How harmful are the emissions from cars compared to cigarette smoke?

How harmful are the emissions from cars compared to cigarette smoke? Topic: The causes of smoking essays
June 17, 2019 / By Jedidiah
Question: in class some girl was reading her essay on how tobacco should be illegal and it made me wonder how harmful the smoke is compared to cars. does the cigarette smoke cause the same kind of problems as car emissions (ie. lung cancer/emphysema)? how exactly are cigarettes worse than car emissions? do you have any evidence for that?
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Gareth Gareth | 10 days ago
the cigarette smoke is way worse than car emissions just google all the ingredients in cigarettes and vehicles and you will see cigs have WAY more carcinogens
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Gareth Originally Answered: Is it very harmful for my baby to be around cigarette smoke some of the time?
On Christmas Day, my daughter met my husband's brother's wife for the first time. I was holding my daughter, and the woman REEKED of stale smoke that was clinging to her clothes, her hair, body, etc. I cannot stand to talk to her because of the smell. My daughter started fussing in less than two minutes. She didn't/doesn't normally fuss around people, so that was my conclusion-- she didn't like the smell of the stale smoke. Earlier in December we went to my husband's sister's wedding. Both my sister-in-law and her husband smoke. A friend of my SIL's also smokes. (All three of the women I just mentioned are mothers and have no reservations about smoking around their children.) They were all at my MIL's home for a dinner after the wedding. The downstairs of the house reeked of stale smoke. (I think my SIL's son's girlfriend was there as well, she also smokes.) My daughter was not happy downstairs that day. It could have either had been from the smoke smell and/or the commotion, as they do not know the meanings of the words "calm" and demure". Regardless, I kept my daughter upstairs where it was a bit calmer. As has been said, second hand smoke is dangerous for anybody, regardless of age. I will not let my SIL baby-sit for my daughter for that reason. (There are other reasons, too. Even my husband agrees that she is not fit to care for our daughter.) For the sake of your daughter, keep her away from the poison. Is it really necessary that your son goes to the bowling alley? Tell his grandfather that he can only see your son at your house and that he is to not smell of smoke. If he is offended, tell him that you want the best for your son and are concerned for his health with the exposure of cigarette smoke. If his grandfather objects, then sadly, it is his choice to spend his time with sticks of suicide than with his grandson. If your son's father can do it, surely he can, too. I live in Ohio, where there is also a Smoke Free law. All public places, even bars and bowling alleys are smoke free. Actually, since bowling alleys can be a great place to take kids, I think they SHOULD be smoke free. I was for the Smoke Free laws even before I quit smoking. I was almost the one smoker amongst non-smokers and I knew then how annoying it could be to others. I wouldn't smoke around others unless they came to me, or said it was okay. Now I think it's really great to be able to take my daughter places and not have to worry about the poison. I am also thankful that I was smoke free for almost three years before she was conceived.

Derryl Derryl
The sheer volume of cars would seem to make their emissions more wide spread, especially since there are more smoking bans on cigarettes in public. And car emissions have been and are part of air quality alerts in a number of cities especially when there is high congestion or traffic jams. You really want neither to be in your lungs, but you're more likely to have pollutants from car emissions over a greater space of land and a good reason to not live near highways.
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Benny Benny
Depends on the car, I drank emissions from a hydrogen powered bus because it was pure water, but most cars are gasoline powered cars, and produce emissions from a combustion reaction, which is poisonous. Basically if you were sealed in a room with car exaust coming out in there you would die in hours, compared to the cigarette smoke it takes so much more time. Basically car exaust is worse, do not breath it, since it is deadly to your health, moreso than cigarette smoke
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Abidah Abidah
My answer is this: Think before you believe. Research before you come to heart felt conclusions. What is the real answer? I don't know I am still looking. Just think on this; if you are stuck in a garage with a smoker and a car and you had a choice... would you either give the smoker a light or the key to the car?
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Abidah Originally Answered: How do hydrogen cars give off less greenhouse emissions?
It's whether or not there's a net increase in the atmosphere. The idea behind a hydrogen economy is that the hydrogen is extracted from water from the environment, once recombined with oxygen it just becomes water in the environment again, no net increase. With fossil fuels, the hydrocarbons represent carbon and hydrogen that has been sequestered from our environment for millions of years, using the fossil fuel combines it with oxygen in our environment to form CO2 and H2O resulting in a net increase of CO2 and H2O in our environment as well as a net decrease in O2. Of course, gasoline and diesel don't have to be refined from fossil reserves, they could be synthesized from CO2 and H2O in our environment hence achieving the same zero net increase of a hydrogen economy, indeed that was the conclusion of Sandia Labs research into more efficient ways of producing hydrogen from H2O, the same methods used to extract H2 from H2O can be used to extract CO from CO2 and a mixture of H2 and CO can synthesize gasoline/diesel via the Fischer Tropsch synthesis. Synthetic liquid hydrocarbons would have the advantage over hydrogen of not only being more compact, more stable and easier to contain but the advantage of working with the nearly one billion existing vehicles and with the existing infrastructure thereby avoiding the carbon footprint of new vehicle manufacture and of constructing a distribution infrastructure. Synthetic fuels also have the potential for being carbon negative if biofuel to liquid processes like gasification/pyrolysis are used in conjunction with biochar carbon sequestration. Being carbon negative is something a hydrogen economy would not achieve but ironically existing gas guzzlers could if we just changed how we make gasoline. It is ironic that what most would consider the environmentally friendly option, that of hydrogen fuel cell cars, is actually not the most environmentally friendly option at all.

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