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July 18, 2019 / By Salina
Question: Hi, well i live in canberra, and im a student and i catch the ACTION buses. I catch a public bus that takes me to my school, so it is NOT a school bus, so i can't call the school or a child protection agency. So, what happens with this bus driver is this: 1. i am 15 metres away from the bus stop when he stops the bus. There are two people getting on 2. i bolt down to the stop and make it in time before he drives off and the bus is still stationary and is so for about 5 seconds before it drives away, but just as i am literally right in front of the bus he looks at me and shuts the door. 3. He just looks at me and shakes his head and drives off. You must remember that he is watching me as i run to get to the stop and that the time between the 2nd person to get on the bus and the time it would take me to get on the bus is like 1~2 seconds. Also you must know that this is the 4th time that this has happened to me. Also he stops for other people when they have to run to the bus stop, and he waits for them at least 5 seconds. The policies on the website say that if you are late to the bus stop, the bus driver may not see you and you may have to catch the next one. But as i have clearly stated the bus driver looks at me and shakes his head. so this policy does not apply. So what are some actions i can take to get this bus driver sacked? I could sue him for racism as i am of asian background and the girls that he waited for carcasian The things that i was thinking was to get a photo of his bus driver liscence ( to find out his name and other details) and to film him pass me for the 5th time (as i act as if i am again only seconds away from the bus) and film him stop for other people when they are running to the stop. Then i write a formal complaint (with the recordings attached as a fille) to ACTION. What other places could i write to if ACTION does not reply or take action? And please do take this seriously, i have forgiven his 3 times but this time it was too far, because he just sat on the bus and looked at me then drove away. Also i do not have any wittnesses as i have asked the people that catch my bus to see if they have seen these events happen but none are saying that they have seen it. Thanks Jordan, i asked how to sue this guy not what i could do to avoid situations like this.
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Nicola Nicola | 1 day ago
I saw that happen to a girl yesterday. I was on the bus and I saw her running to reach the stop before the bus did. The bus driver laughed, speeded up, and gave her the finger as she passed by. I didn't ask her name but I later reported her to the bus company specifying the location and time of day. They have records of who is driving that route at that time. Maybe you could do that.
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