Could Yahoo Answers site staff be biased in favor of AGW and be responsible for hiding skeptics answers in AGW?

Could Yahoo Answers site staff be biased in favor of AGW and be responsible for hiding skeptics answers in AGW? Topic: Facts why there should be no homework sign
June 24, 2019 / By Elam
Question: ------------------------ Just wondering about this because the Sockpuppet activity seems to happen too quickly for some lonely deranged 30 year old AGW alarmists still living at home in his mother's basement. This has been going on for about a year now, is it automated, is it programed into the Yahoo Answers site? Is it one of Yahoo Answers Site Staff doing it ?... that is able to do the quick thumb-downs and hiding of skeptics answers WITHOUT having multiple accounts? Just a thought, what do you think? ------------------------ ------------------------ Chem - Did it ever occur to you that the same question over and over again.... has the same correct answer over and over again? And why is it ONLY MY copy and paste that you complain about? Are you trying to tell me your Warmist comrades don't do it? Oh, and just for the record, how many accounts do you have here Chem? And I'm not seeing any concern from you that your sockpuppet cheating is making you and yours look bad. ------------------------ ------------------------ Sarah - No concern from you that your side cheats either.... that's no surprise. And my answers are not designed to change the minds of the regulars, but to address the constant flow of new people that often have never seen the truthful answers. ------------------------ ------------------------ Sally P - Thanks for your support, but just for the record I'm no believer in Chemtrails. ------------------------ ------------------------ Ian - I don't doubt that there is in fact an anti-AGW-skeptic bias at Yahoo. The fact that Warmists can use the word "Denier" in there question... no problem and that is a very derogatory term. But if skeptics use either the terms "Warmist" or "Alarmist' that question is likely to be deleted and the skeptic charged with a violation. And those terms are just accurate descriptions and not derogatory at all. But I wonder if it goes even deeper than that. The down-thumbing seems to go click, click, click, click, click.... in other words, seems to happen too fast to be done by just one Warmist rebooting sockpuppet accounts. Welcome back by the way... you were gone for awhile. ------------------------ ------------------------ Big Gryph - If you don't think there are any climatologist in The Great Global Warming Swindle you haven't done your homework. ------------------------ ------------------------ Sagebrush - You say: "One of my responses was given six thumbs down in three minutes. Think about the logistics of that." I agree, that could not be done by rebooting into different sockpuppet accounts. ------------------------ ------------------------ Gringo - Yes Gringo, there is nothing unusual going on. Now go back to sleep. ------------------------ ------------------------ John - You have a knack for dribble. ------------------------ ------------------------ Baccheus - You are as disingenuous as ever. Try noticing that it's NOT JUST ME that gets hidden... but anyone that says anything counter to the man-made Global Warming dogma. But you knew that. ------------------------ ------------------------ Trevor - So in one breath you bemoan the fact that even skeptics with good answer get thumbed down but in the next breath still attribute the problem to skeptics. NOT, MIND YOU, the Warmists that are cheating. ------------------------ ------------------------ pegminer - Maybe you should look up the definition of conspiracy before you misuse it again, you obviously don't know what it means. But you think you do. ------------------------
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Carlisle Carlisle | 5 days ago
If actually thought that when I asked the exact same question as Hey Dook but I used the word Alarmist instead of Denier and my question was deleted while his is still up. What I think is more likely though is that there are one or more alarmists with several accounts who flag skeptical questions and they pretty much get deleted automatically. I don't think skeptics flag questions because were more open to debate on the whole while alarmists are more interested in squashing any dissent against their belief. I notice it's the same way most Climatologists operate in the "scientific" community as well. Instead of debating skeptics or even considering their opinions, they try to have them silenced instead. I remember when science was based on skepticism first. Scientists welcomed people who were critical of their findings. Climatology has turned science on it's head. Now Climatologists make predictions, their predictions don't come true and instead of revising their theory they just continue to make alarming predictions and pretend their prediction was somehow correct. Climatology is as much of a science as Astrology right now. EDIT...I'm not sure how fast someone could log in out out of several fake accounts to give a thumbs down to a skeptic but I imagine it could be pretty quick. Most browsers auto populate information so if someone created multiple accounts with the same password all they would have to do is sign out, press a letter, sign in, give a thumbs down, sign out again etc... I remember posting an answer around 11pm PST and within the first 3 minutes it had 9 thumbs down. I can't believe 9 of the regular alarmists on this board just happened to be on YA at the same time of night and all gave thumbs down when they saw my name. I'm also pretty sure one or more alarmists votes their answers "Best Answer" with multiple accounts as well.
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Carlisle Originally Answered: What is wrong with Yahoo Answers staff?
I'm not sure why you're blaming Yahoo! Answers staff. If you received a violation notice... the question that was deleted would be in that violation notice email. If you had put what the question was here (you should certainly know what it was, or copy it from the violation notice email), someone here could probably tell you what the violation was. If you didn't put your actual question in the field provided for the question (done correctly here), it may not have appeared in the violation notice email. Even so, you should have a pretty good idea what it was. Use the edit feature here to provide that information. You may find it was a violation, and you wouldn't have to appeal. All appeals are reviewed, so appeals are won. But if it's still found to be a violation, appealing and losing could cost you more points.

