Human Resources Job Outlook coming out of a University of California vs. State University?

Human Resources Job Outlook coming out of a University of California vs. State University? Topic: Job cover letter ending
June 24, 2019 / By Zachariah
Question: I am going to UCSD this Fall under Sociology major (UCSD doesn't offer HR or Business) and am hoping to get the BA and intern at the same time. My questions is, how will my competition look against those who come out of State Universities with Human Resources Degrees?
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Sherman Sherman | 6 days ago
I am an alumni from UCSC. I majored in Sociology and Community Studies. Although I didn't plan on it, I ended up working in HR. The fact that I had a degree in Sociology was helpful to get my foot in the door. From my personal experience, the school that I went to was not a big deal. Writing an excellent cover letter and resume got me the interview. Prepared interviewing skills put me at the top of the list. Excellent references clinched the deal. Get the knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job. Market yourself well. Build strong working relationships. I am biased, however, and think the UC degree is the best! ;o)
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Nowell Nowell
Human Resources is different with different organizations. Government and big companies will look at a persons degrees before the person, or their job qualifications on the resume. The state university's are recognized by all employment managers so perhaps you might rethink your scholastic future. Yes it would be nice to have some job experience but it then becomes a catch 22 situation. Take your pick.Experience vs. diploma and degrees. spartawo...
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Landon Landon
There is a difference. DeVry is accelerated and it will end up eating more of your money away than Sac State. Plus, i heard that if you plan on going to grad school, your DeVry classes might not be accepted. I once talked to a former student from DeVry and she said that in a year or two, she already dished out the eqivalent of a brand new Benz (which i think she said was about $70k for 2 years) At DeVry, I think you would be paying the Harvard price without the Harvard quality (if you get what i mean). Sac State is still a good school, but you get to save money. DeVry is a for-profit school that puts satisfying shareholders/making money first. It also had some questionable practices regarding numerous student issues (State of NY had one where it accused the school of very questionable student loan lending practices...both sides settled) Students in the past have filed class action lawsuits against the school before. Sac State is better.
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Isiah Isiah
The GPA is taken into consideration, as well as the ‘extras’ you did in school. I recommend getting some type of experience to give yourself a heads up on the competition. They will hire the person moreso than the resume, if you can make it to the interview. My Best, Michael Grant http://www.yawzer.com find a career – find an employee
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