How to convince my mom to.(keep reading, this gets better)?

How to convince my mom to.(keep reading, this gets better)? Topic: The best case store near
July 18, 2019 / By Daly
Question: ...change to raw? My dog is on Nutro right now, and I heard raw is the best for him. It's also cheaper. Unfortunately, my mom seems to think feeding him raw will make him beg more, will be very messy and smelly. I tell her it's better for his health, but she wants to spend 40 dollars a month on food she has to drive and get. Help me convince her, please? I need facts and stories. Bonnie L-Hmm, and she says it's MY dog, and I am responsible for him, am I not? Do we not want the best for him? Bonnie L- So that means I'm not allowed to argue my case? That I should assume all for the best? Last time I remembered that minors were still allowed to talk.
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Autumn Autumn | 9 days ago
Okay i dont care what anyone else has to say. When my dogs are put on regular dog food their more "sluggish". When they eat raw(and we live on a farm. so they get FRESH raw.) Their more active, more playful and everythings better. Fresh raw eggs are good for dogs too(but NOW the ones you get from the store!they have to be from chickens that were raised right and not factory farmed!). They make the coat look healthy and shiny. Like a said before, i feed all my dogs raw. It does not stink. It never has.But meat from the regular grocery store i would NOT recommend. I have read up on all of this before. Fresh meat is best. If you have any local farms near you, or places that get stocked with farmers meat then id recommend you buying that. But if you cant then go ahead and buy it from the stores. That meat is still better for them than the regular dog food. But do NOT cook any of it. It would defeat the purpose of raw!!! I hoped i helped:) ~Britney
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Virgee Virgee
Ignore Bonnie L, I'm pretty sure they're a troll. Raw diet is really good, the word on the street is. A lot of people on here feed raw, and our next dog may go raw, whereas we feed high quality cooked meat (I'm a bit squeamish with raw meat...) with steamed veg and a little kibble. Our cats also have cooked meat with a few cat biscuits, and my ham has a mix of fresh and dried food. Your mum is probably concerned about the price, but especially as your dog gets older, he's going to need high quality nutrition. If she's not keen on switching to raw, see if she'd switch to a mix of kibble and cooked meats. If she's squeamish it's probably easier for her, and is better for the dog than god knows what is put in canned dog meats! edit: Yes I can vouch for good quality raw eggs. We live in the country so we often get farm eggs sent our way, if you could get hold of some it's great. Really helped our dog who had a skin condition. Also, try mixing a little cod liver oil into the food. Great for the joints and the skin.
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Shanice Shanice
Well, your mom is mostly wrong. I don't know your mom, and it's kind of difficult to argue with your parents... Point out he will have less of a doggy smell, better breath, better health, smaller poop, and costs less. You can feed outside or in a crate to keep the mess down. And it doesn't really smell that strongly? How much does a little bit of refrigerated raw meat smell? Just remember to be respectful when discussing it. You can ask this on craigslist Pet Forum, because a lot of people there feed raw http://greensboro.craigslist.org/forums/...
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Oprah Oprah
It's ok, my friend. I have checked out Bonnie Ls answers. They are all rude, and terribly mean. So ignore her. Anyway. Tell her you will pay for it, and that it isn't smelly...
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Mahalah Mahalah
Well u r true and so is ur mom raw is good but it smells and also raw food is sometimes bad cuz when u cook it all the bad stuff goes away but when u eat it raw it can give the dog stomach aches.
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Ketzia Ketzia
It's your MOM"S money and her decision. Since you are a minor, what goes on in your household is your Mom's decision.
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