If your hard drive on the computer is running slowly and the it is close to being 70% full on a hard drive 120

If your hard drive on the computer is running slowly and the it is close to being 70% full on a hard drive 120 Topic: How to write a check mark on the computer
June 17, 2019 / By Deandre
Question: gb My dics cleanup doesent find much to get rid of the slowness. I also pupgraded the RAM 1056 Girls this one is mine all mine PLEASE HELP
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Barry Barry | 10 days ago
At 70% full, you still have about 30GB free, this is not the source of your slow computer speeds. Having more free disk space is always good, but the only way extra space provides performance in real terms is though virtual memory. You never have 30GB of virtual memory, a few GB yes, and few very needed. Anything over about 4GB on a typical computer and you will not notice a difference. As already mentioned CCleaner is a great tool. Cleaning your registry will probably help some. Also CCleaner is not quite as fast as stated, while it is fast, you should rerun the registry scan untill it comes up with 0 errors, it usually takes more than one scan for this to happen. If you are going to uninstall unused programs you should wait untill then to fix the registry. You should also get rid of unneeded startup iteams. Programs like Quick Time, AIM, etc start up automatically when the computer does. They take up valuable computer resources, even if you are not useing them. CCleaner has a utility to resolve these programs too, but Windows has a little safer way built in. Click start, then run, type in "msconfig" with out the quotes and then click ok. When the program starts it should have some tabs towards the top, click on startup. There will probably be quite a few programs listed, and next to them is a check mark. In theory you can uncheck every program in this list, but you may want to leave some of them. Your virus/spyware programs you will want to leave. If I am on the computer AIM is always running, so if you are like me it may be a good idea to leave this, but I never use Quick Time, and if I do then I can load it on my terms. The other neat thing about this program is it allows you to undo anything at a later point by simply relaunching the program and rechecking. Please stay in the startup tab only as the rest are for advanced users! Next I would see if your drives need defraged, this is not something that needs done often, but the more you write to the drive the more it needs to be checked. Open My computer, right click on the drive and go to properties. Click on the tool's tab and you will find defrag. Analyze the drive before you run it and it will tell you if it needs done or not. Next make sure you are running your protection and that it is up to date. Virus's can slow the computer down. Make sure that you do a full scan on your computer once and a while, and now would be a good time to start the first one. As a last option you could always use your restore cd, but make sure you have any important data backed up before you do as it will delete everything and restore your computer exactly how it was when you first bought it. PS while adding more RAM is a great way to add performance to a computer, it does not go in a pci slot, do not ask for pci RAM, you will be laughed at. There are many different types of RAM out there, and if you are thinking about upgrading your RAM after you try these few things post a reply back and we can help you figure out what type you have.
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Barry Originally Answered: How do I salvage the hard drive from my defunct computer to make an external hard drive?
Hopefully your computer 'guru' knows how to remove the hard drive, other wise look up the service information for your old computer, it should list this information in a section on replacing or upgrading the hard drive. It may also tell the type and size of the drive which you will need to get the external case. You want an external drive case not a dock. Docks are for temporary use to check or setup a drive and do not enclose or protect the drive. A proper external case will mount the drive much like in a computer and protect it. The exact case required depends on the type and size of the drive. It could be 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 inch drive and use SATA or PATA interface. As a last choice take the extracted drive to a good computer shop and ask for help selecting an external drive case for it.

Yvonne Yvonne
Uninstall unneeded programs/files and/or buy a bigger internal/external hard drive. I also highly recommend CCleaner. CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. CCleaner also fixes your registry. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware. I also use Advanced WindowsCare Personal which is also a great free program to clean up your system.
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Shelagh Shelagh
Try to run a defrag of the harddrive. Double click on My Computer, Right Click on the Harddrive and click on properties. Click on the tools tab and then Defragment Now. Be sure to close down ALL of your applications. Otherwise it might not work properly. There is not a chance of it damaging your data, but it will keep restarting. IF YOUR HARDDRIVE IS ABOUT TO FAIL RUNNING A DEGRAG CAN SPEED UP THE FAILURE PROCESS. I would be sure to BACKUP and files on the computer you cannot live without NOW.
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Pauletta Pauletta
Either Get more ram if you have an additional pci slot. or get a bigger hard drive. If you don't want to do this, you have two more choices... 1. Partition your hard drive and start fresh. 2. Un-Install Unused Programs.
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Pauletta Originally Answered: What would be a better idea to gain access to hard drive out of broken WD external hard drive?
the old control board probably can't handle drives 1 Tb in size. if you have a reasonably capable desktop, just open that and put the 1 Tb drive into it permanently. Otherwise, you'll need to buy an external enclosure that'll handle a 1 Tb drive -- think they're about $17 at newegg

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