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June 17, 2019 / By Nikkole
Question: Ok, so I had to read The Boarded Window for English. I actually did read it, so no one tell me to go read it. I have to do this thing called a story pyramid. These are the only questions I have left. If you could help me out, that would be great. 5. Give five words interpreting the character’s malady. 6. Give six words explaining the irony of the story. 7. Give seven words explaining the cause of the malady. 8. Give eight words suggesting a remedy for the character’s malady. And no one answer "Do your own homework." I just don't know these types of things very well. English is my weak subject. And if you could explain what a malady is, it would be greatly appreciated. Ina Eco nonsense - You say you have common sense, but you obviously can't read. I put in the question to not tell me to do my own homework. I would think you need to be able to read before you can have common sense.
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Lynne Lynne | 8 days ago
dear Punk Student, if you need help with work then contact me - Sincerely Dr. Cooper. p.s. You may use a dictionary to look up definitions like any normal person. Go read it and do your own homework.
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Keeley Keeley
I am actually doing this exact assignment right now. I know that this was from a very long time ago but I hope to be of some assistance to students in the future. The definition of a malady is a disease or ailment. The malady they are asking for is not the state of the wife but the state of the main character, Murlock. Contrary to the belief of many that analyze the story I personally believe that Murlock was not insane. I think that he was inadequately educated on the concept of illness, death, and even grief. The lack of understanding of the emotions that one feels creates a sort of temporary daftness within a person since they don't even know what's going on within themselves. Each reader of the story has a different interpretation of it, like they do with most literature. Many believe that the wife was in fact still alive when the panther attacked her, others believe that she was resurrected or some form of that. Honestly, that is irrelevant as we are talking about the ailment of Murlock. The difference of her being in a coma versus being resurrected has no correlation with the irony of the story, because either way she was alive when the panther attacked her. Which is the irony of the story, that he had presumed her to be dead the entire time but she was in fact alive when the black panther attacked her. I personally believe that Murlock's only ailment was ignorance. However, don't take my word for it, make your own assumptions.
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Ileen Ileen
I am also working on this. Maybe we could help each other :) email me : [email protected]
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