I need some character/story help?

I need some character/story help? Topic: Help writing a zombie story
July 20, 2019 / By Mason
Question: I'm writing/drawing for a comic book idea I had about a dark version of the wizard of oz. From fairy tale to horror story I have warped the scarecrow into an armless jawless zombie, the cowerdly lion into a wolfman and Dorthy into a sexy young adult who kicks *** with the powers that the ruby slippers allow her to conjur up. What should I make the tin man? I want to stray away from a man made of metal components. I was thinking maybe a vampire that wear tin colored knights armor or something around those lines, or a man/metal componet created expierement with like cybernetic limbs minus the science + the steam punk. What say you? And for the wizard I was thinking of making him into a green bearded man/goblin with magic. The wicked witch is still wicked but will look more old and creepy like in the Tin-Man mini series.
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Jett Jett | 8 days ago
Does this mean the wicked witch of the west is now the hero of the story? Edit You should have the wicked witch of the east somehow survive the house falling on her. Or, have her appear as a ghost.
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Jett Originally Answered: How similar can to I make a fictional story character to an already made character without it being illegal?
As long as no one actually makes money off of your stories, than it's just fan fiction and there's nothing illegal about it. As far as how similar the characters can be... that's up for a jury to decide. You have to ask yourself, how would a jury in a potential lawsuit respond to the question "Are these characters so indistinguishable, that the profiteering on the second character would either clearly benefit off the established reputation of the first character, of impede the ability to market that character?" Even if the characters are obviously close, you can be protected by parody laws. But frankly, you really, really don't need to worry about anything. think of how similar characters like Superman are to the Sentry, Namor is to Aquaman, Green Arrow is to Hawkeye, Green Lantern is to Quasar. Use those as basis for how similar yours is. You also don't need to worry because Nightcrawler isn't exactly a prime Marvel character. He's a supporting character in X-Men. They tried his own series, it got canceled very quickly. It will be a long, long time before they try again. He'll never have a solo movie. You're really pretty ok.

Gog Gog
I couldn't help thinking a dark knight or something for the tin man. Or oh! Either a superrobot that looks like a human intent on stealing a human heart (because he doesn't have one, that's the tin man's thing in WO). Or similarly, a vampire devoted to stealing a live, beating heart but hasn't succeeded because bloodlust takes over whenever he tries. I like the vamp idea better, I guess he could dress in grey. For the Wizard, what about a troll? Who claims to have dark magical powers and scares everyone with that but doesn't. Man, I kinda wish this was a manga now. Haha.
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Draven Draven
So...no headless dark knight, don't ask, or power crazed cyborg? And by cyborg, I mean like...Cyborg, from Teen Titans. Only a lot bigger, a lot more deadly, and a lot cooler. Half man, half metal components, totally indestructible with the ability to be reformed and upgraded. Hm, now I'm getting ideas... Anyways, and for the wizard, what about a gremlin? But a goblin sounds better. Definitely. Good look with that comic, by the way. Sounds really interesting. (:
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Brian Brian
A Psycho murderer who uses metal components for murder. thats all I can think of right now. hope I helped.
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Brian Originally Answered: Should I rewrite my entire story because my character is like a character from a game?
It happens all the time. There is always something similar to parts of anyone's work. I really wouldn't worry about it. If it really bothers you I would just suggest changing a few details that only appears in a few places. Then do a search and replace for it. Changing a physical characteristic is pretty simple. Or you could just add in a strange quirk to your character. But in the end I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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