What did I see.Psychological answers & Spiritual answers?

What did I see.Psychological answers & Spiritual answers? Topic: Open ended cover letters
June 24, 2019 / By Adena
Question: Incident #1 - When I was about the age of 3-4, in my families previous apartment, we had a large back storage room behind our pantry. There me and my brothers kept all of our toys and old belongings. It was late at night, but my household was still up and awake. I believe my parents left the pantry door open along with the back room door for some reason..so I decided to go in th back storage room to find some of my old toys..specifically a robot to I loved..as I approached the room and flicked on the lights..I see this small baby-like-gargoylic being with wings like a bat hovering in at the far end corner of the room..It was small..a blackish-brown..and it had evil looking eyes( I cant remember the color but they were scary looking ). I tell my family and they all come into the back room and they see nothing..and I tell them that I really did see it...*I know how children are fond of seeing spiritual things*..This would typically be described by any spiritual person as an imp/small demon. incident #2 - When I was about 11-12, me and my family visited my uncles and aunts house because we haven't seen them for a long time. My uncle had bought a ton of books home to his apartment for us to take home if we wanted. As me and my brothers searched through all the books, there was one book that my uncle had in particular that was the weirdest of them all. I forget the title of the book, but I recall the book being about some teenage girl who began having experinces in her life with spiritism and the spirit world. The book had a mysterious evil vibe to it, just looking at the cover, The cover I believe was all balck, and the profile of the young teen was drawn on it and she was of a greyish-blue color (spirit-like colors). On the title of the book, there sat a gargoylic-like being on the letters of the title and he was of a greyish-brown and had horrifying red eyes (basically looked like a demon) and wings. We took a few books home, but that book we were too afraid to take, ---Little do we know, that my oldest brother snuck it out of my uncles house out of curiousity. As we began driving home, my oldest brother takes out the book to read it...as he opened the book, a large blot of mucus spat out (literally) from the book almost in his face. He then accuses me and my other brothers of coughing and thatsnhow the plegm got on his book, which was not the case, because we all confessed that none of had not coughed, sneezed, neither was sick. So we knew it was something evil about the book. Yet my older brother took it home anyway like a dummy. I dont recall how much time has past since the book, but some short time later in the days, I slept with all my brothers in their bedroom. Me and one brother on the top bed, and my other two brothers sleeping on the lower bed. So as the night goes by, I awake early in the morning. Which Me being the youngest I usually awoke earlier than all my brothers. So I slept with the covers over my head as I would usually do. Tha That night I dont recall watching any scary movies, thinking anything scary before going to bed, or having any nightmares at all. It was a typical joyful night/day. So as I wake up to look at the digital clock in the room to check the time, Behold! I see a being ( not a figure, or shadow, or smoke) sitting on dresser with his arms folded into each other and his legs crossed. He was of dark browish-grey, and supremely muscualr and tall, like a body builder, and from my distance I would percieve he was at least 6 feet or taller. His skin was very slime-like, and dirty looking. His face was horrifying! He had evil eyes as well (cannot remember the color, whether they were red, or dirty yellow), and his teeth were sharp and you could see them. --This guy had no wings at all. But when I awoke he startled me? I didnt realize what or who it was until I really took in what I was seeing. I looked and starred for a few seconds thinking "Who the heck is that in my room on my dresser" not realizing that I am looking at something inhuman. When I realized that this was no family member, nor robber, nor human being my heart pounded exceedingly our of fear, I didnt know how to react to him. As I starred he did not notice me at first glance, as I kept starring, he then turned his head and looked back at me as if he did not notice I could see him. --His glance at me frightened me and I pulled the covers back over my head, literally sweating and praying in my head "In Jesus name; In Jesus name". I was too afraid to lift my head back up to see this thing. So I fell asleep praying. As I woke up he was gone and my brothers and house hold-already awake. I ask them if anybody was up at that time they all said no. I knew it wasn’t my brothers because one was next to me in the bed that time and I heard the other two snoring on the lower bed. It wasnt my sister, niece or mother, because it was masculine, not feminine. My father is short, fat, has a mustache, looks like super-mario. So I perceived it to be a demon. Till this day I don’t know what my brother did with the book. Incident #3 - This one is short, but interesting. I was about 13-14 and this night I was told to be the one to clean the dishes. It was about 10:00-11:00 at night and I was downstairs in general all by myself. I was cleaning the dishes without no thought of seeing and strange stuff. As I turned around to get the next batch of dirty dishes, Behold! A small blackish-brown creature ( not being ) runs exceeding fast towards me from underneath the table and then vanishes out of sight when it get close to me. It speed and appearance startled me and I sort of jumped my legs back when I seen him coming my way. I then hurried to finish the dishes and went to bed because I didnt want to stay down there after seeing that thing. It was about the size of a small dog, but resembled to be like a sloth. Its eyes were very small, I believe a dark red, and it was hairy all over, with claws on its feet, and it had light brownish patches around it eyes, I guess he sort of looked like a super-evil Gizmo fr from the movie gremlins ----------Im 20 years old now------
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The scientific evidence shows considerable intelligent force in UFO;s. Unnamed objects have always appeared throughout the scriptures for the entire period of Mankind, and recorded by the Chosen People in their historic holy books. Today's UFO's fall into the same category. It is magic. It is mystery. It is wonderment. It is diabolical. There is a danger, today's witnesses have reported great danger to their person and to their altered memories of a "safe and nice world" which now they see quite differently after their encounter with the beings diabolic. The beings who have supernatural power over the earth and all things in it are those of the underworld, compelled by God to be where they are forever. That earth appearances occur is one of their supernatural powers, as fallen angels. And why? To get man to believe in something else than God. To believe in "other humans" on other planets. Bosh. To believe in other gods. Bosh. The devil will try anything to get man to believe in himself as divine! You may not like the facts of UFO's but you are invited to learn from history, not from sensational rag publications. Zola Levitt, and John Weldon, write the historic occurrences of unidenfied foreign objects known. "UFO's they are not what you think" from a religious standpoint. Traditional Catholics at traditonalmass.org/ UFO's What on earth is happening, John Weldon with Zola Levitt, 1975, Harvest House.
Originally Answered: What is the psychological reason, if any, for some people on Yahoo! Answers to only or mainly answer, not ask?
The real story behind the pyramids is extremely fascinating and a good lesson that we should not underestimate previous humans. While not as flashy as UFO's or transporters, it still is full of human triumphs and tragedies. If you are going to study the pyramids, or any other ancient sites, do not cheapen them by making up fairy tales about them, real people built them, they left their marks on the stone "the red team quarried this rock and placed it", they were injured and treated by the best medicines that they had, and thousands of others labored daily to bake bread, one loaf at a time, to feed them.

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