Why do people troll the Yahoo Answers boards? What fun could it have?

Why do people troll the Yahoo Answers boards? What fun could it have? Topic: Blue writing paper
July 15, 2019 / By Jaylon
Question: I'm just curious as to why people write silly/disgusting/offensive questions. Why choose Yahoo Answers to be a jerk in?
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Best Answers: Why do people troll the Yahoo Answers boards? What fun could it have?

Galen Galen | 4 days ago
I think it's just that they are bored and immature. It's called the "blue waffle" phenomenon some psychologists have even written papers about it. I remember reading a really interesting document that analysed the psychological impulses that cause a person to go out of their way to spent time and effort just to annoy other people. It wasn't specifically about Yahoo answers but trolling in general. It really opened my eyes and made me pity them. I don't have the link handy but It was easy to find when I googled it.
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Galen Originally Answered: In Yahoo Answers, what is a "Troll"?
Internet trolls are people who create problems for others on different sites while contributing nothing positive. There are many on Yahoo Answers, they report extremely small violations, which in many cases aren't even violations; they also give "thumbs down" constantly often with no valid reason. Because of trolls, to protect yourself, if you haven't done so already, you may find it best to edit your info to keep your questions and answers hidden that makes it tougher them to stalk you around the site. You can also change your avatar and i.d.or post in other than your usual categories. Trolls often hang out at controversial sections such as religion, homosexuality and polls, when someone posts what they disagree with, they report them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Inte... According to yahoo: A "troll" is someone who intentionally and persistently posts inflammatory messages about sensitive topics to bait users into responding or provoke a confrontation. We also consider people to be trolls when they persistently misuse product features such as the ratings system to negatively target others.
Galen Originally Answered: In Yahoo Answers, what is a "Troll"?
A troll is someone who writes a Y!A question not to seek knowledge, but to inflame and anger people. Two examples in the vegetarian section today: 1. A guy went into detail about how much he enjoys torturing and killing animals, and his question was, "Do you know of any slaughterhouses that are hiring?" He even said he enjoys kicking his dog! I went and reported the question as the guy was not seeking knowledge, but instead ranting--against Y!A policy. 2. Another guy asked a question to the effect of, "Why are there so many vegetarian hypocrites eating fake meat?" Then his extra information was a rant starting off, "You guys are such hypocrites..." Not exactly seeking knowledge. There are also trolls who "answer" questions rudely or not at all. One "answer" today was a serious of nonsense characters such as adftlijeohyiio... The best thing to do about trolls is not to engage with them but to report them.
Galen Originally Answered: In Yahoo Answers, what is a "Troll"?
not just yahoo answers, but all over the internet, it's just someone that says something to piss people off, and if you express your anger then they're satisfied, because they know they've trolled you. They say never argue with the trolls, because if you do, it just means they win. So if you ever see anyone trying to piss you off, your best bet is to ignore it, or you can come up with a really really good comeback, or maybe you can even troll the trolls, but the best thing to do is just leave them alone, and don't say anything, because you can look like a fool if you get trolled, and say something stupid.
Galen Originally Answered: In Yahoo Answers, what is a "Troll"?
properly... they were given those little factors that keep you going. that's like being component of a social community with out any everlasting presence or dedication to unavoidably coming back, while in case you wanted to be a member on some communicate board or some thing people in uncomplicated words take you heavily once you've been round lengthy adequate for example that you recognize what you're speaking about. Ironic, on account that q and a is about providing counsel to sparkling up people's complications. i might want to be surprised in case you afflicted to study all of this although, so i am going to summarize. precis-> kool factors weird and wonderful pplz

