A little help with english grammar (10 points for really easy question)?

A little help with english grammar (10 points for really easy question)? Topic: Term paper on english as a second language
June 17, 2019 / By Linton
Question: Is it correct/does it make sense to say in english: "will I ever catch you on skype?" Thanks and sorry for the stupid question bye
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Best Answers: A little help with english grammar (10 points for really easy question)?

Jarrett Jarrett | 8 days ago
Ok, you can look at this two ways. 1- This isn't proper English. As in, you wouldn't use this type of language in, a college paper or a job interview because it's not considered "formal" English. 2- This is ok to say around your friends/relatives, ect. Think about it. People say "Catch you later" and phrases involving this usage of "catch" have been adopted as normal so-called "slang" terms. Eventually they'll become more widely used. So all that to say, Yes, it does make sense. Just make sure you use the phrase or similar phrases in proper context and with the correct people.
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Jarrett Originally Answered: Easy grammar question! PLEASE help! 10 points best answer!.
This place is a zoo. Joe (or your name or somebodys name) thinks that the room should be cleaned. Joes mom always yells at Joe for his room being messy. Joe is trying to keep his room clean all week. Joe is having a hard time with his room. To write in the third person, you either use people's names or the third person pronouns. Remember, pronouns are classified as follows: The singular pronouns refer to one person, and the plural pronouns refer to more than one. Within each of these two groups, they're classified as either first, second, or third person. Here is the classification: A. Singular Pronouns 1. First Person: I, me, my, mine 2. Second Person: You, your (and the old forms thee, thou, thy, thine) 3. Third Person: He, him, his, he, her,hers, Its B. Plural Pronouns 1. First Person: We, us, our 2. Second Person: You, yours (or "Y'all" in the South, plus the old forms) 3. Third Person: They, them, their, theirs If you have a English textbook you can also use that to help. It should have a list of the third person words you can use. It may also have some of the rules. One way to think of it is "I" come first; "You" come second, and everybody else comes in third. "How far will they go to save a person?" Is correct. Nothing needs to be added. "The girl eats some ice cream" In this sentect for "The girl" You can use your own name since its third person. Example: Susie eats some ice cream. You can use this since its in third person. For the "the girl did this" and "the girl did that" try using "Susie did this" and "Susie did that" This is more third person. :) Im sorry this is sorta long... If you have anymore English questions email me: [email protected] Im only 12 so i hoped this help! Good Luck!

Freeman Freeman
i will do ameliorations in all caps. "astonishing now, i'm staring at A soccer sport. it somewhat is the main suitable between 'Nacional' and 'l. a. Equidad' interior the Colombian first branch. so a good distance, it somewhat is been a exciting sport, crammed with thoughts and solid soccer. DELETE THIS SENTENCE, it somewhat is glaring. Nacional's technical director is calling on their gamers all alongside, so as that they focus for the time of the sport, (i certainly do not understand WHAT you're attempting to declare interior the 1st area of THIS SENTENCE.) and he's telling the defenders to seem on the ball greater intently. This sport is not any doubt tiring them (who's THEM? too plenty happening to verify, SAY THE DEFENDERS OR WHOEVER you're talking approximately) out, i will see various gamers thoroughly wiped out, somewhat the older ones. If 'l. a. Equidad' retains pressing, little by using little their purpose recommendations will come. it somewhat is quite astonishing how this team has stronger interior the final years step by using step, yet even understanding that, i think of it somewhat is problematic to % the greater effective team. i think of it could be all astonishing if the followers does not make as plenty noise as they're making." THIS final SENTENCE IS DISJOINTED. WHAT could be o.k. AND IT desires A SEGUE. some thing LIKE: yet another component IS THE FAN NOISE interior the STADIUM. that's AFFECTING the two communities GAMEPLAY.
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Delmar Delmar
It makes sense, yes. Although- probably use "Will I ever see you on Skype?" Catching someone on skype....o.O
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Bastian Bastian
Well... to me that sounds great... Unless of course you are putting it in an essay for a teacher to grade... then MAYBE he/she'll have a problem with the word 'skype'. Naw I dont think its bad though.
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