10 points to whoever get them all right please help i only have 3 answers?

10 points to whoever get them all right please help i only have 3 answers? Topic: Fresh paper reviews
July 20, 2019 / By Paris
Question: 1: What does forensic science use to solve crimes? physical evidence science scientific method technology all of the above 2: Which statement is not true about forensic science? Forensic science may be used to identify problems and illegal action among a group of manufacturers. Forensic science uses evidence and logical thinking to solve problems. Forensic scientists work only for the prosecution in an investigation and court of law. Forensic scientists must remain neutral and not try to prove their point but rather let the evidence collected place the guilt. A forensic investigation may get much more distasteful and drawn out than shown on TV shows. 3: Imagine that a skull is found with no identification. Which forensic specialist would be helpful in providing an identification? Forensic psychiatrist Forensic odontologist Forensic engineer Forensic pathologists 4: Finding fingerprints from a crime scene is what part of the scientific method for the forensic scientist. conclusion observation hypothesis testing the hypothesis evidence 5: The forensic scientist reviews the evidence and list of those people having been seen in the area of the crime scene. He reasons that 2 men were probably responsible for the crime. What step of the scientific method has just been completed? conclusion observation hypothesis testing the hypothesis evidence 6: Next the forensic scientist interviews the suspects to discover where they were at the time of the crime and what motives might exist for the crime. He also fingerprints the men to see if their prints match those at the crime. What step of the scientific method has just been completed? conclusion observation hypothesis testing the hypothesis process 7: Lastly, it is apparent that the fingerprints of one man did match those on the weapon found at the scene. This suspect obviously had no valid explanation for his whereabouts at the time of the crime. The other suspect proved that he was out of town at the time and his prints did not match those found at the crime. What part of the scientific methods was completed at this point? conclusion observation hypothesis testing the hypothesis alibi 8: Physical evidence is often of greater value than observations remembered by witnesses because _______________. observations may be biased. Physical evidence does not forget the facts. observation and memory can be altered by perception. physical evidence does not change over time. all of the above. 9: What is of lesser importance in recording the observations and evidence at the scene of a crime? specific detailed notes of the position of objects found in the area detailed sketch of the area observations of smell and sounds in the area grammatically correct and complete sentences interviews of the witnesses 10: Which one of the following is the last step in the investigation of crime scene? examination photography sketch process interviews 11: What did Ashley Smith use to stop Brian Nichol’s murdering streak? related to him as a human being listened to him shared her faith with him asked him what his purpose in life was, what his talent were all of the above 12: Which of the following would be the best way to collect fresh blood found at the scene of an accident? plastic envelope photograph refrigerated bottle brown paper bag soak it up with a clean piece of gauze 13: True or False: "Not all forensic scientists are criminalists, but all criminalists are forensic scientists." True False 14: Dactylography is the study of skin cells fingerprints xrays none of the above 15: The five steps that an investigator must move through when entering a crime scene are: Process, Photograph, Examine, Sketch and Interview Interview, Examine, Photograph, Sketch and Process Photograph, Process, Interview , Examine, and Sketch Interview, Process, Photograph, Sketch and Examine
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Best Answers: 10 points to whoever get them all right please help i only have 3 answers?

Lon Lon | 1 day ago
Ok if this is a school test then ignore these answers as that is CHEATING! ok so: 1)all 2)prosecution 3)odontologist 4)evidence 5)hypothesis 6)test hypothesis 7)alibi 8)all 9)grammer 10)process 11)all 12)envelope 13)true 14)fingerprints 15)second one
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Gabe Gabe
I would say both plus one… Physical evidence is obviously the material that they have to work with. The scientific method is a set of logical steps that have great potential to identify likely scenarios for the reasons physical evidence exists. But I would also ad intuition to the list; The innate understanding of people that we all have. In other words; It seems to me that a Crime Scene Investigator would have to view the data through the prism of humanity to really be effictive. It as much art, as it is science. I’m just sayin’
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Dene Dene
I hope this isn't for cheating but for learning purposes... 1. all of the above 2.forensics work only for prosecution 3.odontologist 4.evidence 5.hypothesis 6.testing hypothesis 7.conclusion 8.all of the above 9.observation of smell and sound 10.interviews 11.all of the above 12.gauze 13. false 14.fingerprints 15.Process, Photograph, Examine, Sketch and Interview
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