Should we give Bush credit for at least this accomplishment?

Should we give Bush credit for at least this accomplishment? Topic: Antithesis means
July 16, 2019 / By Felice
Question: He has managed to dumb down the Republicans? First he picks a VP that can't spell and is actually dumber that he is. Smart move on his part. Now we have McCain who chooses a VP that gets her answers from a Magic 8 ball, and people are buying it. Can we say good job George.
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Cortney Cortney | 1 day ago
Bush is a MORON he is the antithesis of the only good Republican in the modern era of Presidents and that was Ronald Reagan. Bush has seemed to dumb down the Republicans and that is a good thing cause I cant stand conservatives. However,Dick Cheney as much as I despise the man for being evil war hungry bastard is actually a very literate and literate man. There is no doubt in my mind "Bush is his puppet", I mean I think Bush one day woke up and said lets go to war today looked at a map did eenie meenie minnie mo because that is the only way he can locate anything on a map and his finger landed on Iraq. Then he informed Cheney and Cheney went about initiating this war. McCain is not ignorant either and of course I am running for Obama cause I have had it with the conservatives in office. But, McCain is a maverick and tends to go out of his partys idealogies and into ours. The only 3 Republicans in todays world that are open-minded are Rudy Guliani, John McCain, and Chuck Hagel. Anyways, McCain even though was at the bottom of his West Point class the very fact he got in shows that he is not ignorant that is a very prestigous school for military. The thing that dumbed down McCain is him selecting Governor Palin as his running mate she is a dim wit and I agree w/ you that she probably does use a Magic 8 ball to get her answers. But, maybe thats one good thing Bush has done in 8 years dumb down the party: There are other morons in the Republican party you failed to mention that Bush appointed. 1.) Colin Powell a pretty smart and decent man was deceived by Premier Bush and his administration he had no choice but to step down making way for the super-moron in Condoleeza Rice to become Sec. of State. 2.) Donald Rumsfeld - Is a sad, ignorant old man that only cares about warfare. Anyways, I hope that the American people realize what happens when you elect a conservative into office you get another Bush. Not saying, McCain is the equivalance to Bush because unlike Bush he went straight into enemy fire and served our country while Bush was a reserve. But, either way Obama is the right man for the job and I have wanted him from the getgo when I saw him speak at the DNC in the Kerry campaign. Obama-Biden 08
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Cortney Originally Answered: I want to know why Bush is getting much credit for some the good things he is doing?
The media tends to portray some of the more negative aspects of his presidency, although there are more negatives that have arisen from his presidency than positives. Negative aspects tend to be more extreme and the news will pay more attention to extreme events more than positive events- that is why they call it the news. I admit that Bush has done a good job with the HIV/AIDS program and that he has done a good job with judges. No matter who the President is, people will hate him when he does something and hate him when he does not do anything. It is as tough of job a job that you could get and people should not think about becoming President if they care about their popularity.

Bethel Bethel
Obviouslly there is TONS of things the president didnt do very well and anyone especially any self respecting conservative would have to agree. However, President Bush has done a fine job of ensuring us the luxury of being able to not have "Threat of a Terrorist Attack" at the top of our list of what we are currently most concerned about. Another thing that I think Bush did well was inspight of inheritting a collapsing bubble economy and 9/11, neither of which he was responsible for, he did lead our nation. You cannot deny that at that time he did a very good job. However that bubble economy was replaced by another, which sucks. I also think the defeat of Saddam Hussein and the liberation/democracy in Iraq will be viewed positively in history books. ** I think the Patriot Act was created with good intentions, (better intentions then say...the Community Reinvestment Act) but you know the saying "The path to hell is paved with good intentions". I think as opposed to this necessarily being a "Bush" problem it is a problem with America and our way of thinking. We are strictly reactionary. If Clinton had taken out Bin Laden then we may not have even had a 9/11 or Patriot Act etc.. Thats nothing against Clinton, it just that America waits to react to crisis instead of being proactive and having some foresight. So we sit around and wait for a crisis and then the Government takes advantage of the crisis by taking away rights a little tiny bit at a time...all in the name of "protecting" us.
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Aggye Aggye
How about no attacks on American soil since 9-11-01. I love this you know there were no attacks after the failed bomb attempt on the world trade center while Clinton was in office, until GWB became pres. And he even caught and brought to justice the man who did it without going to war. Impressive!
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Tikvah Tikvah
Lets not forget he signed into law a ban on partial birth abortions. Something Obama tried to stop from becoming a law. j
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Ralph Ralph
Eat some more Ben&Jerry's, go play, and leave history to the professionals. Didn't you hear the Bob Geldof, a huge liberal, said that Bush has done more to fight Aids that any other American president? http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/new...
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Ralph Originally Answered: Do you credit Pres. Bush with helping prevent another 9/11?
I completely agree with Shurley. If we pull out now, it's a nightmare waiting to happen. We do need more troops over there to secure the area once and for all. It's better to send more out now, to get it over with faster. There would be fewer deaths than steadily losing people in a stalemate.

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