Michigan State University students going to be a Vet.?

Michigan State University students going to be a Vet.? Topic: Minimum admissions requirements for university
July 20, 2019 / By Rigby
Question: If you're already at MSU and you're going for Veterinary school can you tell me what it's like? How hard was it to get in? What classes are you taking and what are you doing? I'll be a junior in high school next year and I've been thinking about Vet school for forever! Please share your experiences!
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Merton Merton | 9 days ago
I am a rising sophomore at another veterinary school, but I can tell you that most of our experiences are all similar. Day to day, vet school is fun, you get to be in a close-knit group of people that all share the same dream (to be a vet -- although we all vary greatly in what we actually want to do!) The stress can be overwhelming at times, and we've already lost a few classmates during the first year alone, because their grades were not up to par. Getting into vet school was the hardest thing I've ever accomplished (after getting through my first year, anyway!) You'll need a very competitive GPA, usually a minimum of 3.3, especially in your required science courses. You'll also need at least 200-400 or more hours of hands-on animal experience, especially in the fields of veterinary medicine or research. Once you begin your undergraduate degree, you'll take all of your required courses (mostly sciences, some math, etc), which your guidance counselor can provide or you can find on each vet school's website. Here is the admissions information for Michigan State's vet school: http://cvm.msu.edu/student-information/dvm-program-admissions/requirements-for-doctor-of-veterinary-medicine Also, this is a really good page from Michigan State's vet school with specifics for high-school students to focus on: http://cvm.msu.edu/student-information/pre-college-preparation/high-school-preparation I personally did not plan on entering vet school when I was in college. I had toyed around with the idea, but I knew it was extremely difficult and my GPA was only a 3.12 when I graduated. I worked in research for a year before realizing that veterinary medicine truly was my calling. I took a few classes in my spare time to bring my GPA up a little, and fulfill the pre-reqs I was missing. I also began working as a technician at a veterinary clinic. I spent one year working at a dog and cat clinic, and then one year at an exotic animal clinic. I also volunteered on weekends at a shelter, and for a animal spay and neuter program. I applied to vet school two years in a row -- the first year I only applied to my in-state school and two out-of-state schools that don't accept many out-of-staters. I wasn't accepted the first time around, although I did make it through the first cut. The second time, I sat down and researched which of the 28 vet schools in the US actually let in a large amount of out-of-state students, and I applied to those, and was accepted to two of them. The best piece of advice I can give you is to maintain a high GPA, attend a four-year college and keep your grades high, and gain a variety of experience. Good luck!!
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Jordie Jordie
It is incredibly hard to get into. There are only 27 vet schools in the US. All are equally difficult to get into. When your in college you need at least a 3.8 GPA. Good Luck but that is a long way off. Focus on getting into college first.
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