Do you think recreational use of marijuana is wrong?

Do you think recreational use of marijuana is wrong? Topic: phd conclusion
June 26, 2019 / By Alix
Question: I had an extremely long conversation with my dad about how he thinks that if you smoke pot your going to be a nobody heroin addict. I said your dumb and ignorant and that its left up to the person to choose if there going to be a nobody heroin addict (my dad just loves gateway theory that was his main argument). We never came to a conclusion, i still think its just fine to smoke marijuana and he still thinks its a self destructive horrible thing that will lead you to do nothing or be a heroin junky. oh and if you use the phrase "yeah man" or "dude" I'm going to have trouble taking your answer seriously. please only intellectual answers thanks. If you say all pot heads are loser well go home and pick out a record or CD of a popular artist I'll bet you they smoke pot, and look at numerous actors in movies some of your favorite actors are "pot heads" and theres the politicians that have PHD's and what ever else some of them smoke pot to. For every intelligent person that says pot is bad for you and society there an equal number of intelligent people that will say the complete opposite with arguments that are just as strong if not stronger.
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Best Answers: Do you think recreational use of marijuana is wrong?

Uriah Uriah | 3 days ago
This is very easy - your dad's argument is based on an assumption, all he has to do is prove that his assumption is valid. If he can do that then he's right, if he can't then he's wrong. Humans have used marijuana for more than 10,000 years, *if* it turned people into heroin addicts we'd know all about it by now - he'd be able to easily prove it and you wouldn't even be having this discussion. Do we argue whether alcohol causes liver disease or whether tobacco causes lung cancer? No, because these things have been consistently proved over many years. So why are you arguing whether marijuana turns people into heroin addicts? ..because (after more than 10,000 years of use) there is no proof, it's just an unproven theory.
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Uriah Originally Answered: Is it wrong to refuse to date someone who is thinking about doing marijuana for depression if I find it wrong?
It would be "wrong" if you did. To have a sense of your own "right and wrong" principles (legality is a good guide) is a good thing. To go against that sense of your principles by associating with people who violate those principles would be violating your own sense of right and wrong. The very fact that you question this association shows your inner conscience feels threatened.

Rod Rod
Wrong? Only in the legal sense. Stupid? There you go. Probably won't make you a heroin junky any time soon, but beyond a doubt it will make you stupid. Edit: Oh, and the alcohol argument is patently absurd. Drinking alcohol on the order of a glass of wine a day has proven health benefits. It's only when abused and used in excess alcohol is harmful. Unless you have cancer or glaucoma (or one of the other very few conditions marijuana might possibly give some relief), marijuana has NO benefit and is harmful to smoke at any level.
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Michah Michah
I can't say I haven't tried it. However, its not something that needs to be done by everyone. It is a gateway drug. It's not all that powerful, and people are constantly striving for more. It's not a great thing to be legalized and I have seen that although it may not scientifically be addicting, it grabs people and people get mentally hooked on it. To the point where it takes over their lives. The only thing I will say, is that alcohol is actually harsher on your body and the effects are more severe. So, why is alcohol legal and marijuana not?
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Juda Juda
there is nothing wrong with marijuana use. if your dad smokes cigarettes or drinks alcohol, give him a nice speech about how that kills hundreds of thousands of people per year, yet no one has ever died from smoking weed. i've heard the "oh man, i was so drunk last night, i can't believe i did that!" remark too many times, yet i've never heard "i was so high i cheated on my girlfriend and then got into a car accident." people who think marijuana should be illegal obviously haven't tried it, it is a medicine and a harmless alternative to harmful substances. it's fine for society to medicate daily with prescription pills that completely destroy their bodies and make them physically and emotionally numb, but a natural plant that is completely harmless is looked down upon. i'll admit it's not for everyone; some people don't handle it well or even like it, which is fine -- don't do it. leave everyone else alone.
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Harlin Harlin
depends on the person and how often they indulge. I think it is like alcohol. Some people can deal with it, other people end up as alcoholics with all the disadvantages of loss of motivation, neglecting responsibilities, loss of control in social behavior, loss of control over the amount consumed. I do know people who smoke occasionally and function well. I also know people who are close to living on the street and are dependent on their habit. And it does interfere with their function in society. Where you end up is not very predictable, it will depend at least to some degree on your genetic makeup. Some people get addicted more easily than others. I also don't think that it is something which you can predict and judge easily yourself. Most alcoholics won't admit that they are alcoholics either.
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Harlin Originally Answered: Wat the F* do people think is wrong with Marijuana?
Physically, it f**ks up your brain ( your brainwaves ) . Also when influenced by marijuana, you act too carefree, and that could be dangerous.

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