Vista V. Linux, who wins? Total beginner - need help?

Vista V. Linux, who wins? Total beginner - need help? Topic: Auto case software
June 26, 2019 / By Larkin
Question: I'm trying to work out which operating system has the most advantages and what those advantages are. I'd also like to know if anyone has any disadvantages of either operating system... Links to specific web pages would help greatly! I have never used Linux but have a rough knowledge of Vista...
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Ithai Ithai | 5 days ago
Linux is easy enough to use for day-to-day operations. Most things are auto-configured, so you don't need to worry about them. The one area that is still a little shaky is wireless support, with some cards requiring a lot of fiddling about with settings to get them working. Then again, Vista is flaky, fiddly and fussy, even if it has a fancier interface. Don't buy this LINUX=SERVER, Windows=Desktop thing. It used to be the case, but Linux has become a serious contender on the desktop. particularly if all you want is to run office-type applications. For games, as Colinc has said, there's no real choice, it will have to be Windows. Also, if you were into serious audio or video editing, I'd give Linux a miss as it is just not there yet, but I'd try to get hold of a downgrade to Windows XP. Windows has lots of commercial software and SOME free software that can run on it. Linux has tons of free software, but not much in the games department.
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Fergie Fergie
Really, you don't HAVE to choose now, try them both... You aparently have vista, download a "Live CD" I'd recommend Ubuntu for a beginner. Http://ubuntu.com You can burn the image to a CD, boot from the CD and try it out. (Just remember, since you haven't installed anything at this point, once you reboot, any "customizations" are gone... It's running entirely from the CD and in memory... Also, because of this, the performance will be pretty "laggy" so when you click on something, give it a few seconds to go to the CD, load it and run it... From the desktop you can choose to "Install" it to the hard drive. When you do this, the default action is to "shrink" your windows installation, and install itself into the free space, creating a "dual boot" machine. If you choose to do this, when you start up your mahcine you can choose to boot either into your normal windows install, or to boot Linux. Later, if you decide you want to get rid of windows, you can delete that partition, and expand the linux partition to use the whole drive. If you decide you don't like Linux, you can un-install IT, and re-expand the windows to use the whole drive, or keep running both for as long as you want.
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Dalton Dalton
Well if it where my PC and i had no choice but to use Vista or Linux I would be using Linux . I absolutely despise Vista . with over 22 years in the IT field I will tell you that Vista is probably the worst OS i have ever seen . even as bad as Windows ME , so bad that Microsoft is already rushing a new OS out to replace it
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Austyn Austyn
If you want lots of Windows games, do NOT even think about Linux. If not Linux can do anything a Windows machine can faster, more securely and is more reliable. Especially compared to Vista.
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