So I told my girlfriend about the kiss. She said she hates me?

So I told my girlfriend about the kiss. She said she hates me? Topic: How to write a letter ending with sincerely
June 26, 2019 / By Regena
Question: Long story short. I'm 17. Been in an over 2 year (serious) relationship with a girl. My 18 year old bro (who's best friends with us) ended up forcing himself on and having sex with my girlfriend. He's going to court for this - we don't think he'll get any jail time - we dealt with this recently when it happened a month ago. We are all going to therapy. Her parents and my parents know. She ruled out sex for us, and she won't even hold my hand. My best friend who's a girl ended up making out with me last night when we were hangin out. I was surprised. I never really stopped it, I really never expected it. I told my friend it's weird, we're friends since elementry - she's like one of the guys. I told my gf about this. She said she hates me. After all we have been through she has never said anything like this. She said she never wants to see me again.. I love her and I can't live without her, what do I do? I wasn't trying to be an *** hole. It's not like I jumped on this girl and made out with her. She's like one of the guys to me - she kissed me. I know it's still not right either way but yeah
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Mickey Mickey | 2 days ago
Communicating is the most important thing. Tell her how you felt about her ruling out sex and not even holding your hand. If you got bad vibes about your relationship during this and felt as if you were over, explain it to her. Understand her perspective, sure she is not wanting anything intimate right now, but try to understand what she went through and give her time and space. ALSO, you shouldn't have made out with your best girl friend if you know you and your girlfriend still acknowledged a relationship between the two of you, physical or not. I went through that kind of shenanigans before, boyfriend was like "I couldn't stop her from making out with me!" That is impossible. Unless she was a giant body building girl who physically forced you to, don't try to say that when talking to your girlfriend. Maturely admit you were wrong to do it in the first place. Afterward, tell your best girl friend you don't think of her that way so it won't happen again. Just sincerely apologize and admit you didn't know what came over you at the time of making out, with all the issues with your family and your relationship with you. You guys seem pretty stable, staying together and taking therapy after the whole incident with your brother, so I would advise you to tell her that there's no way an unexpected and unsought make out with your best girl friend is going to tear your strong relationship apart. So, just explain to her what you felt during the time and how you genuinely love her and apologize. If it's impossible to talk to her because she never wants to see you like she said, then write her a letter. don't email or text, those are difficult to interpret and usually sends bad vibes. Try to talk to her in person, alone. Hope everything works out!
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Lexia Lexia
Listen dude. Your brother having sex with your girlfriend is really traumatizing. And I don't know how you're gon live with either of them after that. You have to decide whether things will go back to normal with your girlfriend after this ordeal is put in the past. Only then should you stay with her. If not, this new best friend girl seems like a new beginning. I think that might help you out.
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Jules Jules
Your brother will get jail time. As you become an adult the law looks at you differently. Your brother never learned from going to court last time and the judge will look at this too. Your girlfreind doesn't trust you anymore. You have made it this way by not sticking up for her and running around on her. Now that you know that girls won't take this abuse moving on your next relationship should be better if you use this knowlege.
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Ginny Ginny
first off quit making out with other girls. If this story is true....your GF has been through a traumatic experience in her life...a life altering change and all you can think about is that she is not having sex with you for the time being? If you love her like you say you do....where is the compassion and understanding....being there for her when she is down. The chick got raped...of course she will not want to have sex right now....she needs time to heal and put trust back into men. If you cannot wait and be patient and show her that she can trust again....maybe she should dump your a$$.
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Derby Derby
You can thank your brother for ruining your relationship with your girlfriend. And your girlfriend is silly for assuming that you would force her to have sex just because your stupid brother did it to his girlfriend. If she cannot trust that you would never harm her, then there is no relationship. Dunno what to tell you about making out with the other girl. I guess it happened because your other relationship, without trust, is essentially dead. * see edit below * OK I misread originally that your brother raped your girlfriend. She is very traumatized and probably wants nothing to do with sex or intimacy with ANYONE. Don't kiss anyone else and tell her you realize it was wrong and that you will work on that with your therapy and see if it was at all related to the problems you are currently going through. It will take alot of patience, time and effort for her to heal her wounds, especially if she is exposed with her rapist through you. I'm sorry this happened.
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Derby Originally Answered: My girlfriend just told me she loves. Do I have to say it back right away?
No, you don't. Lucky you though. I had an ex that loved me, and I her. Things just didn't own out. All due to me. Your girl seems a bit rough on the edges if you ask me from an outsiders stand point. Also don't let that hang, cause she could be waiting for you to respond, which is a bit immature, yet understandable. Tell her how you feel. Ya know I like you and care for you a whole lot, but as for me I don't wanna throw that word around gently-lightly. As the guy from the end of the phone from taken says, "good luck."

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