Galen Originally Answered: People all across Yahoo answers, we need your help?
Yes . One of the world's biggest Problem of Language and Education . Language is more than anything else makes us human... Unlike most other languages English doesn't have a set phonetic pronunciation for every word. Spelling - Because of the many changes in pronunciation which have occurred since a written standard developed, and the retention of many historical idiosyncrasies in spelling, English spelling is difficult even for native speakers to master. This difficulty is shown in such activities as spelling bees that generally require the memorization of words. English speakers may also rely on computer tools such as spell checkers more than speakers of other languages, as the users of the utility may have forgotten, or never learned, the correct spelling of a word. The generalizations that exist are quite complex and there are many exceptions leading to a considerable amount of rote learning. The spelling system causes problems in both directions - a learner may know a word by sound but not be able to write it correctly (or indeed find it in a dictionary), or they may see a word written but not know how to pronounce it or mislearn the pronunciation. Varieties of English There are thriving communities of English native speakers in countries all over the world, and this historical diaspora has led to some noticeable differences in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in different countries, as well as those variations which exist between different regions, and across the social strata, within the same country. Even within the British Isles, there are significant regional language differences . Yes . a language that is spelled based on what you hear. etymology is a science of words and the words often are spelled differently than what the ear hears. Example of phonetics: Run, example of etymology: Emepheral In a "phonetic" language, letters, groups of letters, consonants and vowels always sound the same. English is NOT phonetic- case in point- there, their, They're all SOUND the same (are phonetic), but have drastically different meanings. another example are the sounds PH and F. ie. elePHant, and oFten. they sound the same, if you didnt know the word, if i asked you to write it you may be wrong. Languages that ARE phonetic are Kanata ,Japanese and Hindi . It is a very rare occasion that you will see words in this language that sound the same but are spelled different (like the their, there, They're example) In a way, this makes phonetic languages easier to read and write because in italian, if you hear a word like GELATO, if you have a grasp of the language, you should be able to spell it right because "J" has a VERY different sound than "G". This is why so many people have trouble learning english, even after being submersed in it for many years. When IM and TXT messaging arrived, people wanted to message quickly and a new set of shorthand developed from the need. However, English is still alive and well. I have a good friend who teaches HS English. Here is a version of her speech at the beginning of each semester. "My name is Mrs. X and this is junior English. We will be learning English this semester, and you will be required to write several essays and papers. You need to be aware that all of these writing assignments need to be written in proper English. Any paper that is turned in with technological shorthand will receive an automatic failing grade. There will be no exceptions." And with that....the class starts and she has no problems. In addition, the language is continuing to grow, with at least 25,000 words per year being added. I have found a hidden talent I never knew I had. I am able to embrace and encourage this new talent within myself So my latest Recipe ( language) : Take some Gaelic (original language of the Celts) Add a little Latin (from the Roman invasion) Mix in a lot of Anglo-Saxon (invasions from what is now Denmark and northern Germany) Fold in a little French (1066 and Do not forget If you want to be logical use Hindi alphabets. Because Hindi language is phonetic not English. Phonetic here means that you can predict the pronunciation from the spelling, and predict the spelling from the pronunciation . If you want to be logical , we will have to use Hindi alphabets or we could just use Futhark Kanata Javanese Hanacaraka Hindi or Japanese! alphabets - after all- it is culturally appropriate. Transliteration is the practice of transcribing a word or text written in one writing system into another writing system or system of rules for such practice. From a linguistic point of view, transliteration is a mapping from one system of writing into another, word by word. Transliteration attempts to be exact, so that an informed reader should be able to reconstruct the original spelling of unknown transliterated words. To achieve this objective transliteration may define complex conventions for dealing with letters in a source script which do not correspond with letters in a goal script. How can we make it popular for people who have problem of learning spellings .? Aren't there opportunities here for creative problem solvers? The USA has a multitude of children's publications. Could those in the publishing industry provide bilingual or multilingual newspapers, comic books, magazines, etc. to assist children in language learning ? Therefore in order to bring the farthest standing people into the mainstream of development we will have to teach them this Simplish and students will learn it in play way method. Undoubtedly I can claim it will prove a boon for the general masses of this poor nation. It is a revolutionary step and will become a milestone in the history of human development. Now the question that arises before us is what should be done to teach English to all the Indians in the simplest possible way? How can it be learnt by all? It seems next to impossible to learn ten lakh words for every Indian. So I am inclined to create a modified English named Simplish , which will include about five lakh words and will also facilitate the Indians to interact with the foreigners in the easiest possible way . We can drop out the undesired words, synonyms, undesired homonyms and homophones. I am determined to create an easily intelligible English, which will include our colloquial terms and the most essential words.
Galen Originally Answered: People all across Yahoo answers, we need your help?
There should be a place at the top of the screen that says"hello_".you should be able to click on that and view you're entire profile. I don't think it shows every single question that you've asked, just the recent ones.I Hope that this answer helps
Galen Originally Answered: People all across Yahoo answers, we need your help?
Surely you already have a practically phonetic language its called American and no I don't agree, don't think we need another language - English does fine internationally.

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