Allaster Allaster
It's a good thing they are biased toward factual, logic, and civil behavior. I myself am a skeptic, I am sick of the the vulgar and immature utterance from you and your ilk. You contribute nothing to further educating inquisitive people and only come here to behave like kindergarten kids calling each other names. It is best you are all erased from the face of Yahoo Answers and let the science work to prove or disprove itself. The wording of your rant implies are only to troll because you didn't get enough attention from your momma growing up.
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Tawnee Tawnee
>>Could Yahoo Answers site staff be biased in favor of AGW and be responsible for hiding skeptics answers in AGW?<< Doubtful - they've never shown any evidence of intelligence before. ======== Maxx - Sally P looks like the ideal Denier - she could be the girl of your dreams. 1. >>most of the population are too brainwashed<< If you believe this - you are a Denier, not a Skeptic. If you know nothing about science, but "know" that climate scientists are all liars who have brainwashed a gullible public - you are a Denier, not a Skeptic. If your entire life has been spent in willful scientifically illiterate bliss - you are a Denier, not a Skeptic. If you only know science as something that has to do with "evolution" or "global warming" - you are a Denier, not a Skeptic. 2. >>AGW is actually a hoax<< If you think there is a global conspiracy involving tens of thousands of scientists, technicians, politicians, and government and civilian employees from hundreds of countries - a conspiracy so perfect that it leaves no evidence of its existence and every conspirator is faithfully silent - you are a Denier, not a Skeptic. 3. >>Even if the earth was/is getting warmer though, the weather modification programmes are much more to blame than us humans going about our daily business!<< If you think it is no hoax that the government can control global climate and has secretly deployed an operational weather-weapon system - you are a fcking Idiot.
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Robbie Robbie
You don't seriously think the Yahoo staff is doing this, do you? It's really frightening how many conspiracy theories that people believe. I think there are two things at work here: 1. There are probably some people with multiple phantom accounts that like to spend their time thumbing down answers. I've been on here long enough that I used to see it happen with "warmists" answers, and now the tide seems to have turned. 2. You give really bad answers. Not only is the science bad in your answers, but you are intellectually dishonest. We know that you think that the Earth was formed X thousand years ago (11000?), but you still use science from geologists and astrophysicists to refute AGW. That's dishonest and hypocritical.
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Robbie Originally Answered: Do you think Yahoo Answers should place an age limit on this site?
Yes!! It should be called Yahoo Answers, Jr. They can help each other with homework and discuss their video games and whatever else. It would be much more wholesome for them. I just don't know how you would enforce the age limit ( ?? ) BTW love your avatar!

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