs normally after they weigh it at the post office? If so, you would need 6 stamps. But if it's a box, I'm not sure if you can postage stamps on a box.
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Jaylen Originally Answered: How many stamps do i use?
You can bring it directly to the PO and pay the specific amount and have them stamp it, I believe. But in that case, you're wasting expensive gas to save $0.34..
Jaylen Originally Answered: How many stamps do i use?
If you are worried about wasting stamp money, then just send an e-mail with photos attached. I'm sure someone will let you borrow their computer for FREE. Probably use their internet or go to a wifi place to use FREE internet. If you don't have e-mail, sign up with one of those services that are FREE. And plus, if you send a post card, it will probably get tossed after a couple weeks. If you send an e-mail, places like GMail will keep it for eternity. So there, I've saved you 98 cents. But my time is expensive, so I can bill you the pro-rated $200/hr I will charge for this advice. LoL. Have fun wherever you are!

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