Some help here and serious answers will help?

Some help here and serious answers will help? Topic: White and case salaries
July 20, 2019 / By Scout
Question: Is this discrimination? or not? Another female is getting paid more than me. First of all we are not to discuss pay; but I over heard in a conversation about the pay differentials. Anyway. Therefore I asked my boss how does she rate her employees? She said on education, expierence in the logistics field and skill set. She said education being that a high school diploma, but any degree is a plus. Note: I have an assoicate's degree, the individual whom she pays more to, doesn't. As far as expierence, she said having logistics expierence. Note: I have 4 years of expierence, the individual whom she pays more only has distribution expierence. I put all this in an email. I told her the reason I asked the questions about pay and told her our difference; me and the one who gets paid the most. She hasn't responded. According to everything we discussed; our boss, is wrong. Because I have more education and expierence to the one she pays more to. I'm black, she's white.
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Oanez Oanez | 10 days ago
Here's my thought. I went to work for a company who really needed my experience in sales. I don't have a degree but I have excellent negociating skills. There was a girl who worked there longer than me, with her BA degree, and had started the job at 30K a year and was now up to 38K a year. I told them (in a nice, professional way) that I could not work for that because it wouldn't pay the bills, I wouldn't take less than 42K to start with a preformance based raise every 6 months. She found out and left. It is nothing personal, it's business. Thats why you don't discuss salary with co-workers. Now that you know, however, professionally go discuss this with your supervisor, in person, calmly. Ask for the raise and leave the race card out of it... (unless that really is the problem in which case get a lawyer and own them). It was probably just a negociation thing and now that you know, negociate for your raise!
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Maddie Maddie
Generally performance appraisals are done with many things in mind. One will never discriminate black and white. If there is a proof, the boss will lose the job. So, no one does that. When it comes to comparing the employees, as a boss, i do the following. 1. educational qualification - 10% 2. Relevant experience - 10% 3. efficiency ( quality) in current job - 20% 4. punctuality and deliverable (time)- 20% 5. Taking initiative and suggesting improvements - 10% 6. Helping others in their work - 10% 7. Willingness to take risk / learn - 10% 8. Discipline and respect - 10% I do not say these are standard. I defined them in my company. Every company will have their own formulas. See the following: http://www.careeractivist.com/Assessments/Job-Hunt-Preparedness-Quiz-Brief.doc http://its.calpoly.edu/documents/documents/perfeval.doc Another thing is never question a boss. Boss is always right. For time being forget about you and just think what will you do, if you are in Boss's position Do not compare with others. Do your job sincerely. No one agrees that he/she is inferior to the other person. Ask the boss, what is to be improved in your working to deserve better salary. All the best regards Ramesh The Human Search Engine http://www.alluwanted.com
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Kendall Kendall
I dont know your situation completely but maybe she works harder, or perhaps shes putting in extra hours or has other experience you dont know about. I wouldnt go pulling the race card just yet, wait until you get all the facts. What sucks is that you could get fired for discussing pay rates, so I wouldnt bring it up to your boss just yet. Is the difference in pay rate a lot? Who has been working there longer? Theres a lot of factors that go into how much an employee is paid. Did you have a review? Perhaps her review was better than yours, you never know. Maybe she just got a raise, and you'll be getting one shortly.
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Iva Iva
a few questions, how long has she not replied back? you and this other person are working the same position? i think you need to collect more info before coming forward with your thoughts. i think there is a possibility of discrimination. look at your bosses past hiring practices and see if there is a pattern of discrimination. but here's the thing. some bosses when asked what they are looking for, sometimes they don't mention intangible skills, like personality, attitude, work ethic, etc. are any of these intangibles effecting your salary or are they holding you back from getting what you deserve paywise? but definitely gather more info. good luck.
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Ella Ella
Maybe you don't have all of the facts, and are just going off what you know. I don't know either way. On the surface, yes, this appears to be discrimination, but I think before you going pulling that card, you should get the facts straight. Also, think of the reprecussions of eavesdropping about the other girls pay. Regardless of the situation, you may be the one who is repremanded for doing so. Good luck, and if that is the case, I am sorry. That sucks.
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Chrissie Chrissie
Was your coworker hired after you ? the pay discrepancy could be a result of changing market value (Salary is generally based on what the average is for the position). Her starting base salary could be more if she started after you. Be very careful in discussing pay differences with your boss, in some organizations, this is cause for dismissal. In my industry it is rare to see someone paid less or more based Solly on color.
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Audra Audra
If you don't hear back from your boss, I would contact a customer service rep. It really does sound like discrimination. I wouldn't threaten a lawsuit or anything, just ask for equal pay. That's what everyone deserves.
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Abbey Abbey
That's looking for trouble, confronting your boss about pay differentials. Your boss is no dummy, and probably hasn't respoonded because he/she smells a potential discrimination lawsuit.
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Spirit Spirit
I think if all the facts you have said are complete and true then this is disrimination. I would contact your union or an employment tribunial.
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