Movie with an African-American MAIN character?

Movie with an African-American MAIN character? Topic: The sisters movie free
June 24, 2019 / By Eliphaz
Question: A guy friend brought this upon me yesterday at out lockers. After the inauguration and all, I guess he was thinking about segregation and freedoms that blacks do and do not have. He challenged me to come up with a movie where the main character is black. To my surprise, I couldn't think of one! All I thought about was 'Jump In' but that's Disney...not really what I call a real movie. So I'd like to challenge the people of Yahoo!Answers to do the same. Come up with a movie where the main character was African-American. You can probably think of some much more easily than I can, hahah. Thank you! :] ps. if you think I'm being racist in any way, PLEASE read the question again and realize that I'm simply asking a question. I'm not saying it's a good thing I can't come up with any movies. I actually think it's pretty bad considering the fact that this is now a free nation and America still has it's flaws. Boy, do I feel stupid! hahah. I can't believe I didn't come up with some of those. WILL SMITH! DAM! I'm so stupid. hahah. Thanks guys!
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Chenaniah Chenaniah | 6 days ago
The Biography of Miss Jane Pittman (Cecily Tyson) Soul Food (lots of actors) Inside Man (Denzel Washington) Having our Say - The Story of the Delaney Sisters Get on the Bus (Ossie Davis and lots of other guys) The Last King of Scotland (Forrest Whittaker) Dream Girls (Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx) Boyz n the Hood (Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate) Bird (Forrest Whittaker) Lady Sings the Blues (Diana Ross and Richard Pryor) Blazing Saddles (Cleavon Little) Hotel Rwanda (Don Cheadle) Bait (Jamie Foxx) Deja Vu (Denzel Washington) Ray (Jamie Foxx) I Am Legend (Will Smith) Hitchcock (Will Smith) Pursuit of Happyness (Will Smith) Wild, Wild West (Will Smith) The Great White Hope (James Earl Jones) Tyler Perry in all the Medea movies
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Chenaniah Originally Answered: Do you think that the main theme of The Color Purple is about the struggle of African American women?
I'd say it's about how the struggle makes them grow in strength, and about how in fact, the women are much stronger than the men, even though the men have all the power. I think a good thesis statement would be something along the lines of "Suffering teaches the women strength and survival." You could use examples like her originally living with her father and then going on to live with Mister, and how that changes her, then how it changes her when she's forced to go and work for the mayor's wife, but also other woman in the story and their destiny.

Alwin Alwin
The Legend of Bagger Vance Ali Bad Boys Bad Boys II I, Robot Hitch The Pursuit of Happyness I am Legend Hancock Seven Pounds Fallen The Hurricane Remember the Titans Training Day Out of Time Man on Fire American Gangster To Sir, With Love In the Heat of the Night Buck and the Preacher Shaft .
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Tia Tia
how about Denzel Washington: John Q Antwone Fisher Out of Time Man on Fire Deja Vu Inside Man The Great Debaters American Gangster or how about Samuel J Jackson Lakeview Terrace Coach Carter Black Snake Moan Pulp Fiction
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Rosemarie Rosemarie
Any movie with Will Smith. "I Am Legend" and "Hancock" come to mind. "Glory" was a movie about the first black regiment in the Civil War. Morgan Freeman and Danzel Washington were in that one.
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Myriam Myriam
Any of the films with the legendary Sidney Poitier. ( the original "Guess Who Coming To Dinner" and many more) Most of the films with Samuel L. Jackson Most of the films with Danny Glover.
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Myriam Originally Answered: I saw this movie on sho-time once.i forget the name.it was about 30 minutes long.the main character.
that small youngster in 6th experience : " i see ineffective people " yet i do unlike that youngster however the terrific quote ought to be from the action picture shawshank redemption communique of Morgan Freeman with the board member ""Board member: Do you experience you’ve been rehabilitated? pink: Rehabilitated? properly now, enable me see. you be attentive to, I don’t have any thought what meaning. Board member: properly, it capacity which you’re waiting to rejoin society… pink: i be attentive to what you think of it capacity, sonny. To me it’s basically a made up word. Politicians word, so youthful fellows like your self can placed on a healthful and a tie and function a job. What do you rather must be attentive to. Am I sorry for what I did? Board member: properly, are you? pink: There’s no longer an afternoon is going by capacity of that I don’t experience remorseful approximately. no longer via fact I’m in right here and because you think of I could desire to. i glance back on the way i grew to become into then, a youthful, stupid youngster who dedicated that detrimental crime. i desire to communicate to him. attempt and communicate some experience into him. tell him the way issues are. yet i will’t. that youngster’s long long gone, and this previous guy is all it fairly is left. I gotta stay with that. Rehabilitated? That’s basically a bullshit word. so which you go on and stamp your form, sonny, and supply up dropping my time. ‘reason, to tell you the certainty, I don’t supply a ****""

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