How do i choose best answer on yahoo answers?

How do i choose best answer on yahoo answers? Topic: How to write a comment in html
July 20, 2019 / By Brooklyn
Question: You know when you ask a question on this and then you get answers. How do you choose best answer? I did it once but now i dont know how i did it!!! Please help!
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Alix Alix | 2 days ago
HOW TO CHOOSE A BEST ANSWER FOR YOUR OWN QUESTION: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/answers... 1). Wait for at least 4 hours after posting a question. 2).Go back to your question 3).You will see a blue tab 'Choose as best answer' under each answer 4).Click on the tab that is under the answer you want to choose as best 5).Rate the answer from 1-5 stars. 6).Write a comment for the answer 7)Submit the best answer HOW TO PUT YOU YOUR QUESTION TO VOTE: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/answers... You can put your question to vote: * When there are two or more answers to your question. * After the question has been up for at least 4 hours. * Within the 4-day open period and before the question expires. *If the question expires, it will go for voting itself To put a question up for vote: 1. Go to the question you have asked. 2. Click Edit in the action bar below the question. 3. Select the option of Ask for a Vote in the edit menu. HOW TO VOTE: 1).Go to a category or sub category. 2).Click the tab 'Vote'. 3).Open the question you want to vote. 4).Click the blue tab under the answer you want to vote Points: You get 3 points when you choose a best answer for your question. If you don't and give it up for voting, you will not receive any points. If you vote for an undecided question, you will receive 1 point per vote http://answers.yahoo.com/info/scoring_sy... More on 'Best Answer': http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/answers/vote/vote-702891.html Have a nice day! :)
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Uriah Uriah
☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉ Once you have Asked your Question on Yahoo! Answers it is posted onto the site for anyone to answer, to give people a chance to answer it, the question has to be open for a minimum of 4 hours. Once 4 hours has passed the User has the Options of: Leaving the question open, Putting it to community vote, or choosing a best answer themselves. I see you wish to choose a best answer: Once 4 hours has past, go to your question, read all answers, and then click the blue button that says 'choose as best answer' under the answer you wish to choose as best. Then Give the Answer a 1-5 star rating, 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest. then give feedback, or a thank-you to the answer via the 'feedback box' Once you have chosen the answer as best you will automatically receive 3 points back. ☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉...
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Uriah Originally Answered: Why do most Y/answers questioners choose the best answer to the questions they ask?
The problem is two-fold. First, most of the people posting questions are not looking for an answer. They already have the answer they are looking for emblazed in the first paragraph of their supposed question. These are usually a thinly veiled statement with a question mark plastered at the end. These people are not hard to spot and generally lead people to just bypass the question altogether because any attempt to do a "real" answer is overlooked and disregarded in place of a 2-3 word answer of "I agree" or "you said it". Still, some questions have answers chosen that are articulate, but still fall within the same parameters, agreeing with the original question. This is a flaw in the system, as it leads to more of an argumentative tone that never gets resolved. We have an edit button but there is no structure set aside to discuss the additions these questions usually bring up. The questioner generally tries to use the system more as an argumentative forum than a point by point question/answer as it was intended. This leads to a very one sided argument as the answerers are never given a notification that questions have been altered. The person posting the question then believes they have somehow "won" the argument. I mean, the answerer didn't post a rebuttle, so they must have won. In the end this was all they were looking for, so in that same vindictive manner they choose an answer most inline with their view and move on to the next attempt to stir emotion. The second issue is the point system, which leads to slanted views and oftentimes no view at all. For instance, did you know that it takes points to pose a question? But! If "you" choose the best answer you get a portion of those points back. Knowing that it's not unreasonable to assume one would choose to pick a best answer rather than leave it up to the masses. As far as I know a populace chosen answer renders no points for the original question asker. This leads to the person making a hasty decision on the best answer rather than reading all the responses and choosing the best answer based on substance...it's easier to find one that is most in line with your viewpoint and move on. Also of note is what happens when a question does fall to the masses. Did you also know you get points for voting for a best answer, but only one point? You also have a cap on how many you can vote on till you run out of allotted points for the day. Being that as it is there are people who target these points only. The best way to get them, and get them quickly? Vote for the first answer and move on to the next question. I mean really...who wants to read "all" those answers? Just pick the first one and move on. This is what happens to those that fall to the people to decide. To me it's a flawed system, I mean it works to some extent but it leans towards the people who can come up with answers quick rather than to those who take their time and form the best possible argument for their case.
Uriah Originally Answered: Why do most Y/answers questioners choose the best answer to the questions they ask?
Some of them you do have to vote for best answer and some of them are chosen. On the other hand there are situations that questioners just want to know what everyone else is thinking. This can confirm their assumptions or make them think a different way. I click on the undecided tab and read thur the answers and vote. But when I signed up I wanted to be able to decide which answer to my question is best. toe mato toe maato

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