How hard is it to get into University of California, Berkeley from Washington State?/ In State status?

How hard is it to get into University of California, Berkeley from Washington State?/ In State status? Topic: Berkeley essays
July 20, 2019 / By Jackson
Question: So Ive looked at collegeboard and I think only 8% of students are from out of state freshmen year. I really want to go here for engineering but now I worry about being rejected just because I am from Washington. How difficult is it to get into Berkeley from out of state, and how can I be considered In state?
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Finlay Finlay | 10 days ago
To be considered In State you have to live in California. They accept roughly 22% of the people that apply. I'm pretty sure they aren't legally able to reject you just because you aren't from California. They mainly look at test scores, GPA, and extra curricular activities (and of course the application and essay!). Hope this helps, and good luck in the college search!
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California isn't any exact from many states; many have their universities in special locations, so extra individuals can attend and be geographically the location they want to be. The entire UC system is administered through the state and the UC regents. They've branches is quite a lot of towns (not definite what you maybe stressed approximately even though). All that with UC are within the UC method. (u.S. Is Univ Ca at San Diego-so however a UC). It is a neighborhood. I haven't any concept what else to say. Nevertheless, USC is a distinguished institution. All states have those as good. There are more than a few in California: Pepperdine, Pomona school workforce, Occidental, USC, Biola, Whittier school, Cal Tech, and so on. They do not look to be a aspect of the UC (state) process. There's additionally the California State method (Cal State the location ever). There are many branches of those as well. They're just a step beneath the UC approach and almost always are extra career special. It is sort of a fiscal tuition: financial institution Of the united states has branches in each unmarried location.
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why dont you instead go to a UC. Your academics and EC's are good for UCs but then again they are more expensive since your out of state. For cal states your on the right track. is the 3.6 your high school GPA or your UC/CSU GPA which is only your 10-11 grade A-G requirements? Ive been getting alot of mail from the school but it just goes in the trash since I did not apply to it. Near the beach and looks nice. You'll fit in fine. If 3.6 is your CSU GPA youll be in good shape since the cal states GPA requirement is 2.0 (i dont know if this applies to out of staters too) and with 3.6 your ahead so youll fit in just fine. All schools have students fom everywhere. You wont be the only one who needs to get comfortable but many other freshman as long as your social it doesnt matter where you are from.
Darden Originally Answered: California state university east bay?
Keep doing what you are doing, and you should be fine. However, why do want to go all the way across the country to attend nursing school? First, you will be paying out-of-state tuition which is astronomical. Second, you have the costs of traveling cross-country to get to CSU and back home for holidays and summer breaks. Third, there are excellent schools of nursing right in Nashville (like Vanderbilt). By staying here, you can save lots of money including the OOS tuition, housing (stay at home), and have a better chance of a part time job.

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