Would homework have been easier if Yahoo Answers was around when you went to HS?

Would homework have been easier if Yahoo Answers was around when you went to HS? Topic: Math homework answers websites
July 20, 2019 / By Shanika
Question: Damn, we have some physicians, math nerds, artists, lawyers, lit. majors, Jeez, I would have been set!!!!!!!!!
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Best Answers: Would homework have been easier if Yahoo Answers was around when you went to HS?

Ora Ora | 4 days ago
No, as I didn't have a computer then either and that was only 20 years ago! I remember going to the library and having to check out books and lug them home and read through all of them page by page to find the information I needed.... sometimes I was lucky and it was in a book, other times I had to go back to the library to find more books. Yeah, kids have it easy these days.... you don't find what you are looking for on one website, all you have to do is check another one out at a moments notice. No need to worry about how you were going to get to the library, if mom was available to drive.... whatever. What is even easier is that on these fine computers, you can insert and delete and not have to type the whole page over or use white-out because you wanted to add or delete a word, sentence or paragraph. I typed my papers on a typewriter, and no, it wasn't an electric typewriter either! LOL
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Ora Originally Answered: Yahoo Answers needs to fix their spam bot! Why in the world do all my homework answers, be it in excel or accounting get blocked?
One guess is that the filter is seeing all the .com and .net entries and interpreting it as spam code or attempts at messing with the system. You could try making the entries more generic. Anytime you put code in an answer, it is a problem for Yahoo.

Mahalath Mahalath
This is actually a very good help. Students just do not know how to use it to their utmost benefit. No, when I was in high school, I have to answer all my homework by myself.... which is good, because it helped me develop my analytical thinking. It also improved my own knowledge pool. Students should learn how to do their homework, this is the only time that they can test themselves whether or not they have learned their lesson. Lately, I notice that many students leave their questions here hoping that someone will answer it for them. (I usually do not take any notice of those.) I will only take a look at it if the student asks more questions about their homework or if they provided their solution and allow people to scrutinize and correct it. This is just meant to be quick help, when the answers you seek is not easily explained by the book (in whatever subject.) I am still thankful that I have learned to do things by myself. It propelled my standing by my senior year, from 12th place to the 5th place (graduated 3rd honorable mention). HEY, WHY DO MATH PEOPLE ONLY HAVE TO BE CONSIDERED THE NERDS??? d:
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Keysha Keysha
For this day and age I guess this would be a help....Picture this 1956, 51 years ago "NO COMPUTERS" Try doing homework the old fashioned way 'BOOKS' I think this must be why I like homework help "The Magnificent Computer" Good Luck to You
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Jaime Jaime
yep for sure damn these lucky kids these dayz , now that ya mentioned it i'm pissed off it wasn't around when i was at school.
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Emmy Emmy
nah, my luck i would have picked some re-re's answer that sounded half intelligent but was actually wrong.
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